PHD #092: Bunkers and Centurions, Part II
Bunkers and Centurions, Part II
Summary: Pickle, Bunny and Hawk try to get a car, they find that, and trouble.
Date: 29 May 2041 AE
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Niobe Evandreus Ryker 
Random Parking Lot in Leonis
Lots of cars!
Post-Holocaust Day: #92

Evandreus moves slowly at first, as if not trusting his own senses that the place is barren, eyes sweeping the streets and then the skies, the dark smoke from the recent hit illuminated underneath by an orange glow. It seems to have hit several blocks off— maybe the Cylons were aiming for something else? Whatever the case, Evandreus soon ceases to dawdle, hastening to catch up to the man with all the guns as they approach the side wall of the first parking garage. Roving off to the side, Evan climbs up a rough heap of soil to peer into the parking lot from a slat between structural units, keeping off of the main drag, for the time being.

Hawk walks in silence, calmly looking around, sometimes trusting his own vision, some times trusting the night-scope. He looks over his shoulder to see if Bunny and Pickle are still with him, and then moves forward again. The backpack he is carrying, is certainly holding something pretty heavy, a few metal bars can be spotted at the top, and then, something that in the darkness, looks like a cylinder. He stops against a wall, when they finally reach the destination and presses his back against the concrete structure. "Do you see anything usable?" quietly whispers the man. "Look for a truck, maybe with an open box, I got a surprise for these Toasters"

"I'd rather we not be surprising anyone," Evan mumbles back, grunting and shoving his toolkit over onto the hood of a car before kicking up a leg a little further than it really wants to go and dragging himself on over, becoming parallel with the ground before kicking his legs over the inside of the wall and getting his footing there on the hood. "Just getting down to Colonial Row alive will be good enough for me. Looks like the damage in here's mostly in the northern half of the structure. The cars are all burnt. But some of them closer to the southern exit look intact. You don't have change for the exit toll on you, by any chance?" he adds with a vague chuckle as he hauls himself the rest of the way inside. An ungainly maneuver, but at least he's in.

"We can also do that, I guess…" says the man as he sweeps the night, looking for Centurions. When everything is clear, he waits for Pickle to reach Bunny. "No, I left all my change in my other pants" idly says the Corporal. Turning around, he gets to work in getting to where the others are and since his backpack is heavy, it takes him a little. "Bloody…" Up Up Up we go. "…hell" says the man, now sighing heavily. "Let's go" and with that, he crouches near a burned car, examining the area. He looks at the Cerberus duo now and nods firmly "Now, careful tho, this is the first time I hear an explosion like that in a while, for a moment I was thinking everything went quiet"

Evandreus crawls down from the hood of the car and offers his ECO a hand down after he does so. Evan's just picking up his kit again when another explosion sends a snowfall of dust down from the floor above, and he ducks together with Pickle, lifting one elbow overhead and putting one arm around her back. "Hells and waters, that was close," he mutters aloud, "C'mon." And, looking both ways before crossing the driveway between the lines of cars, he ducks over toward some likely-looking specimens— a tall, red truck of the most garish variety, something more suitable to a warzone than a suburbanite banker's commute, draws his eye. "And to think I used to hate the kind of guy who drove this thing around," he murmurs as he hauls himself up on the footingboard to peer in the window.

Ryker moves one knee to the ground to avoid falling after that explosion "We gotta get moving, right now" says the man with a firm tone of voice. He looks over his shoulder for a moment, but then his attention is placed on the big-ass truck. "There's always a first time for everything, Bunny" says Ryker with a nod of his head. He stands up again and gets his rifle at the ready, before moving forward and directly to the back of the truck. "You guys see if it is possible to start up the Truck. Heck, I hope it has gas." He starts climbing on the back and carefully places the backpack there "I have to get something ready here."

"Looks like it does from here," Bunny lets the guy know, peering in at an odd angle to see in to the dashboard, nose wrinkled as he squints. Then, jumping down, he looks behind him, then over to the aisle, then, with a sudden motion of such a violent sort that it almost clashes with his generally genial demeanor, he grasps the handle of his toolkit in both hands and flings it upward, smashing a reinforced steel corner into the small half-window behind the driver's side door, sending safetyglass flying.


"Shiiit," Bunny grimaces, hauling himself up again to reach in and around and unlock the door, alarm still blaring into the cylon-infested night. Hey, at least the car works, right?

