PHD #065: Building a Defense
Building a Defense
Summary: Bannik pours out his worries about the sabotage investigation to Sofia.
Date: 3 May 2041 AE
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Bannik Sofia 
Recreation Room — Deck 7
This huge room spans quite a lot of floor space, the support beams crisscrossing at even points throughout the room. The two sides are divided fairly between the Enlisted and Officers with an unseen line more or less running down the center of the room. A couple pool and card tables sit in no-man's land with a series of regular mess tables at the rear of the room, nearest a counter full of minor refreshments like coffee and bags of chips. Magazines and reading material are spread out over the couched seating areas and a few televisions are set-up with a couple of video game systems made available.
Post-Holocaust Day: #65

Bannik isn't under arrest. At least not yet. But the others in the Recreation Room are giving the deck hand a wide berth. If anyone thought it wasn't possible for Bannik to look despondent, that is disproven now. He's looking at a chess board in front of him, playing both sides. But his heart just isn't in it — it's not even certain if he's moving pieces legally judging from the set-up.

Bannik Buddy! Sofia seems to believe in the poor deckhand. She wanders into the rec room, with a small paper dixie cup full of juice and a yawn. She seems to be looking for something. She doesn't quite find it, but gives up for a bit and spots Bannik instead. She adjusts her course and unlike her roombas, doesn't hit the corner and spin. She's a bit more energetic looking, but being weaned off meds is still somewhat rough. "Hey there," A smile. "Mind if I sit?" She asks Bannik quietly.

"They think I did it, Sofia." Bannik looks up at Sofia Sidekick, looking stricken. It's pretty clear what his worry is. "They think I rigged the Viper to explode." That's apparently a 'yes, go ahead,' though, because he doesn't shoo her off. "I mean, I was the last one to work on it. I cleared her for flight operations."

Poor Bannik. Sofia looks sympathetic, "Yeah, I heard. That's just absurd." She is definitely on the Bannik Team. She frowns deeply, "It's awful. Honestly, just because you know how to react doesn't mean anything but that you were trained well and who thinks to look for explosives?" A shrug. "I can understand how something like that might get through." She believes in him. She takes a seat though. "Thanks." She's listening though and tilts her head. "I just couldn't imagine you doing something like that," She confesses. Her green eyes are a bit wide. "If there's anything I can do…"

Bannik isn't quite listening, barreling on with his torrent of worry. "And I noted the power surge. But that didn't have anything to do with the bomb. But how is some dumb MP going to know that? I mean, just ask any tech. It was just the lack of insulation on the wiring that led to the surge. Just part of our maintenance problems." His clutches his hands together. "I work on a lot of birds, you know? And then the Heavy Raider and I was in CIC working up there and normal flight deck ops and —"

"Well, that surge business was crappy material - but yeah," Sofia is sympathetic and doing her best to keep up with Bannik. She, after a long moment, reaches over and sets a hand on his shoulder if he lets her. "I know you do. You work a lot," She adds. She takes a deep breath and watches Bannik a moment. She's a listening ear at least. "Um. If it makes you feel better - I was thinking of transferring to the Deck Crew- although… now I'm more worried about you. I wish there were something I could do."

"There are a lot of people with access to the birds, you know? The whole Deck gang, for one. I mean, it's not like we keep them under lock and key when they're not in use." Bannik barrels forward, laying out his defense to Sofia. But he does allow her to touch his shoulder; whether he welcomes it or is just unaware of it is uncertain. But then it's like a SCREEEECH of a needle on a record as Bannik changes topics abruptly. "Transferring to the Deck crew? But doesn't Engineering need you?"

Nod. Nod. Sofia seems to agree. "It's alright, I'm sure they will give you a fair shake and investigate. Our MPs seem to be good people," She doesn't mind him barreling forward at all. She'd probably implode in the same situation. She pauses at the abrupt topic change. "… kind of, but on the other hand, you guys could use more hands too," She looks thoughtful. "It was just something I was considering is all. … did I scare you?" Grin. There's a faint sense of humor in there still.

"Uh. No. No. I mean. I'd love you down there. You'd look good in orange, Sofia." Bannik reaches out and punches her arm lightly, teasing her. "If you can fit in it." Even lighter humor, but a small smile on his lips. "There'd be a lot to learn, but. I guess it's not my decision, you know?"

