PHD #335: Brotherly Love
Brotherly Love
Summary: Iosif and Iszak eat (and harass each other), Sonja joins them and thinks she's seeing double, Roland briefly makes their acquaintance as well.
Date: 27 January 2042 AE
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It is the galley!
Post-Holocaust Day: #335

Iosif has navigated the chow line and gotten himself some grub, which he's just planted at one of the tables. He's in Navy greens, albeit the off-duty source, and alone for the moment. He looks about at the other faces at the tables and in line. Partially as if searching for something, partially with just an open sort of curiosity. Like he's getting a feel for the place.

Iszak is in his off-duty greens as well, so those who just saw Iosif navigate the line and head to a table may find themselves having a spot of deja vu as Iszak does the same. He collects his grub and carries his tray along the same path until he reaches his brother's table, where he sets it down with a clatter and helps himself to a chair. He doesn't say anything, just begins eating right away. It's only a few bites later that he adds, "Whatcha lookin for?"

Iosif is, at least, wearing his glasses and Apprentice rank insignia rather than what Iszak is sporting. Though he's still a funhouse mirror version of the other man. "Was wondering when you'd show up." He offers his brother a slight grin. "Nothing really. Or everything. Just getting the lay of the land. Still haven't gotten used to what a bloody cavern this place is. Never figured I'd set foot on a ship this big. You could fit proper towns in the length of breadth of this creature, you right could."

"Massive, innit?" Iszak agrees, though it doesn't slow the pace at which he puts away his meal, "Bigger'n the last one I was on, the Triton. Shinier, too, even after the bomb and shite." He reaches for a cup of water and takes a sip, asking, "How's it going on the deck then, eh? I hear good things 'bout the chief down there."

"Massive, aye," Iosif affirms. He has a wide-eyed sort of look to him. He's possessed it ever since he started Basic and was allowed to wander more of the ship than he could've experienced as a civilian. "Got me thinking about back home, y'know? That freighter felt like knocking around in a back closet half the time. This is a damned city." Inquiry about the Deck earns a shrug. "Dunno yet, rightly. Training's done. Got to get integrated into the proper work of it now. Looks interesting right enough. Working on those little spitfire planes." He grins.

Iszak grins a bit at his brother and leans over to flick him in the center of the forehead, "Quit mooning," he says, "You'll trip over something." Back to eating he goes, though he nods as he does it, agreeing, "Yeah, could fit half the towns on Aerilon on that deck, 'cept on market day. And that's good. They've got you on Vipers? Good on you. Fun ones, those. If I were gonna fly anything it'd be one of them, sure as anything."

"Dunno what they've got me on yet, tell you true," Iosif replies. "I would like to get my hands on the things, though. Raptors don't look so much different than the stuff we worked on back home. Don't figure them fighters can be *such* a switch, neither." He digs deeper into his grub. Despite the arguable quality of military food, he eats it eagerly enough. "

"Yeah, Raptor guts can't be too much different. Just different size bus, innit?" Iszak nods his agreement, buttering (or magarine-ing, whatever) his bread and then leaning back to munch on it. He doesn't seemed much concerned with the quality either. "So what have you been doing then?" he asks, "Been working hours enough, seems like."

"Training's a bitch," Iosif says, after swallow. Mostly. He engages in some chewing-with-mouth-open, for ease of conversation. "Between the PT and the shooting crap and the like, on top of all the Deck rot." A pause and he adds, "Didn't realize it was this tough. Can't figure how you made it." It's said with a crooked grin, but there is an underlying seriousness there.

"What, not enjoying all the running about and target practice?" Iszak laughs, lifting dark brows and shrugging, "I thought that was a laugh. What, gun too noisy for your poor widdle ears?" he teases, reaching over to flick at one of them again. His grin when he sits back and grins it is warm, though, and he shrugs again, "You'll get used to it. Beginning's always a bit of a rough go, just how it is. Leastways you're doing something, though, yeah? Better than mopping floors on the freighter or sommat."

"Oh, shut it," Iosif says with a laugh, using his fork to flick a bit of some jello-like substance from his tray to Iszak. His aim at flicking things at his brother is reasonably practiced and honed from years of work. "Aye, that's the truth of it. I was going damned stir-crazy in that hangar. Elpis is better, but I still didn't feel like I was putting my hands to use over there. I hope Mari's faring alright." Mariska, their younger sister. "Haven't been able to check up on her much while I was training and shite."

