PHD #363: Bus Repair
Bus Repair
Summary: Solstice, Marko, and Cilusia work to fix up the Raptor started by Solstice and Leyla.
Date: 24 Feb 2042 AE
Related Logs: Continued from, and in parallel with, The Slow Spiral
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Hangar Deck - Port - Midship - Battlestar Cerberus
The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.
Post-Holocaust Day: #363

Cidra strolls toward the entry to the Starboard Hangar, for her part. Pace slow so Leyla can easily keep step with it, but she says nothing as she goes. She does not notice Marko following her, so he's not impeded, but there's a definite air of privacy she draws around herself as she goes.

This situation dealt with, Bannik tucks his clipboard under his arm. "All right," he says finally. "I ought to get back to my birds I've got on my roster. See you guys soon. Sirs." And so he scoots, scurrying off to take care of things.

By the time Solstice is done wrapping the wire, everyone has fled from the Raptor she is sticking out of. "Oh well." She clears her throat and then grabs for the tools, leaning back on her knees as she gazes down at the top of the PIRC.
The ECO gives a pass of her hand over her head and smooths back a few strands of loose hair. She flicks the light back on and begins to consider the other connections to the camera.

Marko pulls a little face before deciding not to follow lest he make the situation worse, catching a glimpse of Shakes, he meanders back towards the line. "Hey there, Shakes." he says simply.

Solstice looks up before sticking her head back down into the internal portion of the PIRC. "Flasher.." She returns the greeting. "If you aren't doing anything care to help me?" She asks him. "Something has the connection to the PIRC broken." She explains. Shakes dips her head back in, "Reconnected a wire and recapped it. Loose.." She says and then flicks the light over the interior, gazing over the chip that is encased for the moment.

"Yeah, sure thing." Marko replies. "Hey Scraps, you busy? We might need an extra pair of hands over here." he calls in Cilusia's direction. "Do you know where the fault is?"

"Well, your pilot looks to have gutted and cleaned it already. Just a question of wiring the stuff back up now. If you two have it covered, I'm going to go slap this coolant pump back on the Viper three stalls down." Cilusia is standing up on the winglet of the Raptor, peeking inside, and now spinning between the ECO and the…other ECO.

Is there an ECO in here? Shakes looks to Cilusia and nods. "Always nice to have a helping hand. I have to admit." She looks then to them both as she seems ready to dive back. "One beneath the Raptor would help, there is another access point ot the PIRC from down there." She motions with a look to the deckhand.

She dips back in, gazing over the chip and its casing before tugging it open.

"Okay, Scraps." Marko replies, hopping down and pulling a little flashlight from the pockets of his fatigues. "Sweet Pea does good work." he adds with a little smile. "Hey, Shakes, can you hear me from in there?" he calls as he shimmies beneath the Raptor.

Whump! goes Cilusia as she leaps off the little winglet, and slides on under the Raptor. It's a good job for someone so small. "This…yeah, this panel I think is the one. Been a while since I've done Raptor electronics maintenance. Let's see here if I've got the right size driver to get this bad boy off," she says, rooting in her tool pockets for the right one.

All the shifting distracts Solstice for a moment, but she is back to her concentration, following the wires that look around the swiveling mechanism and gear that allows the camera to pan. "Yeah I hear you Flasher." She says, his voice muffled yet clear in a tinny way.

She taps the insulated wires with her gloved hand, wiggling them a bit. "I don't think these are active, and that seems to be the problem." She can hear scraps too and she lifts her head a little to consider the chip, removing the casing fully as she makes sure it isn't shorted.

Marko begins to try and pop open the maintenance covers, and swears softly. "Hey, idiot, you need _tools_ to work on Bertha." he grumbles, slithering back out from beneath and clamboring into the ship. "Shakes, close your eyes." he tells his fellow ECO.

Success! There's a reason that the pockets and flaps of a deckie's jumpsuit bulge strangely and rattle when they talk; it's because they carry half a toolbox on their person at any one time. "This one should fit. Got it covered!" Already, she sets to work on pulling off the lower access hatch to this half of the equipment.

"Huh what are you talking about?" She asks then, her voice echoing in the small hatch she has her head stuck down into. Solstice pauses and then keeps her head down. "Not going to see much from here. Besides I don't want your tools, Flasher." There is amusment to her voice, but also something like 'oh just hurry up'.

She tempers the smile that is hidden from view and inspects the surface of the chip before recovering it. Seems the camera would live in the sense of hardware.

Marko moves towards the very back end of the Raptor, careful to block Shake's view with his body, and roots around for a few moments before turning around with his trademark Toolkit from…..planet tweenager.

"So what's the deal with this thing on your end? You get all the new wiring in yet? And it's still not working?" There's a clang of metal as Cilusia drops the panel she's opened up onto the floor of the deck. The next piece of equipment is pulled out of a handy pocket, kept close at hand: a small penlight. It can easily be held in the teeth and pointed wherever when you have both hands free.

