Battlestar Forseti (BS-68)



There can be little doubt that the Mercury-class Battlestar represents the pinnacle of the Colonial Navy's technological prowess. Twenty percent larger than the Galactica class, it is tougher, better armed, and boasts a larger carrier capacity than the flagship of the previous era. With multiple redundant backups, heavily automated systems, integrated computer controls, and even on-board vehicle fabrication facilities, it is designed to fight harder, smarter, and longer than any ship that has come before it. In short, it is both a technological marvel and the ultimate symbol of Colonial military might.

Another Mercury class Battlestar was the Forseti (BS-68). Built in the Picon Shipyards, she is considered a close relative to the Battlestar Pegasus. Its main purpose was to serve as planetary defense for Picon. The ship itself acted as house for hundreds of personnel, having that difference with Pegasus. It held more people. It became the house for the Carrier Air Wing Five (CAW-5) and most of the Squadrons were assembled there straight from other stations.

Technical Specifications

Length: 1,789.8 meters Main Power: 2x Cartwright-Wyatt dual-tylium fusion reactors
Beam: 678 meters (inc. launch bays) Backup Power: 3x hydrogen-oxygen fuel plants
Draft: 331 meters Capacity: 1,400,000 metric tons deadweight (inc. water, fuel, supplies, ammunition, cargo)
Weight: approx. 60 million metric tons Operational Range: 12 years (base fuel expenditure)


Known Command Staff

Rank Position Name Picture Status
RADM Commanding Officer Peter Wilkinson PW.jpg RETIRED

Known Crew Members

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