Iszak bats the bit of jelly-dessert-substance out of the air with a defensive hand just before it hits his face, sniggering at his Iosif. He eats it off his thumb and then turns back to his own, taking a bite and nodding as he swallows, "Yeah, yeah, I know. Can't just sit around all day waiting for it, can we? Not when we can be doing something. I saw her the other day," he adds of their sister, "Coming on alright, seems like. Made friend with one of her roommates, seems like a nice type. Said we'd try to get her over for dinner or sommat later in the week, eh?"

"Aye, think I can do that," Iosif says with a nod, chomping some more. "Get to show her my uniform and all of that. How've you found it so far? Working this ship, I mean. Can't say I'm too sure what it'll be like. Never really had a boss, except Dad, and he sort of let me run things as I liked those last few years. Now there aren't many about I don't say 'sir' or something to." He smirks. "Including you, I guess."

Iszak shrugs. "Dunno that I'm sure yet," he replies, "Seems alright so far, naught in particular to dislike, is there? Chief seems a decent bloke, SCPO not a bad sort… haven't had much dealing with either yet, we'll see how we get on." He takes another sip of water, shrugs again, and then grins, "Yeah, better salute me, and don't forget it." He sniggers again, and then shrugs, "Eh. Y'get used to that as well. Most of 'em don't much mind it anyways. Guv don't seem t'mind what I call him. Captain Makinen, Chief Engineer, that is," he says, affecting a bit of a posh, clipped accent for the name, "If we're being proper."

Sonja arrives from the Deck 9.
Sonja has arrived.

"Proper? You?" This gets a laugh from Iosif. And a slight disbelieving shake of his head. "Never would have figured it. You an authority figure and all." He's seated at a table with Iszack, talking and chowing. At first glance the pair of them could easily be taken for carbon copies of each other. Save Iosif is wearing a pair of thick, black-framed glasses.

"Oi, you call me 'sir' when you say that, Apprentice," Iszak chucks back with a grin, "I'll have your arse tossed in the brig, I will. See how Mari likes your uniform then, eh?" He grins, and dips a finger in his water glass, flicking it across at Iosif in a little spray.

Sonja walks into the Gallery, her belly rumbling, her back acheing and her muscles feeling like they've been replaced by jello. Someone has just finished two hours of intence Physical Training(PT) and boy is she feeling it. Alos in a trance she grabs her and tries to find somewhere to sit. It's then she catches sight of the twins and blinks. "My eyes are tired." She comments mildly going towards the twins/single person. "Hi." She says and tries to sit down next to Isofi but finds she's about to sit on Iszak, her bum starts to sense something soft not hard plastic. "Oh gods, you really are twins." She apologies jumping up. "I thought it was my eyes." She's horrified with herself yet there's a twinkle of amusement in her eyes. "Gee, please forgive me." She asks, placing her trya down onto the table. "I'm Sonja Lyon." She figured she might as well introduce herself.

"Sir this, youngin'," Iosif says, taking a gulp of coffee. And spitting a stream of it at Iszak between his teeth. He's in the midst of that display of non-maturity when Sonja approaches. He swallows, flushing some and offering her a rather sheepish grin. "'Allo, Miss. No worries. We get worse looks like that these days from some. If we hadn't had our sis with us to vouch for our humanity when we were rescued, not sure what they'd have done with us."

Roland arrives from the Deck 9.
Roland has arrived.

"You little—!" Iszak cuts off with a laugh as Iosif spits coffee at him, and seems to be looking about for a missile with which to return fire when all of a sudden Sonja is attempting to sit on him. "Whoa, whoa there, luv," he laughs, "Least buy us a drink first, yeah?" He flashes her a wide grin, and laughs, nodding, "Aye, and I'm the handsome one. Pleased t'make your acquaintance, Sonja Lyon. I'm Iszak O'Keefe, this rotter here's my brother Iosif."

Sonja laughs at the pair refreshing friendliness and unmature ways. "It's a pleasure!" She says grinning back at the flashed grin. "I don't know." She teases Iszak. "I like a man with glasses means he's intelligent and can hold a conversation." she jumps over the bench and sits down with ease. "I'm training to be a pilot, right now. What you troublesome pair, do around here when your not flickering water and spitting coffee at each other." She digs into her meal only half paying attention to it. If you don't look down it's almost edible. The three are sat on a bench near, well she has no idea where but que tressel table, and consumption of food.

