PHD #198: Brigged!
Summary: Two souls share a cell in the brig. Comfort is sought in each other in the form of conversation.
Date: 12 Sep 2041 AE
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Alessandra Constin 
It's the brig. Lots of bars and guards and jynk.
Post-Holocaust Day: #198

Those brigged in the wake of the brawl had been filtering out with various degrees of speed, but by all accounts one marine in particular will be among the last released. More than one bruise darkens the left side of the big man's face as Constin reclines on the cell's bunk. His time rotates between resting, eating, and pushups. Presently, he's resting.

One of the pilots chose to remain if only for safety's sake, that being Alessandra who had felt she'd be in danger if she were to try and leave, the cell feeling like the one place on the ship she'll be left alone. She had tried to sleep but nightmares kept her up, driving her from the very bunk Elf sits upon now, Lucky having pulled up a slab of deck instead where she sits, back against bulkhead.

The first greeting is an even drawl, low in tone, and without sny motion to rise or cross the ground between Constin and Alessandra. "When'd you get in on that mess?" No 'sir' or rank. Just the question.

"About two-point-three seconds after I saw the first punch thrown and realized what was about to happen," Allie says while looking straight ahead. Her voice lacks much to convey what she's feeling except exhaustion. It takes her a moment but she soon cocks a wary glance the Sergeant's way, her eyes narrowing in what's most likely a wince. "I had your six," she adds, her head nodded once.

"Huh," Constin grunts evenly in return. "Was that you, grabbing my arm at the end?" the sergeant asks with similar neutrality of tone as he turns an eye toward the pilot, the less swollen of his two narrow blue eyes fixed on the Lieutenant.

"Yeah. That was me," she admits, her head turning away. She doesn't mention how he almost clocked her for her efforts to stop him, however. "How are you feeling," she dares to ask then, trying to make it sound as conversational as possible.

Constin grunts wordlessly at the confirmation that he did in fact remember Allie being there, but says nothing further on it, choosing instead to answer the latter question with a bone-dry tone, "Bout like you'd expect." A moment later, he adds, "You?"

Alessandra takes a slow, steady breath in. "Same," is breathily exhaled. "I'm…sorry." Closing her eyes, Allie falls silent, not sure what to follow that up with, the silence that flows from her lingering for a while before she can say anything else. "You do know that I am here for you, yes," she asks then, her voice wavering.

Her words 'I'm sorry' and answered with a slow breath drawn through the nose and a flat, "Yeah." The moment of silence, ending with her last comment draws Elf's eye back to Alessandra. "This shit ain't gonna let up, Allie. Sonsabitches are gonna keep on with this trash until I kill somebody. And THEN it's gonna get ugly."

"Yeah, I know," Allie says with a slow, thoughtful nod. She doesn't mention how it has started to happen to her as well, the evil prank someone pulled on her the morning of their return a small thing compared to what Constin's being put through, an annoyance and nothing more in retrospect. "Don't have to face it alone. I'm going to stand beside you." Standing up slowly, Allie eventually gets her feet on the ground, the need to steady herself necessitating putting a hand out, bracing herself against the wall as she makes her way to her friend.

"Rather not drag anybody down. But I 'preciate it. No shit," Constin mutters lowly after a moment as Alessandra crosses the floor of the cell. The big marine shifts his weight and sets boots onto the prison ground to free up a seat for the pilot.

Sitting down, Allie keeps her own feet on the floor while taking to leaning forward, her forearms braced against her knees. "You wouldn't be dragging me down, Elf," she drawls out on the tail of a yawn. "I'd be doing it willing, after all." Shaking her head, Allie looks at the bars and then over to her friend, her expression held carefully in a neutral mask. "You're not the only one who loves her, you know," she adds, deliberately speaking of Lauren in the present-tense.

"Heh," Constin grunts dryly at the last telling comment. "Hell, you nearly broke her laughing with that cleavage-diving bit down on the World." It's not a laugh, or even a grin, but it's better than the scowl he'd been wearing. "You religious, Allie?" the marine prompts aloud a moment later.

