PHD #392: Bring Her In
Bring Her In
Summary: Constin approaches Corrath and Mathers with information.
Date: 25 Mar 2042 AE
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Deck 6 - Marine Country
The floor plating along the corridors of the Cerberus is standard military. Their forged steel plates are welded seamlessly together to run nearly the entire length of each hallway. The hallways themselves are the typical load-bearing structural design of the angled quadrilateral. Oxygen scrubbers and lighting recesses are found at nearly perfect intervals throughout the passageways.
Post-Holocaust Day: #392

Constin is back to work, abeit rather worse for the wear. The big sergeant is dressed unusually in his duty tans, left arm through the sleeve normally, but with the right half of the shirt simply draped over his right shoulder. The clearly visible cast (obscured by an elastic wrap) which swallows his right arm up to the elbow too bulky to fit through a shirt sleeve. The MaA had made the unusual request for the company's XO and S2 to meet him in the Deck 6 Hub, before raising his voice to carry clearly to the marines on guard at the doors and on duty behind the desk, "Marines. Give us the room until further notice."

For the most part, Corrath has been more of a 'ghost' then an actual person. People know he exists, but he's seldom seen outside of his office or the bunks. After all, someone needs to take care of all the paperwork that crosses the desk of the MP's, so that's what the Lieutenant has been doing. When the call came from the MaA to meet him in the Hub, it was only a short distance to travel from the office and as he slips into the Hub and spots Constin, he's giving the larger man a quick nod of his head, "Gunny. How ya healing?"

Should the MaA have waited for a convenient time to snag the XO's attention, he would have been waiting until he's blue in the face. As it stands, Mathers is still juggling ten things as he steps out into the Hub, his pen scribbling his signature onto a piece of paper before he hands it off to the aide that's on his heels. "That'll be all." He quickly dismisses her before rolling up on the S2 and Constin in the center of the Hub. "Gunny. Lieutenant." His lips move, but his teeth stay firmly clamped around the toothpick that's being ground between them.

"Sir," Constin greets Corrath evenly. "Arm's held together with more metal than bone," he drawls flatly, adding, "Sir," again to Mathers as Zane rolls up. The marine behind the desk stands up and clears out, and the guards at the doors exchange looks, and do as ordered, pulling the hatches shut behind them. Once the two officers and the senior enlisted are alone in the room, he states, "Sirs. I know this ain't standard, but got reason to suspect the offices might not be secure." A drawn breath. "Just got final word back from our tech boys. They can't figure out what got done, but during the Fleet action at Audumbla, security programs were compromised from Cee-Eye-Cee. The technique used was an old-generation double bypass, that the boat's newer computers flagged. Now engineering has been chewing on this, along with our computer boys, and they say this is legit: the codes used to authorize the action were Nikephoros'. the computer terminal used to accomplish it was her station, and deck cameras show her at that terminal, at that time." A drawn breath, "I'm formally requesting authorization to detain Captain Nikephoros for questioning, sirs."

"At least it's still held together, Gunny. Plus, it'll add character." That's offered just as Mather's makes his arrival and the Lieutenant's eyes are flitting over in his direction before he's giving a respectful nod, "Cap'n." Nothing further, for the Gunny's brought them here for a reason. And so, Corrath's attention returns to the MaA, listening to what's said and as the information begins to get processed, his right brow begins to arch upwards. "That's a tad bit of interesting information, I must admit. But, we do have our standard operations practices, which would dictate to detain her and bring her in for questioning. So, you have my apporval, Gunny." Eyes flit over in the direction of Mather's as the Lieutenant clucks his tongue against the roof of his mouth, "'course, she's also basically 3rd in command of this boat, so we need to make sure we're dotting all our i's and crossing all our t's on this one. You agree, Cap'n?"

That news hits Mathers like a ice water to the face, muscles tensing instantly and the lines of his face harden with the set of his teeth. It takes a long moment before he becomes animated again, starting with the bob of that toothpick as it gets shifted from one corner of his mouth to the other. He only says three little words: "Bring her in."

Constin nods curtly, twice. Once to Corrath, to whom he notes, "Only reason it waited this long, sir. Wanted to be sure it wasnt some kinda bait and switch," and another nod to Mathers. "Once she's been detained, the Cee-Oh will need to get told. Want that I should see to that, or would one of you two prefer to handle it?"

When Mather's echo's his statement in a much shorter context, Corrath's looking back over towards Constin, giving another quick nod of his head, "Good enough, Gunny. Just making sure we're covering our bases here. Follow the same protocol we did with Abbot. Visitors need to be cleared by myself, Captain Mather's or the Major." Pause, "As for informing the Cee-Oh, not your job. We'll see that it gets taken care of."

Mathers lets Corrath do all the talking for the time being, arms folding over his chest while he mulls over the situation with a constant grind of that sliver of wood as if he's physically chewing on his thoughts. "I'm there when you bring her in and I'm there when you question her. No if's about it, Gunny." His steely eyes look from Constin to Corrath, just daring one of them to disagree.

Constin nods again to Corrath. "Understood." He regards Mathers at the XO's demand. After a moment, "If that's the word, then that's how it is. There something special about this case I don't know about, sir?"

When Mathers makes that statement, Corrath's casting a sidelong look in his direction, regarding the man for a moment before looking back to Constin, "Nothing special, Gunny. You're to treat her the same as you would any other individual who's been detained for questioning. Make sure all interviews are recorded and stored in the MP lockup."

"Consider this your Personal Evaluation Review, Gunny. Don't break a sweat." The XO turns his head, spitting out the splinter of wood to the deck which is now little more than fiberous pulp. "Anything else?"

Constin nods once to the answers he's given, and moves right along. "Got a detainment team picked out, but not expecting resistance. Gonna keep this as quiet as we can. That's all I had, sirs."

"I'd like to see that PER when it's finished, Cap'n," is offered to Mathers as Corrath begins to uncross his arms. Then, it's back over to Constin, who gets a curt nod, "Keep me in the loop on this one, Gunny. Once you've got her detained, like the Cap'n, I'm going to want to sit in the on the first round of questioning. Shy of that, good work."

The response to Corrath's request for the PER is given after Zane has already turned, "You're his Cee-Oh, you're entitled to your request." The busy man just got ten more things added to his list, starting with informing the Madilyn, Tillman, and Pewter that their TACCO may be a mole. "Good work, team." He echoes Corrath's praise, because that's all he can do.

"Engineering turned up the goods, sir," Constin notes to Corrath, in the name of full disclosure Mathers' words of conclusion wrap the report up. With that piece of business concluded, the sergeant takes his wireless unit in his good hand and invites the onduty marines back inside with the words, "Constin. Room clear." He drawls "Sirs," evenly in parting, steps taking him toward the enlisted berths. Not using the wireless to summon his detainment team, it seems.

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