PHD #007: Broadway, Blocks, and Booze
Broadway, Blocks, and Booze
Summary: Dario obliviously blocks a private moment between Raedawn and Nostos.
Date: Mar 5 2041 AE
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[ Observation Deck ]-[ Deck 3 - Battlestar Cerberus ]

With a quiet view to the stars, this tends to be one of the more popular 'quiet areas' of the Cerberus. Up front is a small-unseated area for ceremonies or other activities while the seating rises up behind it. Each level rises up behind the one before it, comfortable chairs and couches set up for crewmembers to relax, get some work done or even take a nap. A large armored plate is lowered during Condition One to protect the interior against a breach in the glass.

[ Condition Level: 2 - Danger Close ]

Angelus sits on a couch at the bottom of the Obs Deck facing the giant window. On the left is Nostos and on the right is Raedawn who currently hanging with her feet around the couch and her head slightly off the couch. Nostos for his part has an arm leaning against the armrest as he muses to Raedawn, "Caution is always a wide accessory regardless."

Raedawn, apparently in a giggly mood, puts a hand over her mouth to keep from giving forth a gale of them. "True, but it's rarely much fun." Her sock-clad feet, hanging over the back of the couch, kick idly, just keeping the circulation going. She apparently finds this odd, upside-down position comfortable.

"Fun? Oh, there are many other ways to have fun in which caution comes into play, say, hypothetically making it into the Delphi Museum on Caprica after closing hours just to look around without getting seen. Lots of caution would be part of that trip and yet it would be all kinds of fun? Can you imagine, leave no traces and take only memories." There is a grin on his fool head as he says this, "Though like I said that is all hypothetical." Perhaps it is more of a Cheshire Cat grin.

A bodiless voice raised in song comes in waves from the hallway, a man's voice light and fair, "I know not by what power I'm made bold; but still you flout my insufficiencies; the more my prayer, the lesser is my grace…"
No, you aren't Cylons, and it is not in the frakkin' ship, as the body becomes apparent with Dario "Curtains" Ricco entering the Observation Deck. His gaze is up at the stars while he sings out an obscure theatre tune. Anyone who has been in the same berthing with him knows that this isn't a rare occurrence. He's clearly lost in his own little world.

Rae, listening, giggles at the thought. "That just might be fun… okay, /hypothetical/ fun, but fun just the same. I'd try it once," she says softly. "Maybe if…"
Not having encountered Dario in the barracks, the dark=skinned Ensign has to look up in surprise as the singing voice dopplers into the room and comes closer. She kicks her feet up to make herself slide a little lower on the couch, so she can lean more of her body up to look, wide-eyed, at the singer.

"Well, I would imagine it would be excellent hypothetical fun." Angelus raises an eyebrow, "Maybe if wha…" his sentence isn't finished as he looks over at the singing man and he tilts his head as he is not familiar with the tune. "Hello." The pilot asks as he studies the man in front of him, "Nice to see you." He turns to look over at Raedawn to see if she recognizes Dario and he whispers softly, "Do you know him?"

"…my ear should catch your voice; my eye your eye…" Dario continues before suddenly breaking his seeming trance, looking around to find the voice addressing him. "Oh," he offers with a nervous smile, "I didn't know anyone was in here. I get…" he waves vaguely in a circular motion at his own brain and then flicks his hand upwards. He closes the distance between them and nods at Rae with a smile, "Goddess." Turning quickly back to Angelus he holds out a hand, "Dario Ricco. Ensign with the Petrels."

Rae gets a better look. "Actually, I do… that's Curtains from the Petrels," she whispers. "He likes to sing. Sometimes he gets kind of lost in it," she adds, meaning now.
Fortunately, Dario comes around, and Raedawn offers a wave and a smile in return. "Curtains. How's all?"

Angelus listens to Raedawn first and he says softly, "I gathered that he likes to sing. Nice voice too." With the soft speech gone and as Dario approaches Angelus tilts his head, "Angelus Nostos, Black Knights, I'm a Jig with the callsign Halo. Pleasure to meet you Ricco or do you prefer Dario?"

"Good as I can manage," Dario offers Rae with a grim half-hearted smile. "I haven't been hearing much of either name, actually, sir, but Dario would be my preference. Or the callsign - 'Curtains.'" He glances up at the stars once more and then back down. "Nostos…" he says, eyes moving in thought for a moment, "Caprican family? Believe my parents did some business with a Nostos."

"S'good to hear it," Rae replies with a smile, turning her gaze back to the stars. "We've all been kind of busy lately, with everything that's happened. I'm glad you're still singing." She gives Angelus a playful poke. How was she to know he was a detective in another life?

Nostos tilts his head, "Ricco Dario?" There is a flash of memory as he looks over at Dario, "Your parents are from Picon and they do a lot of work on Virgon. I believe I saw you once upon a time. Your family and my family has worked together before." Angelus looks at Raedawn, "Dario here comes from old money too." Angelus raises an eyebrow, "So why did you enlist?" As he is poked he looks over at Raedawn, "I…owww, am just curious is all. I joined the Fleet to piss my parents off."

Ricco smirks and nods at the circumstance before he looks down and closes his eyes a brief moment, swallowing deep. Perhaps those two planets' names are a bit of a sore subject at the moment. He comes back to the present, searching his memory for the event where they met. "Rather the opposite. Father insisted I do something respectable for later life when I came to my senses and gave up the silly theatre fascination. And here I am. Still haven't come to my sense, though." He offers a coy smirk at that.