Hawk uncovers one of the things he has been carrying around, the reason of his slowness to walk. A machine gun, a heavy machine gun, a modern version of the pretty pretty M2 Browning. He quickly starts to work to get it assembled and ready to fire, but then the car alarm starts to sound, echoing inside the parking lot "Frak!" exclaims Ryker looking over his shoulder "Driver's seat, look for a small button close to the door, that should de-activate the alarm. If you don't find one, you'll have to cut the wires" But no time, no time, he gets back to work, fine tuning all the details as quickly as he can, and getting the big ass rounds, loaded into the gun.

Evandreus is finagling the driver's side door open as Hawk speaks, tossing the toolkit up onto the seat and groping around the underside of the dash for the button, button, button, every BWEEBWEEBWEE making the muscles in his arms tense with nerves, the pressure shaking him a little, "Come on come on come on, DAMMIT," he vocalizes tensely into the car, finally calling out a firm, "FRAK IT," and pulling out the screwdriver from its prepared place near his poor forgotten sidearm, getting in under the dash to begin taking the thing apart. Pliers are grabbed next, the pilot waist-deep in frakking huge car.

No time to help Bunny, he has to get that thing ready. The tripod has located in a way that he'll have room to seat behind the gun. Now, there is something important here, this is going to be, potentially, quite loud. Ryker looks in one of his pockets, he takes a small bag that contains enough earplugs for everyone and he passes them over, throwing them on the front seat "Put that on if you don't want to go deaf" Now, with the last details done, he gets to look around, to make sure that no Cylons are approaching. His assault rifle back in his hands, finger in the trigger as he steadily scans the grounds.

"What?" Evan hollers back from down near the floor of the truck, the sirens having drowned out most of that warning as sort of a cosmic straightline crafted by one of the Lords to make sure the response was absolutely on-target. Pickle's already getting hers in to ward off the sirens,, settling into the passenger's side seat as she does, then reaching down to touch Evan's shoulder and pass him down the earplugs, which he waves off, for the time being. A twist and a snap and the sirens go dead: "Aagh," is the comment from the Bunny as he moves his jaw, the ringing in his ears slowly fading away— — to a sort of whirring sound? Bunny shakes his head. Is he really hearing that? Whiiiiirrr—-*CLANK*. Whirr-*CLANK*. Whirr-*CLANK* "Oh… fffrak." Evan stands and cranes his neck just in time to see the first vague forms of metallic shapes clanking up into the charred black hole in the north side of the garage.

[20:32:44] <COMBAT> Ryker has changed armor to Heavy Vest.
[20:32:44] <COMBAT> You change your armor.
[20:33:26] <COMBAT> Cent1 has changed weapons to LMG. (Evandreus)
[20:33:30] <COMBAT> Cent2 has changed weapons to LMG. (Evandreus)
[20:33:34] <COMBAT> Cent3 has changed weapons to LMG. (Evandreus)
[20:33:37] <COMBAT> Cent4 has changed weapons to LMG. (Evandreus)
[20:33:40] <COMBAT> Cent5 has changed weapons to LMG. (Evandreus)

[20:33:43] <COMBAT> Cent6 has changed weapons to LMG. (Evandreus)
[20:34:05] <COMBAT> Cent3 has changed stance to Outofsight. (Evandreus)
[20:34:09] <COMBAT> Cent4 has changed stance to Outofsight. (Evandreus)
[20:34:13] <COMBAT> Cent5 has changed stance to Outofsight. (Evandreus)

[20:34:16] <COMBAT> Cent6 has changed stance to Outofsight. (Evandreus)
[20:34:38] <COMBAT> Ryker has changed weapons to lmg Tripod.
[20:34:38] <COMBAT> You change your weapon. Action and target have been reset.

When the alarm stops, he can also hear what's coming towards them "Frak…" His attention goes to the Bunny now and says "Get the earplugs on, now!" He takes care of everyone's ears, see? He does the same, putting his own on. "Get this thing moving, I'll get you cover fire from here. Get us out of this frakking place" He hits the safe of the machine gun tripod and steers to aim at the incoming Centurions. "Frakking toasters, I'll blast each and every one of you"

Evandreus now sees the ginormous frakking gun which the Hawk's done up in the back of the truck, and suddenly the earplugs look like a damned good plan. His hands are shaking a little as he nudges them into place, a fierce heated sweat pricking at his brow as he ducks crawls back down into the truck, keeping low, the row of parked cars helpfully between him and the Centurions. Pickle's rolled down the window on her side of the truck, and has snaked herself out of it for maximum cover, getting out her sidearm and aiming over the top of the vehicle.

