Battlestar Aegean (BS-104)



There can be little doubt that the Mercury-class Battlestar represents the pinnacle of the Colonial Navy's technological prowess. Twenty percent larger than the Galactica class, it is tougher, better armed, and boasts a larger carrier capacity than the flagship of the previous era. With multiple redundant backups, heavily automated systems, integrated computer controls, and even on-board vehicle fabrication facilities, it is designed to fight harder, smarter, and longer than any ship that has come before it. In short, it is both a technological marvel and the ultimate symbol of Colonial military might.


BS-104 has spent most of its eight years out on the Arm Line. The CO's ability to aggressively command during exercises has won her quite a bit of praise and thus the ship is often tasked with some of the closest patrols that are needed. Thus, the ship spent most of its time using its FTL to navigate around the line and never had much use for a 'Home Anchorage' - which more often than not was at a shipyard above Aerilon.

Command Staff

  • Rear Admiral Monica Strye, Commanding Officer: Admiral Strye is known through the fleet to be one of the more forgiving commanding officers. She believes very strongly in the education and betterment of the officers that she has under her. Strye tends to make other CO's nervous because she has an uncanny ability to recruit officers she likes or thinks show promise away from their current postings. Because of this she's built a bit of a reputation throughout the admiralty not just for her poaching skills, but also for the fact that these officers are often eager to see deployments under her. Many consider a posting under Monica to be a blessing to a career and a subtle nod to their advancement within the fleet.
  • Commander Richard Abel, Executive Officer: The 'Bad Cop' to the Admiral's 'Good Cop'. Dick Abel is known to have a relentless temper for people who continually perform below his expectations - which are about as high as they go. Its often suggested that this is part of an act on the part of the command staff to aggressively pursue the best results and highest standards. Even more likely is the rumor that this is part of Commander Abel's training and grooming for the Admiralty plus his own command. The Marines that stand guard around the Admiral's stateroom like to spread scuttle that the man actually has a good sense of humor and isn't as fond of disciplining officers as he might appear in public.

Prior Crew

  • CPT Clive Tillman: Tillman knew enough before he got deployed to the Aegean. But after spending the last five years on board, the man learned more than he ever thought possible. A deep respect built for the CO and XO with his time aboard as he was forced to work more closely with all departments to solve complex problems. (Deployed Mid 2036 - Early 2041)
  • CPT Cidra "Toast" Hahn: Raptor Squadron Leader, VAW-15 "The Crosshairs" (2036 - 2039 AE)
  • CPO Kal "Bootstrap" Trask: Served 2 years as an Avionics Technician and AE Lead (2036 - 2038 AE)
  • CPO Apollonius Cappella: Served as Quartermaster (2027 - 2030 AE)
  • PO3 Longinus Corsel: Served as Aircraft Handler (2035-2038 AE)
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