Sofia looks amused as he punches her arm lightly, then laughs a little. "That's true, I'd probably have to have a slightly bigger one and look like a left-over yam from the mess hall." Killer yam! Ooee ooo. Sofia smiles. "I'm glad to hear that, and yeah, probably. I doubt it'll be too soon anyway, they seem busy. It's really something I was just playing with," She admits. "I know both departments could use people," Headtilt. His smile makes hers linger, "But it looks interesting. And I can use the ECM and pull some wires. I also know all the tunnels already from running rolly toolchests down there."

"Yeah. Well. That's awesome." Bannik smiles at Sofia. "I mean. If you need someone to talk to you more about the Deck, let me know, huh?" It seems to have distracted him, somewhat, from his impending DOOM about his career slash liberty slash being arrested and shot. "If I'm still on it, at least." His smile falls some.

"I'd be glad to," Sofia replies. "To talk to you. I always am." She promises. "I don't see why they would remove you entirely. They might pause things, but-" Sofia shakes her head. "They will give you a fair chance. I know my word might not mean much- given I was sick and all, but I'm always glad to vouch for you as sane and competent and - well, awesome." He's her Bannik buddy after all. "I really wish I could help you more."

"You're helping by just hanging out here with me," Bannik assures Sofia, glancing over at the others in the Recreation Room. "It's good that at least someone believes I wouldn't blow up my own birds. Why would I even think of doing something like that?"

"I'm glad," Sofia murmurs, "That I can help a little bit." She considers it and looks around. A deep frown. "It's alright, people are like animals sometimes. They shy away from you if they think anything is wrong. At least, I noticed that when I was very sick," A shrug, "People are just scared is all. Cylons jumped on board and now things get blown up. I can't honestly believe you'd ever blow up one of the birds." A headshake. "It would be kind of silly and really counterproductive at best."

"No kidding." Bannik sighs. "I'm usually the one complaining about the pilots getting my ships blown up." He chuckles softly and then rises to his feet to get himself some water from the table. "Let's see if it makes any difference to anyone."

"I'm sure it will. I would just try to remember any unusual visitors that day," Sofia considers. "Whenever people ask me about what I've seen or do, they always ask me for things that stand out." It's an unfortunate thing that Sofia's learning basic investigation from being poked at. She looks over as he rises to his feet. "We can talk about something else if you like, I'm sure - if this is anything like -" Hmm. Like what? "Well, it's tough. But if you need anything, I'm glad to help as I can."

Bannik takes a deep breath. "Okay," he says finally. "I'll try. But —" His voice trails. "I do a lot of things in one day, you know, Sofia? It was a repair like any other. I just work. So hard. I mean. Really. With so many dead, I try to do even more and …" His voice teeters on the edge of out and out panic again.

"Yeah, I know," Sofia replies. She reaches over again. "It probably won't be easy. I remember - it was scary, and people would always ask questions. But you'll be okay," She promises. "Tyr. You're a good person, very talented, kind and hardworking. Most of us know you would never do anything like that. But people think strange things when they get scared or bad things happen." For better or worse, being mentally ill and in psych as a result of trauma has given Sofia a bit of insight on things here and there. "It's not your fault at all. Okay?"

"Yeah. Right. Right. Just tell them the truth, right? I mean, as long as I tell the truth, that'll be okay, because I actually didn't do it. Right?" About the truth part, not that he didn't do it. Bannik tries to push a smile up to the surface again.

"Right. It's scary, trust me. They make you relive those awful moments over and over," Sofia puts a hand to the side of her face, "But you'll be okay," She nods and lets her hand fall again. She smiles weakly. "It'll work out." She promises. "Were you going to play chess here?" She asks quietly, finally noticing the board.

"Not really. I just — needed something to stare at while I worried, I guess." Bannik lets out a heavy sigh as he looks at the board. "I suppose I ought to try to get some sleep. I've been up since the explosion." And he looks it.

"That makes sense," Sofia agrees. She smiles at him. "Then get some sleep. I can give you a hug if you want." Alas, some of her social skills continue to be a bit stunted. "There's some mints in my bunk in the chest if you wanted some." Sometimes candy helps. "But- please rest. You'll probably need it. People always have lots of questions."

"Hugs aren't such a bad idea." Bannik leans in to give Sofia a big one, wrapping his arms around her and giving a tight squeeze. "You take care, okay, Sofia? I'll talk to you soon if I'm not brigged before then."

Nod. Sofia hugs back tightly then. "It's true. I will. I'll try to find you then. And even so, brig still lets you have visitors. But I hope they don't," The idea makes her frown even as she hugs poor Bannik. "Go sleep now." She smiles.

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