Battlestar Chimaera (BS-81)



The Chimaera is a Valkyrie-class battlestar constructed some twenty years after the Cylon War. She was destroyed above Virgon along with a significant chunk of the Colonial Fleet on Warday. Personnel from battlestar Cerberus were dispatched to explore her remains after Warday. They discovered that nearly all of her crew had vanished — not to mention the "black box" in her CIC, which was guarded by several Cylon Centurions.

A computer salvaged from a wrecked Raptor bearing the crest of Battlestar Chimaera and analyzed by Crewman Tyr Bannik revealed a set of escape coordinates later determined to be those of Parnassus Anchorage.


  • 2031-2041 AE: Spacedock Leonis, Planetary Defense Fleet

Command Staff

  • ADM Claudio Guiloff, Commanding Officer
  • CDR Alexander Melanopolous, Executive Officer

Prior Crew

  • MAJ Jenna Koskaris: Former ChEng (NPC)
  • CPT Dominic Gabrieli: Former 2nd in command, Engineering
  • SPC-CPO Kal "Bootstrap" Trask: Served 4 years in Engineering as an Electrical Technician; transferred to Deck and spent 4 years as an Avionics Technician (2028 - 2036 AE)
  • ENS-LTJG Wade "Drips" Duncan: Viper Pilot, VF-221 "Horsemen" (2037 - 2041 AE)
  • LTJG Thaddeus Belgoin: Engineer (2030 - 2035 AE)
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