Whirr-*CLANK*. Whirr-*CLANK*. And then a pause, the darkness cut by shiftiing red light, and a final short vrrrt of guns expending marks the moment immediately preceding the hail of bullets.

[20:47:50] <COMBAT> Cent3 will pass this turn. (Evandreus)
[20:47:53] <COMBAT> Cent4 will pass this turn. (Evandreus)
[20:47:55] <COMBAT> Cent5 will pass this turn. (Evandreus)
[20:48:01] <COMBAT> Cent6 will pass this turn. (Evandreus)

[20:48:11] <COMBAT> Ryker will attack Cent2 this turn.
[20:48:11] <COMBAT> You set your action.

[20:48:41] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent2 with Lmg Tripod - Serious wound to Chest.
[20:48:44] <COMBAT> Pickle attacks Cent1 with Rifle but MISSES!
[20:48:47] <COMBAT> Evandreus passes.
[20:48:50] <COMBAT> Cent1 attacks Pickle with LMG but MISSES!
[20:48:53] <COMBAT> Cent6 passes.
[20:48:56] <COMBAT> Cent5 passes.
[20:48:59] <COMBAT> Cent4 passes.
[20:49:03] <COMBAT> Cent3 passes.
[20:49:06] <COMBAT> Cent2 attacks Ryker with LMG - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
[20:49:11] <COMBAT> Evandreus has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

[20:52:49] <FS3> Evandreus rolls Repair: Success.
[20:53:34] <COMBAT> Cent3 has changed stance to normal. (Evandreus)
[20:53:49] <COMBAT> Cent3 will attack Ryker this turn. (Evandreus)

Ryker takes a deep breath before the whole thing starts, he lets his eyes be closed for a brief second and then opens them "Come on Bunny…" says the man with a low tone of voice and when the Centurians get ready to fire, Ryker removes the lock and opens fire "I'm…." BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! "frakking…" BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! "sick..of..cylons!" And it seems that the fact that he's sick of them does work, because he hits one right in the chest. Bad part of course is, he also got hit, but the damage was mostly absorbed by his armor. He is pushed back but refuses to surrender, going back to the gun, to aim again.

The stricken Cylon shrugs back, sparks flying, one arm held at an odd angle that might indicate that some of its innards have been frakked with by the shot. But it continues proceeding, slightly off-kilter with its mate, down the pile of rubble and into the garage, another coming up behind to make a row of three, the glint of another pair of chrome shapes showing in the hole behind. And Evan? Well, it's not the easiest work in the world, hotwiring a truck in the middle of a firefight, but he keeps at it, twining the wires together with the micropliers and holding them in place, the engine coming to life with a roar barely audible beneath the growl of bullets back and forth across the battlefield. But Evan hears it, and, heart racing, he jumps up into the driver's seat and — big mistake — looks back across the tops of the cars to the onslaught of cylons, freezing in place in sheer terror before he just slams the door after him and jams the screwdriver back behind the steering wheel like a priest bringing down the sacrificial blade on the neck of a heifer, pulling the lever with all his might.

[21:02:07] <COMBAT> Evandreus has changed stance to cover.
[21:02:20] <COMBAT> Ryker has changed stance to cautious.
[21:02:20] <COMBAT> You change your stance.
[21:02:30] <COMBAT> Cent4 has changed stance to Normal. (Evandreus)
[21:02:42] <COMBAT> Cent5 has changed stance to Normal. (Evandreus)
[21:03:07] <COMBAT> Cent4 will aim Evandreus this turn. (Evandreus)
[21:03:30] <COMBAT> Cent5 will aim Pickle this turn. (Evandreus)

