Battlestar Hephaestus (BS-107)



The Hephaestus, nicknamed the 'Stussy' by her crew, is a Valkyrie-class battlestar. One of the first of her class, her keel was laid in the final years of the First Cylon War. Near the end of her service, she was assigned to exploration outside of the Twelve Colonies, serving both as a patrol vessel tasked with the protection of the shipping lanes bringing tylium back from mining stations from pirate activities, and with leading the search for new tylium fields for Colonial mining operations.

Because of the specific nature of her final deployment and the age of the vessel, the Hephaestus carried a complement of four Viper squadrons (one squadron of Mark VIIs and three squadrons of Mark IIs) and two Raptor squadrons. Depending on the needs of the ship, either of the raptor squadrons were deployed with the vipers to provide what would normally be VAQ support.

At the time of the Cylon attack on the Colonies, the Hephaestus was still in deep space searching for tylium. While it is assumed that she was lost during the attack, her exact disposition is unknown.

Command Staff

  • CMD Maeredith Hallon, Commanding Officer
  • COL Andres Giada, Executive Officer

Air Wing (CFW-76)

dogs.jpg VF-143 "Puking Dogs" Viper Mark VIIs
cannons.jpg VF-43 "Loose Cannons" Viper Mark IIs
eight.jpg VF-8 "Blue Devils" Mark IIs
freelancers.jpg VF-21 "Freelancers" Mark IIs

Prior Crew

  • ENS-LTJG Leyla Aylin "Sweet Pea" Aydin - First billet following Flight School graduation. Started with the "Helos" as an Ensign, and was transferred to the "Raging Angels" following her promotion to LtJG.
  • ENS-LTJG Linus Samhain "Pens" Bran - Initial billet upon Flight School graduation. Worked with the "Raging Angels" from Ensign through Lieutenant JG until transfer to BS-132 Cerberus mid-February 2041 AE.
  • LT Khloe "Poppy" Vakos - Assigned to the VF-43 "Loose Cannons" for the duration of her billet aboard the Stussy, until she was transferred to the BS-132 Cerberus in early 2041.
  • LTJG Helia "Sunspot" Gryphon - Assigned to the VF-143 "Puking Dogs" for her first billet following Flight School graduation. Was transferred to Fort Agamemnon in 2040 AE.
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