Battlestar Volans (BS-23)



Volans is a Galactica-class battlestar produced several years after the end of the First Cylon War and stationed at Aeskil Anchorage for the duration of her service. Volans, like most of her sister ships, was decommissioned as greater numbers of the newer Mercury-class ships became available. Volans was retired from service a two years prior to Cerberus' activation. Now, Galactica is the only remaining ship of her class — but even her days are numbered, with that decommissioning scheduled for the next month and a half.



Command Staff

  • CN-RADM Esther Kulle: One of that rare breed of soldiers who has spent their entire career aboard the same ship, now-Admiral Kulle began her service as a countermeasures technician aboard Volans before rising up the ranks to take command of the venerable ship. Upon BS-23's decommissioning in 2039 AE, she was promoted to Commander of the 9th Fleet.

Prior Crew

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