The echo of the metal in the small hatch causes the woman to sigh and lift a hand to her ear. Solstice then hears the call. "I am thinking some shrapnel shredded the wiring to the PIRC, that is the one thing left that Leyla did not touch." She raises her voice to be heard by both. She clears her throat and tries to reach down further. "I think its on the underside, it has to be. Everything in here seems intact." She informs Flasher and Scraps.

Marko hops out to go help Cilusia with the actual PiRCS mounting. "Before you say anything." he says, scooting up beneath the Raptor's chin. "There is a reason I've got a tool kit that looks like this, and it is _not_ the one you are thinking." The aforementioned toolkit being a former hand-bag type apparatus in bright pink with lots of hyper girly stylized flowers all over it. If he was twelve and female, it might make sense. On the deck, it's a bit incongruous.

"You know, because I'm definitely going to let your pretty princess toolkit escape comment." Guess Barbie was a mechanic for that particular brand tie-in? Of course, the light has to come out of Cilusia's mouth for her to say that, so…she just keeps holding onto it and shining it around inside. "Let's see here…data, power, backups…connects look good at the junction boxes on the camera itself…" As she mumbles to herself, Cilusia traces each wire back along the way as best she can, visually, since she doesn't have insulted gloves on.

She gives a faint tug of the wires again. "I am pretty sure its to do with the dual layers.." Solstice explains, unable to truly point this out from her end. She flashes her light across the wires in jopes it will be seen. Shakes shimmies in further and reaches her hand down into the wires and along it with her own glove. She was wearing them.

<FS3> Marko rolls Repair -10: Success.

"Thanks." Marko replies with a grunt of laughter. "Now I don't have to explain it." he adds, doing his own checks on the system. "Okay, this batch of leads here looks good. Shakes, how's it looking on the inside?" he calls to the other ECO. "Damn….I think I know where the break is…or could be." he says, starting to shimmy his way further underneath the ship.

"Here, you're gonna need this," Cilusia calls to Marko. It's the driver she used to pop open the hatches on the underside of the Raptor. "If you think you've got a better clue, go for it. Electronics is Bannik's baby, not mine."

"Everything is fine in here." She says back to Flasher. "I think its further in..I can't reach it from this end, but its loose.." she calls back. "Check the open neutral.." She says to him, "I think its not grounding correctly." She frowns some and twists about, getting a look at something underneath a set of cables. "Bugger this thing is just so twined together!"

"I've got one in my kit." Marko replies, finally stopping at the spot where the Raptor took the most damage and playing his flashlight over the bullet holes. "Shit…." he sighs. "I can't _see_ the problem, but I can tell from the scoring around the plating what it is. Main Bus A took a bullet. No wonder my frakkin' station went dark."

"Well, that's just great. No luck in refurbing that thing, I bet. Any little bit of scoring and those things are frakked straight to hell." That's Cilusia's sage input on the matter. "Guess we'll have to see what we have in the way of board replacements?"

<FS3> Solstice rolls Repair-10: Success.

Still stuck in the small hatchway, Shakes squares her light downward, trying to see if she can't get a hold of something. "Flasher, any luck? Can you get to it?" She reaches down and her glove gets caught. Muttering beneath her breath she pushes herself forward so that her hips are almost past the lip. The smaller ECO is at least good for that - fitting into small places. She rolls a shoulder to wedge herself in and she narrows her gaze, trying to inspect. Her fingers grasp the edge of the wires and she tries to loosen it a little to get her glove free. She feels the jolt as she brushes the connector and she jumps a bit, her head hits the top. "Yeah..ouch.." She hisses. "Its right there..frak it all." She says and feels the remaining buzz up her arm.

"I'm trying to get the panel open now." Marko calls, pulling a driver much the same as the one Cilusia has from his kit and going to work. "Huh, I'll be damned….it actually works…Never would've seen that coming." he says as the panel pops open. "Okay, let's see what we can…." he begins, and plays his light into the Raptor's guts. "Oh…sons of _DIS_!" he all but shouts. "Somebody remind me to get Lunair to bake Sweet Pea a pie. This bus is _gone_. Direct impact…it's in bits."

"Just drop the shit out on the floor. Pull it pieces out, and I'll see about a replacement. PIRC main bus, right?" Already, Cilusia is sliding out from under the Raptor. "There's probably one we can pull from one of the Raptors waiting on fab parts, engine nozzles and shit. They aren't going anywhere any time soon, afterall!" Actually, maybe, there was a pile of assorted parts laid out in crates along one side of the bay, stuff from gutted and scrapped craft from battles prior.

Shakes actually shakes her hand still. "Careful, there is a hot wire in there, exposed..I think its touching some of the plating." She yells back to Flasher. She wedges herself in and with her free gloved hand, she gives a tug at the wires once more. "Whats the story down there?" She cant' see anything past the insulation and there is just a faint acknowledgement that Marko has broken through by a flash of light. "Careful!" She warns again.

