Battlestar Pegasus (BS-62)



There can be little doubt that the Mercury-class Battlestar represents the pinnacle of the Colonial Navy's technological prowess. The Battlestar Pegasus is informally nicknamed "The Beast" within the Fleet. The ship is nearly twice the size of the Galactica but needs only half the crew. This probably refers to either the dual landing bays or the ship's volume, but not its length. The decreased manpower requirement stems from increased computerization and automation. This is also evident in the comparatively small size of the Pegasus CIC.



Command Staff

RADM Helena Cain, Commanding Officer
COL Jurgen Belzen, Executive Officer

Prior Crew

  • CPT Christopher Hellicon: A former Viper pilot under the command of Cole Taylor, Christopher Hellicon was headed for the stars until an unfortunate accident grounded him. It was then that he was transferred to the Cerberus as the new LSO.
  • LT Kellan Archer: A lieutenant on board the Pegasus, Kellan Archer served for several years leading several squads of marines throughout the years. Upon the promotion of then-LTJG Maia Westfield and her transfer to the Cerberus, he applied for a change of billet and was promoted to Captain.
  • ENS Angelus "Halo" Nostos: His first ship after graduation, another green Ensign who worked his way up to LTJG. In all of his time on the Pegasus he never made a mistake. He came into the air wing with one goal in mind and that was flying and becoming an officer in the fleet. Taylor liked the spirit that Nostos showed though he did feel that Nostos was a bit stubborn at times. As for Cain, he is in the know that she has a hot girlfriend on the ship.
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