PHD #402: Bringing in a Computer Expert
Bringing in a Computer Expert
Summary: Kincaid brings in Magnus to consult on the potential hacking of Cerberus's computer systems.
Date: 4 Apr 2042 AE
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Kincaid Magnus 
Enlisted Marine Berths – Deck 6 – Battlestar Cerberus
Designed specifically to house a small Marine contingent, this berthing is one of the smallest on the ship. The bunks are arranged in standard formation in the classic over-under configuration and lockers dividing each one. However, the lockers here are a bit larger than most elsewhere on the ship to accommodate the bulky combat gear associated with the security details of the crew that lives here. Tables are spread out for use through the area with their standard allotment of chairs.
Post-Holocaust Day: #402

The Enlisted Marine Berths — it's probably not where Doctor Magnus Dekker expects himself to be, but it's where Lance Corporal Kincaid has asked the Doctor to come down to. When Dekker appears, Danny gets to his feet from the common-room table where he's seated to himself, waving him on over. "Doctor. Over here, please."

And Kincaid would be right, Magnus wasn't really expecting to be here but, here he is. When Kincaid greets him, he offers a polite nod to him and steps inside the room, walking towards the other man. "Lance Corporal …. good to see you again." There is a very faint smile but, at least it's something. His wounds are now healed but he does show some interesting scars. He takes a seat and places both hands on the table.

"Good to see you, too, Doctor." Kincaid retakes his seat after Magnus is seated. "Sorry for the surrounds; I didn't want to do this at my cramped desk in the Security Hub because — well, it's a fairly sensitive matter. I need you to come in and consult for us on a matter of network security. I need the best computer mind I can find, and, well, you're it."

Magnus looks around with a little curiosity and then looks at Kincaid again. He shakes his head and offers "Nothing to worry about" He clears his throat and adjusts his chair, moving a little closer to the table. "Ok…" says Magnus the matter being sensitive. "Network Security, one of my specialties." says the man now, smiling a little more. Now, he nods once again and clears his throat again "What can I do for you?"

"I want to make clear that this is a highly classified matter, and I think why will be fairly apparent when I tell you what the task is." Kincaid pauses and then just says it: "During deliberations in the trial of Admiral Abbot, Lieutenant Vandenberg, one of the jurors, received information on her computer that was meant to sway her vote. The information appeared because a hacker had accessed the computer and put it there. We need to find out what happened and if the Marine computer systems are still compromised."

Magnus leans back against the chair and listens in silence. "Yes, of course" says Magnus, nodding to what Kincaid says. He leans in a little, allowing Kincaid to lower his voice should he want and listens. "I've heard about that trial, the man was convicted and found guilty. Do you think there was foul play?" Now, he rubs his fingers over his beard and takes a deep breath "A hacker, ok. So…is it safe to assume that the Hacker placed that information /during/ the trial, would that be correct?" He nods to himself and then leans back again "Well, I can help you of course. But I would need….access to Lieutenant Vandenberg's computer and unlimited access to the Marine Computer systems" He looks at him and asks "Would that be possible?"

Kincaid takes a deep breath and then lets it out slowly. "Yeah. We can make that happen." He nods once. "I'll sit with you the whole time and so will one of our squints, but the reality is that we need the best person we can find for this, and you're it." He glances at the table surface. "And yes, the information was placed during the trial." As for whether there's foul play, Danny isn't saying it, but it doesn't take a PhD in computer science to figure that out.

"Yeah, that's fine…no problem" says Magnus about Kincaid being there. "During the trial, alright. I'll need the exact date of the trial of course and…" he just shakes his head and looks at the man "…and nothing else really, when do we start?" With him, he is carrying a backpack, and inside, his thrustworthy laptop resides. He clears his throat again and shakes his head "Excuse me" After this, he takes a deep breath and says "I have time now if you have, I'm done reading some books that they told us to so…free time"

"Yeah. Of course. I'll have it written down for you." Kincaid nods. "I'll even get the date it's likely to have happened, but we also need a comprehensive work-up of the Marine systems, okay?" He sighs. "I'll need a little time to get one of our squints down to sit in, but we'll make it happen as soon as possible, okay?"

"Not a problem, I can go into the system and pretty much get whatever is in there…I'll build a report and hand it over to you guys." says Magnus, nodding to his own words. He nods again and adds "That's fine, whenever you guys have time." He rubs his fingers over his chin again and then takes another deep breath "Now, well, I'm sure you know of course but, when these things happen and you dig for information, what you find might have a huge impact, you know?"

"Yeah. I know." Kincaid nods. His voice is quiet. "That's why we're talking here and not the Marine offices." A longer pause. "It — might be internal sources that are behind the hacking. But we'll get on it as soon as possible."

Magnus goes silent, thinking about a few things. He leans forward and places both hands on the table "If I may…" he makes a gesture with his hand as if saying 'Idea' "If this happen of course signals that someone didn't want him to walk…the Admiral I mean. Now..the thing you have to ask yourself is…who would himself/herself more benefited by Abbot's death? I don't claim to know all about the Military of course but I did some work in the past. So, Admiral…that's pretty high up. Now, who would find benefit from his death? I would say…someone that wants to be in charge, yes?"

Kincaid nods at that. "Yeah. I know." It's like he's had this conversation before. "Look. We're afraid that the hacker might be from Areion. So. Just. See where it leads you, but just don't go spreading it around, okay?"

Magnus nods "Aha, the Areion." he presses his lips together and thinks for a moment. "Commander….Kepner right? And then you have another Commander, what's his name…from the other ship. I apologize for my lack of knowledge. Um…Laughlin?" He looks at Kincaid now and he nods "Of course Lance Corporal, I am not planning on saying anything. Like I said, I've worked with the Military before and they asked for secrecy before…and I always respected that"

"Yeah. Anyhow." Kincaid pauses. He gets to his feet. "Thanks for coming by, Doctor. I really appreciate it. We'll get on this soon, okay?" He offers his hand to shake.

Magnus stands up and he offers "I apologize, I don't mind to intrude…" He extends his hand and takes Kincaid's for a handshake. "No problem, just let me know when you have your resources ready and I'll stop by" To this, he nods again and takes his backpack again.

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