"No, no…not the PiRCS, Scraps. I mean the _Main Frakking Bus_…." Marko sighs. "It looks like the failsafes kicked in and routed everything through Main Bus B when this one went down."

"Well, sue me! I'm a seamstress damnit all to hell, not some computer nerd!" Cilusia only gripes because electronics continue to confuse her more than, say, hydraulics or stuff like that. "I swear they have more frakkin' names for these electronics things than they need…two, three times as much. Just call it Bus A, Bus B, Bus C…" she complains, while she rifles around in the orphan electronics parts.

Shakes busies hersself with trying to find the rubbed wire that is causing the plate to electrify. She hooks her free hand back upward and pulls out her other glove. Pulling it away from the cut hole in the metal plating, she stuffs the glove in to keep buffer it with the glove from the plate. "There..I think.." She says and tentatively grazes a finger to the plate and gets a faint buzz along her finger, but the current has been at least lessened.

"Heh, not to be mean about it, Scraps, but the term 'Main Bus' might've been a dead giveaway." Marko chuckles softly as he begins pulling bits of debris out. "Two main buses on a Raptor, both of 'em can do the other's jobs, but only for a short time. Just enough to get you back. Good thing we were already inside the Cerb's airspace, if we'd've had to jump, we would've been frakked big time." he says. "Be careful, Shakes, I dunno what's hot and what's not in there."

"Alright, alright. You don't rip on me for not knowing the busses in a Raptor, and I won' rip on you for playing Mechanic Jenny, okay? Sound like a deal?" She's practically hollering from halfway across the bay, and over the din of shifting pieces. "A-HA! Lucky us. Looks like this one might be a bit scored, but it seems to be intact." More testing required, even if it passed a preliminary test just to get dumped in the "OKAY" bin.

"Already beat you to it.." She mutters to Flasher. "I have tried to get the wire away from the plate." Solstice expresses. She rubs at her hand, still feeling the zing along her nerves. "Flasher do you need any help down there, I don't think I can do much more from up here, unless we need to feed new wire." She explains.

"Eh, not right yet. Let Scraps see if she can find a new bus and then we'll start talking about installation." Marko replies, hauling himself out from beneath the Raptor. "Do they have any vacuum cleaners in here? Think that'd be the easiest way to get the bits out. That bus is in _splinters_."

"We have brooms and sweep it all up in a big pile. Nothing so fancy as vacuum cleaners. Just take a broom and knock all the pieces out. They have platic handles and plastic bristles, not conductive. You'll be good." Without even getting back under the Raptor herself, Cilusia slides the part back under, and then departs to get a broom.

Leaving the insulated glove inside to make certain that the wire does not touch the plate again, she tugs herself out, wriggling a little till she ease the weight off her shoulder. She sits up, rubbing at her wrist and pulling the glove off her right hand. The ECO rubs a hand to the back of her neck and shakes her head. "Dang PiRC." She states.

Marko starts pulling as many hatches open as he can to get better access to the ship's innards. Bits of fried plastic and scorched metal are already starting to fall out onto the deck.

In moments, Cilusia returns with the broom. "You two have it from here? If you do, I'm going to get this Viper patched the rest of the way up. They fly in space, but they sure as shit don't work unless you have these coolant pumps installed!" The broom gets slid under to Marko as well, for him to knock out the bits and sweep up later on.

Solstice stands, rising up to move outward across the wing tip. "I think so." she replies to Scraps, giving her a faint nod. She slides down and off, peering under the Raptor to check up on Marko with a tilt of her head. "How you doing Flasher? Need a hand moving hatches?" She asks him.

"Nah, I'm good." Marko says, starting to sweep debris by the fistful out of the compartment. "Gonna be a while just getting the area prepped to put the new unit in."

Leaving the two ECOs to get it - they're that close to wrapping it up, afterall, and electronics is their baby - Cilusia wanders on down the row of slightly-busted birds. They're the ones just about ready for flight again, pending a piece here, a calibration there, and test and a stamp of approval by the chief. For her, it's up onto a raised work platform to get into the guts of the Viper's ass-end to replace the part she's got in hand.

Placing a hand to the edge of the Raptor, she nods, "Alright, Flasher." Solstice says. She pushes herself up and calls after scraps, "Thanks." She intones to the woman and then climbs back up onto the wing and moving to grab the small tool bag she borrowed from the deck to put it back together. She shifts around on the inside of the cab and then moves outward, standing in the main frame for a second before sliding down the wing tip to hit the deck once more with a thud.

Marko keeps cleaning debris out of the Raptor's innards, his face taking on an increasingly dark look as he goes.

"I am going to move on to see where help is needed, just let me know if you need some help once things are ready.." She calls to Flasher from the side of the Raptor. Solstice then steps off, heading for the Chief to gain the next directive.

"Yeah, I'll give you a shout." Marko calls as he continues his work. With as much crap as he's pulling out of there, it looks as though this could take a bit.

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