Roland dodges the line for food, and makes his way to shoulder in at the coffee station. He emerges from the fray with two cup, and threads his way back among the tables in the mess hall.

"Iosif O'Keefe, aye," said man affirms, for his part, with a grin and tip of his fork to Sonja. "Yeah. That's me. Gentleman and a scholar, not like this frakker here." He has a good chuckle at Iszak's expense, but the teasing is jovial enough. And there's a familiar quality to it, like it's a running gag of well-meaning insults. "Pilot, eh? Nice there. What do you fly? I'm working Deck myself. Well, I put in for it. Just finished training. Haven't gotten my hands on the birds yet, as it were."

Sonja pauses in her eatting and glances up. "Vipers I think, not got the right experience for Raptors or ECOing, so they going to place me in something high speed and exspensive." She says spotting Roland, she nods her head at him. "So I best me on your good side then, if your going to have your hands on my bird." she waves her fork at him. "With supervision I hope." she says, going to tease the apperentice. "I don't know why I'm picking on you, I still haven't graduated from the sims yet."

Roland approaches their table, and nods over to Sonja, handing her one of the cups, "Watch it guys… Theres no one on the boat she won't walk up and talk to.. I'm proof.. She says stuff to me all time.."

Iszak snorts, "Gentleman and a scholar?" he scoffs back at Iosif, head tilting from side to side, accent fading into an exaggerated Caprican as he says it, and reaches over to try to flick at his brother's ear, "Yeah, mate, manners and books, that's all you. You know he reads those etiquette manuals?" he informs Sonja blithely, "Yeah, reads 'em away, just loves those things. 'Ask Lady Anne' and 'Table-Settings For Ponces' and all that." He snickers some more and then looks up to greet Roland with an easy smile, "Evening, guv. She try to sit on you too, then?" He clicks his tongue teasingly at Sonja, "And here I thought I was special."

"Viper? Blimey, those look like a damn fun ride. Never worked on anything that small before. Did some fix-it jobs on my parents' old freighter, but nothing so complicated as the Vipers and Raptors you lot run. Looks like fun to work on, though." Iosif continues to polish through his dinner, rolling his eyes at Iszak. "You're just jealous of my superior mind, kid. Evening, guv." That offered to Roland, a near-echoe of Iszak's greeting. "Grub's not bad here, I'll say."

Sonja takes the warm coffee from Roland, smirking at him as she does. "I'm out going and friendly, nothing wrong with getting to know folks." She then rolls her eyes dramtically at the twins. "Oh please." She says softly. "It's my number one chat up line, of course." air quotes are added to the following "Hey there let me pretend I didn't see you and sit on you." She chuckles lightly and shakes her head. "No, no…Eh…Iszak…I thought I sat on Isoif oh well, anyway your special, first guy I've done that to…" she pauses and thinks. "Yep, yep." she says in answer to the Viper comment and comfirming the fact she hasn't sat on anyone else.

Roland finds a seat near Sonja, and lifts his cup to drink. He holds up his hands as Sonja speaks, "I wasn't complaining.. Just pointing out facts." He sets his cup down, "How are the sims goin? Getting any easier?"

"Yeah, you know how folks love a superior mind," Iszak snarks back at Iosif, not quite pulling a face at him but looking like he might. His own meal is finished, plate cleaned, and he chuckles at Sonja and smiles, "Bet you tell that to all the boys." He winks and then rises, stretching and informing the table, "Well, I'm back on duty in five, best get my arse back down into the belly of the beastie. Well met, guv, Sonja." He cuffs Iosif affectionately, and with a "Don't break nothing, eh brother?" heads off.

"Should be on my way as well," Iosif says, standing and plucking up his tray. "Good to meet you lot. Best of luck with them flying machines. I'll do my damndest not to break them for you."

Roland nods over to the brothers, "I'll try not wreck 'em for you."

Sonja smiles warmly when Iszak gives his farewells and says. "Oh, not all the boys just the cute ones." She says giving him a very dramtic wink. "Stay out of trouble Iszak." She says hoping that's right, man twins who's had thunk it. A sip of her coffee and back to inhailing her meal, not half bad today if one can accept it'll never get better. "Training is fine, just fed up with the sims, not sure what else I can learn in em now…Oh well." She tells Roland, pushing her plate back a few moments later, she also stands. "Yeah me too, more sim practice tomorrow, nice meeting you also."

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