Battlestar Asteria (BS-118)



There can be little doubt that the Mercury-class Battlestar represents the pinnacle of the Colonial Navy's technological prowess. Twenty percent larger than the Galactica class, it is tougher, better armed, and boasts a larger carrier capacity than the flagship of the previous era. With multiple redundant backups, heavily automated systems, integrated computer controls, and even on-board vehicle fabrication facilities, it is designed to fight harder, smarter, and longer than any ship that has come before it. In short, it is both a technological marvel and the ultimate symbol of Colonial military might.



Command Staff

  • Admiral Aetos Nikephoros, Commanding Officer: TBD

Prior Crew

  • ENS/LTJG Cora Nikephoros: Served in CIC as a member of the Tactical and Intelligence departments, 2037-2039
  • ENS/LTJG Kastor Vasco: Served in the Tactical department, 2037-2041. (NPC)
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