"I joined because I didn't want to starve," Rae says, smiling a little sheepishly. "Not much work out there for has-been advertising actresses. But that's a nice dream, Curtains, working onstage. Hold on to it."
She grins at Nostos. "Yup… you spoiled rich boy, you. Were you planning on going back once they decided you were right?" she asks teasingly. Teasing Nos seems to be one of her favorite things to do.

Angelus looks over at Ricco and he smiles, "Parents seldom do understand what their children want…well, rich ones at least." Angelus looks at Raedawn, "That is the problem with rich parents. They always throw money at problems." Angelus turns back to Rico, "Good to have you aboard Curtains. As for Theatre, I've heard we have some actor aboard. Maybe you could meet with him and put on a show or something?" Angelus then looks back at Raedawn, "Acctually, I was thinking of going to another Colony, maybe Aquaria, and setting up a small beachside bar." He then blushes slightly, "Though I might take a loan from my family."

"Dreams are good," Dario says darkly and distantly, his gaze moving to the glass. "…keep you from being down here too much." A broad and honest smile forms on Ricco's face at Angelus' suggestion, his eyes lighting up as he looks back down. "That would be fabulous. I can't even…this actor, stage or screen?" Nostos may have sparked a bit of an obsession.

"Could be fun," Rae muses cheerily. "Maybe I can actually learn to act some way that doesn't involve dancing, bouncing around, or pretending I'm mad at my parents."
She grins and nudges Angelus. "I hope they won't give you too hard of a time for asking."

Nostos looks at Dario, "Film, Alexander…whatshisname….Aurelia. Yeah, he is from Caprica I think. Don't know much about him to be honest with you though I'm sure you can find him. He was skulkinig around the Wing for a bit but I haven't seen him for a while now." Angelus offers the information to a fellow rich kid with the greatest of ease as he looks back at Raedawn, "You mean you can't act?" He seems genuinely suprised by this and then it is his turn to tease, "Well, maybe Dario and Aurelia could help you learn?" Though when he gets nudged Nostos blushes slightly, "They'd probably be thrilled. My folks want me to take over one of the family businesses in the worst way."

"Yeah, I've seen his stuff…didn't know he was on board…" Dario says quietly, his hand moving to pull at his chin in thought. He laughs at the idea, "I'm sure you'd be fine. I mean, it isn't plugging cereals, but the principle is the same." He looks at Nostos, "You want to make money on alcohol, I've got all the cubits on me ready to be dropped on some booze."

Rae blushes. "Well, I /can/ act, but I can't act in much besides ads. It's a different style, and apparently I can't adjust from one kind to another quickly. It cost me an audition way back when."
She rises and gives Nos a quick hug, then Dario another one. "Gotta go. I have sims in an hour, and there's just enough time for a shower and breakfast. See you later!" She slips her shoes back on and hurries out.

"Alcohol, eh? Well, give me time. Though if you have a specific poison you'd like let me know?" Angelus says as he gives a quick hug to Raedawn and then as she departs he tuns back to Dario, "Your folks made a lot of money in outside markets. Same as mine. I believe I really do remember seeing you at an event long ago. As I recall you looked about as bored as I was."

Dario returns the hug to Raedawn as she departs, offering her a quiet and quick, "Later, dear." Turning his attention back to Angelus, "Oh, after the recon to Virgon I was ready to put a tube into my Viper and drink the motor oil. Though it's probably good alcohol isn't too prevalent this soon after." He nods a few times and says, "Probably some ball or benefit where they thought they found someone I'd really like from some other well-off family and…of course, I didn't."

"Dear? I take it you two know each other?" Angelus asks curiously and then he says, "As for hooch I can get you some. Though, this isn't exactly a charity. Cubits are fine and good but I'd like to see what you can put up for the booze?" Angelus rubs his forhead as he thinks about the past, "Yeah, that sounds about right." Angelus tilts his head, "You didn't look bored?"

"Well, same squadron." Dario offers a shrug, "Though you two look…friendly." He gives a laugh at that. "Uh, physical goods? What are you looking for, exactly? And no, I'm sure I was bored to tears. Or defiantly drunk."

"Quid pro quo." Angelus says to Dario, "Name what you will offer and I will get you some hooch." As he looks at the door to the Obs Deck which is now closed after Raedawn walked out and he says, "Well, Rae and I are very close." He doesn't say close how but then again he doesn't really know what kind of close they are right now and so he changes the subject, "Physical goods work, then again information also works." Angelus then grins, "And drunk or bored to tears sounds about right for any sort of Old Money outing."

"Well, if you want me to ask my squadmate where you stand, let me know," Dario says with a small shrug and a tilt of the head. "I'll have to look in my locker for what physical goods I've got on me. I'll get back to you on that." He yawns and says, "About time to hit the pillow. Nice meeting you…again." He turns on his heels and heads out, singing the same tune he came in with, "My tongue should catch your tongue, sweet melody; my tongue your tongue; were the world mine…"

Angelus looks at Dario, "Ah, that is an affair that needs to let itself play out. I'd hate to have spoilers." There is a look on his face that seems like he means it though it is good natured, "I'd rather be surprised to find out on that one." Angelus looks over at Dario, "Just let me know what you have. Oh, and your voice is nice." The compliment is meant in all honesty.

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