Beauregard "Breakout" Burke
Ensign Beauregard Burke
Jesy McKinney
Jesy McKinney as Beauregard Burke
Alias: Breakout
Age: 23
Features: Dark hair, easygoing smile
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air Wing
Position: Pilot, VF-154


Beauregard Waylon Burke was born on the Isle of Leucothea, one of over a hundred barrier and tidal islands off the coast of Thales in Aerilon's southern hemisphere. His family was a large one, with four brothers and three sisters born to his parents Wayne Lee and Mary Louise Burke - proving the old adage that there really isn't all that much to do on Aerilon.

Leucothea was about as far from a population centre as one could get, and the infrastructure on the island was almost non-existent. For the most part, its people grew or hunted their own food, made what they needed and had almost nothing to do with the world beyond their shores. They knew about it, of course, but they were poor and nobody had the kind of money to introduce things like plumbing or electricity. Before long, they stopped talking about the things they couldn't have.

One thing they did have on Leucothea, however, was a plane. During the Cylon War, a civilian light aircraft had been shot down and crashed in the woods. The Burke family had claimed it as their own and, over the years, tinkered with it until they got it working. It was their plane, which they turned into a crop duster to deal with pests that plagued their farms, which necessitated dealing with the mainland. Beau was flying as young as thirteen, when he, his father and his two older brothers would fly to the mainland to pick up a few bare necessities such as fuel.

As time wore on, a few more modern conveniences came to Leucothea - including cars. Beau loved cars from the moment he first laid eyes on one, and even went so far as to take a menial job on the mainland in order to purchase one. He earned enough for a beaten up old Picon Motors Challenger, a car which he lovingly restored throughout his teenage years and turned into a fine piece of machinery. While he lacked academic learning, Beau had an exceptionally sharp mind and was a quick learner. He found that things like repairing his car, and even the plane - something he had no formal training in - came easy with a little observation as well as trial and error.

Beau was twenty-two when the bombs fell on Aerilon, but while the raiders occasionally flew overhead the war did not reach Leucothea straight away. The Burkes initially resolved to stay and defend their land against whatever invader had come, but the radiation made them sick and they were no match for the Cylons when they finally arrived. Beau was one of the few who managed to get out alive, taking his Picon Challenger and sticking to the back roads. He drove for days without any real inclination as to where he was going or what he was going to do. It was sheer luck that he came across another party of survivors and luckier still that they were rescued. The real tragedy was having to leave the Challenger behind.

Beau adjusted to life in space as part of the Fleet's increasing civilian population, but his desire to always be doing something led him to quickly seek out work. His experience with flight was considered a great plus (despite being equated to knowing how to ride a bike and expecting to drive a Formula One race car) and while his accent was almost too thick to understand at some points he was accepted as a nugget. He made his way through flight training, picking it up easily due to his exceptional analytical abilities, and was eventually commissioned as an ensign.

Immediate Family

Beau comes from a large family, a testament to the lack of television reception on the Isle of Leucothea. As well as the immediate family listed below, he has almost countless cousins who live all over the Thalassa Islands, Thales and beyond.

Name Relationship Status Notes
Wayne Lee Burke Father Deceased 58. Former Colonial Marine and Sheriff of Leucothea, died of a heart attack in 2038.
Mary Louise Burke Mother Presumed Deceased 61. A housewife and surprisingly gifted educator.
Wayne Lee Burke, Jr. Brother Deceased 36. Sheriff's Deputy and alcoholic, died in a car accident in 2034.
Leroy Burke Brother Presumed Deceased 39. Oddball conspiracy theorist and electrician.
Mary Jane DuPont Sister Presumed Deceased 37. Married to Dr. Emmett DuPont, resides in Thales with three children.
Harland Burke Brother Presumed Deceased 27. Student at Wolcott University studying engineering.
Jerry Burke Brother Presumed Deceased 18. Mechanic and high school drop out.
Wendy Burke Sister Presumed Deceased 17. High school student and free spirit.
Caitlin May Burke Sister Presumed Deceased 11. Youngest child and introverted artist.

