Battlestar Ilium (BS-49)


Ilium was a Galactica-class battlestar produced several years after the end of the First Cylon War, roughly at the same time as her sister ship, the Volans, like most of her sister ships, was decommissioned as greater numbers of the newer Mercury-class ships became available. Ilium was retired from service roughly a year prior to Cerberus' activation. Now, Galactica is the only remaining ship of her class — but even her days are numbered, with that decommissioning scheduled for the next month and a half.


The Ilium primarily saw service in the space lanes around Sagittaron, as well as a few actions planetside in the events surrounding the Saggitaron Insurgency. She was retired in 2040 AE.

Command Staff

  • Commander Aldous Rin, Commanding Officer: A slightly pudgy, older man seeing the end of a middling naval career, Rin retained command of the Ilium right through the end of her deployment and followed the ship into retirement. Considered a bit eccentric, fond of his own voice and grand parables, he seemed less devout than your average Gemenese. He was extremely proud of his large number of children; he was a father of seven, and liked to brag that if he had time and his wife was a bit younger he'd have more in retirement. Also had a habit of offering/threatening to marry off his youngest daughter to whichever crewmember caught his eye. A number of the crew grew to take this concept seriously.
  • Colonel Damien Pilas, Executive Officer: Tall, gaunt, and middle-aged, he was XO of the Ilium and the "Bad Cop" to Rin's "Good (or at least jolly) Cop." Infamous for his foul mouth and impressive knowledge of muliple ethnic slurs for members of every Colony, including his own Aerilon. Many of the crew would refer to him as "Piles" behind his back but nobody had the gall to mention it within earshot. However, rumor has it when Commander Rin heard this he was stricken with a fit of laughter. Pilas' most infamous moment was a public dressing-down he gave to the Deck Chief when it was discovered the crew was using outdated inspection paperwork which omitted two now-vital elements. The Colonel reportedly circled around a series of Viper parts and threatened to point out each one he was going to push into each of the man's orifices (including ones that would not fit, like ears), glue his rear end shut, strap explosives to him and dump him across the Armistice line and leave him as a human shrapnel bomb for the Cylons to pick up. Of course, this tale becomes more elaborate each time it's told, and a Battlestar's crew can be unreliable narrators.

Prior Crew

  • LTJG Calvin Oberlin: Oberlin served aboard this ship as a junior Intelligence and EW Officer as a Lieutenant, Junior Grade. He was there between 2038-2040 AE, until the Ilium was decommissioned. During this time, he dealt with several threats aboard ship and on Sagittaron's surface.
  • LT Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh: Marine S4. (2033 to 2036 AE)
  • ENS-LTJG Willem Justinian: Willem joined the ship's crew in 2037 AE, straight out of Picon Naval Academy. He served on her for three years until her decommissioning as a Junior Tactical Officer. He received his promotion to Lieutenant, JG November 13, 2039 AE while serving on her. He was threatened with marriage to Commander Rin's daughter only once, after stopping a Sagittaron saboteur's attempt on the Commander's life while the command crew was on the surface.
  • CAP-LCOL Benjamin "Payback" Cincinnatus: Raptor Pilot, SL 2005-2010, CAG 2010-2013
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