[21:06:40] <COMBAT> Ryker will fullauto Cent1, Cent2, Cent3, Cent4, Cent5 this turn.
[21:06:40] <COMBAT> You set your action.
[21:06:56] <COMBAT> Cent5 takes careful aim at Pickle.
[21:07:00] <COMBAT> Ryker fires fullauto!
[21:07:00] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent1 with Lmg Tripod - Moderate wound to Chest.
[21:07:00] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent1 with Lmg Tripod but MISSES!
[21:07:00] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent2 with Lmg Tripod and MISSES!
[21:07:00] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent3 with Lmg Tripod and MISSES!
[21:07:00] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent4 with Lmg Tripod and MISSES!
[21:07:00] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent5 with Lmg Tripod and MISSES!
[21:07:02] <COMBAT> Cent6 passes.
[21:07:05] <COMBAT> Cent4 takes careful aim at Evandreus.
[21:07:08] <COMBAT> Cent2 attacks Ryker with LMG but MISSES!
[21:07:11] <COMBAT> Pickle attacks Cent1 with Rifle - Moderate wound to Head.
[21:07:14] <COMBAT> Evandreus passes.
[21:07:17] <COMBAT> Cent3 attacks Ryker with LMG - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
[21:07:20] <COMBAT> Cent1 attacks Pickle with LMG - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Cover).
[21:07:26] <COMBAT> Evandreus has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
[21:07:26] <COMBAT> Cent1 has been KO'd!
[21:07:26] <COMBAT> Pickle has been KO'd!

Things are heating up as the Centurians get closer to the group. Ryker sits on the floor of the back of that truck and presses his back against one side as he opens heavy fire on the Cylons, the fire line of shots fly wide, mostly all of them. He hits one of the Centurions who apparently, goes down. Success! One less to worry about. However, he can hear how their bullets hit the truck "Pickle! Bunny!" shouts the man, to hear his own voice. He can't let his focus fail and he goes back to what he was doing, shooting toasters.

A bullet goes straight through the window and passes about an inch in front of Bunny's face, so close he can feel the heat coming off of it as it shrieks past and burrows itself a new home in Pickle's gut, leaving her crumpled over, half-hanging out of the window. Evan's got glass all over him, and is barely breathing, only remembering himself when the streering wheel goes loose under his arms. "Ohgods, oh sweet mother Myrhha." You know it's bad when -Bunny- of all people starts praying. He jerks the gear into reverse and then reaches over to get Pickle's arm and try to drag her back into the truck AND back out of the parking space at once, swinging the gun-toting bed of the truck toward the Centurions.

[21:16:27] <COMBAT> Cent4 will attack Evandreus this turn. (Evandreus)
[21:18:21] <COMBAT> Ryker will fullauto Cent2, Cent3, Cent4, Cent5 this turn.
[21:18:21] <COMBAT> You set your action.

[21:20:29] <COMBAT> Cent6 passes.
[21:20:33] <COMBAT> Ryker fires fullauto!
[21:20:33] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent2 with Lmg Tripod - Serious wound to Abdomen.
[21:20:33] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent2 with Lmg Tripod and MISSES!
[21:20:33] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent3 with Lmg Tripod and MISSES!
[21:20:33] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent3 with Lmg Tripod and MISSES!
[21:20:33] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent4 with Lmg Tripod and MISSES!
[21:20:33] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent4 with Lmg Tripod and MISSES!
[21:20:33] <COMBAT> Ryker attacks Cent5 with Lmg Tripod and MISSES!
[21:20:35] <COMBAT> Evandreus passes.
[21:20:38] <COMBAT> Cent5 takes careful aim at .
[21:20:41] <COMBAT> Cent4 attacks Evandreus with LMG - Moderate wound to Chest.
[21:20:44] <COMBAT> Cent3 attacks Ryker with LMG but MISSES!
[21:20:47] <COMBAT> Cent2 attacks Ryker with LMG and MISSES!

[21:20:54] <COMBAT> Evandreus has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
[21:20:54] <COMBAT> Cent2 has been KO'd!

Hawk takes a moment to look over his shoulder to see what's going on, he spots Pickle and he presses his lips together "Godsdammit" His attention goes back to the Centurions and he opens fire again, sending more bullets towards them. One of their own shots hit the tripod of the heavy weapon and makes it shake, sending a big portion of his bullets offtarget, however, he hits another Centurion and this one goes down as well…one less. Come on!

Evandreus is doing almost okay at combination driving/Picklewrangling. And then another bullet comes sailing through the window, no nice shattering sound there to warn him before the bullet smacks him high in the chest, near his shoulder, and for a second he doesn't know where that screaming sound's even coming from, it sounds so strange with the earplugs in and he's so thoroughly staggered by the pain. And then his arms and lap are slicked with vomit— again— who knows who from— and the world's spinning— no— wait— that's the truck, spinning and slamming its ass-end into another car. The jarring is enough to wake him up a little bit, and he fumbles the thing into drive, putting pedal to the metal and shattering the wooden bar so helpfully trying to get him to stop with its black and yellow stripes. In a matter of seconds the truck is out and swerving down the street like a madman.

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