Service Jacket

Assignment Station Period Rank Notes
VT-27 "Hyperlights" Battlestar Cerberus (BS-132) 6 Months Midshipman Recruited from the Fleet as a nugget.
VF-154 "Black Knights" Battlestar Cerberus (BS-132) 14 Apr, 2042 - Present Ensign Commissioned as rook pilot.

On the Grid

Known Associates

"Every battle, every war - is fought for things worth dying for."

- Arthur M. Jolly, Every Battle, Every War

Cidra_icon.jpg Beau did not get to talk much to the CAG before they were both imprisoned by Commander Kepner. He just attempted to teach her an old song and had a very brief talk about his perceptions as a newly-minted member of the Air Wing. The next time he saw her, she was unconscious in a cell aboard the Areion. When she showed up at the party aboard the Elpis to decide his callsign, however, she cemented her place in Beau's mind as a great CAG. He considers her to be wise, skilled and tough - all qualities he respects and admires.
Devlin_icon.jpg Beau likes Devlin because he's friendly, chatty and an ensign just like him. Devlin might have more experience than Beau does, but Beau still recognizes that the lowest heads on the totem pole need to stick together. Beau has only had a handful of conversations with him, but he has the feeling that he would be good friends with his fellow ensign if they were to talk more.
Evandreus_icon.jpg Beau does not know much about this Raptor pilot, although Evandreus was part of his fateful first CAP. He seems like a nice enough guy, and one very passionate about peace from what Beau hears. He can’t help but agree with him. It would be a whole lot better if they weren’t living in a perpetual warzone.
Marduk_icon.jpg Beau has a handful of idols aboard the Cerberus and Fiasco is doubtlessly one of them. Ever since he first encountered him armed to the teeth and shouting ‘Woooo!’ as part of the rescue team that saved him and the Department Heads from Kepner’s clutches, Beau eagerly hangs off his every word.
Pallas_icon.jpg Pallas was Beau’s first ever wingman following his commission as an officer and a non-nugget, the first person he flew CAP with and the first person he flew a combat mission with – all rolled into one and on the same mission to boot. Beau likes him and considers him to be a friendly enough sort, remaining especially grateful for that same mission when Pallas fought adamantly to keep Burke from being taken prisoner by the mutinous Evocati.
Shiner_icon.jpg Shiner is a nugget much like Beau was, and one of the few military people aboard the Cerberus who happens to be younger than he is. Nevertheless, Burke finds it difficult to play the 'wise elder' role that he'd very much like to play with Shiner due to the fact that the guy is so damned cocky! He isn't the greatest fan of Shiner's 'bring the fight to the Cylons' attitude, considering it a great way to get people killed, but is certain that the midshipman means well. One day, Beau reasons, Shiner will mellow out and make a fine officer (or at least get to make out with a fine officer).
Trask_icon.jpg This ECO is one of the toughest guys Beau has ever encountered and he certainly believes the rumors that Trask did his duty as an ECO with his guts being held in by duct tape during the Kepner Mutiny. Beau is a little nervous about approaching him to show his admiration, however, and is for the moment quite content to appreciate the toughness of Cap'n Bootstrap from a distance.


  • Motor Enthusiast: Beau could talk your ear off about anything Picon Motors, although his knowledge tapers off around 2015 AE.
  • Listener: Beau is willing to listen to stories told by anyone at almost any time. He's got a profound interest in how other people live and finds even the most mundane details of everyday life from 'strange, distant places' supremely interesting.
  • Apt Guitarist: Beau brought a guitar with him when he was rescued from Aerilon and he can play it. He's had no lessons and is adequate at best, but he enjoys playing and doesn't mind lending the beaten up old instrument to others if they ask.
  • Tales of Keith: Beau likes to tell stories, particularly stories about a friend he had back home on Leucothea. These stories range from youthful hijinx to downright unbelievable tales that even the most gullible would have trouble believing. All the same, they're usually quite fun to listen to and he's got a million of them.


Note: Rather than a testament to Burke's character, which is almost universally sunny and optimistic, the songs below are rather an example of the sort of music he plays and writes:

Bob Dylan
Masters of War

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The Beatles
Here Comes The Sun

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David Bowie
Moonage Daydream

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Bob Dylan
Like A Rolling Stone

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