Alessandra twitches a bit of a smile at that, the memory rather pleasant to think about. "It was good to make her smile like that," she confesses, sounding anything but abashed for that. It's a selfish thing, her love of making people she cares about laugh. A minor self-indulgence. The question of religion has her tilting her head, that a bit baffling. "Not as much as most but more than some, I guess," she says softly.

"Huh," Constin mutters back with a slow breath drawn through flared nostrils at the talk of smiles and gay jokes. "Swear, that girl's face'd light up light nothing I ever seen when she was having a nasty thought." The breath is let out in a slow exhale, before he mutters, "Gonna have to find what's left of her shit when the investgation's over."

Alessandra blinks and then looks away, her face tightening. It's not over the subject of Lauren that she does so over but the subject of her belongings which were snagged by that sow, Boelyn, and the other MP. "I didn't even think her effects were being considered evidence. Tried to gather them for you to keep them safe and they came and discovered what I was doing. Guess that's going to be held against me, too." She swallows hard, that hurting due to the lump in her throat, and then, with a raspy chuckle, she asks in a whisper, "Did you hear what happened to Boelyn?"

"That's one real piece of- shit, what's the word?" A pause. Now its annoying him. "Irony. That's it. Once I calm down? Know pretty much all the rules I just broke and how bad it's gonna be." A breath drawn as he muses, "You see the letter she left?" he wonders a moment later, before talk of Boelyn draws a frown. "She die or something?"

"I doubt you're going to get into too much trouble, Con. The entire thing seemed provoked and I'll testify as to that as will everyone else, I'm sure." The letter gets her to shake her head, that being an item she didn't see so makes no comment about but the subject of the Staff Sergeant gets her to chuckle, darkly, and the words just flow from her. "Two lost teeth, a concussion and some cracked ribs. We did a helluva number on her, didn't we?" Normally not a violent person at all, it is very uncharacteristic of her to behave this way. Pausing, she makes herself calm before asking, "What letter are you talking about, Elf?"

"Said she left a letter," Constin drawls in simple explanation to the last query first. The description of Boelyn's afflictions is met with a snort. "Swear I was set to kick every one of her ribs in. That shit ain't settled, and it'll need beating back into place all over again. Maybe next time they'll just try and shoot," he mutters with a snort. "And that's why it'll be trouble for me, Allie. Going through Oh-Cee-Ess. Supposed to keep my nose clean, and there's no chance flat that I'm gonna stay out of the brig. Prolly get drummed out, either this time, or the next time."

Alessandra shakes her head. "It must have been one of the items they put in the box after they found me and made me stop,' she grumbles, obvious upset to be heard. "If you don't get it let me know and I'll make sure it gets put in your hands." Scooting closer, she does something she has not done before, that being trying to wrap her arms around the large bear of a man, wanting to lend as much comfort as she can. "Well, sometimes things happen and they do for a reason…not saying I don't think you'd make a good officer because Lords know I do and with every inch of my being. But maybe they have other plans for you. Want you to stay enlisted where you can do some real good."

"Allie," Constin returns, evenly, "You mean well. But don't you ever tell me this shit happens for a reason again, yeah?" A look aside to the woman who sits on the bunk beside him- the look briefly sharpening. The edge fades as he looks ahead again. He doesn't resist or pull away from the effort to hug him, letting out a slow breath, and grunting wordlessly in thanks.

There is a tension that Constin's admonishment brings which she can't keep at bay, Allie's hug not quite as warm as she had desired it to be once it's given. "…yeah, sorry…" she grumbles while looking down, her jaw tensing to match the rest of her body's. "So how long do you think they'll keep you here," she asks quietly, then, the question posed for the need of something to say.

Constin brings a hand up to grip Allie's wrist that reaches up to offer the hug. Calloused fingers give her wrist a light squeeze, then relaxes. About as close to returning the gesture as the big man can get right now. "Lot of folks got apologies to make. You ain't one of them," he mutters, before shoulders rise and chest expands under the hug with a deeply drawn breath. "Depends what message the Major wants to send. Probably a warning, and release after forty-eight. If she's pissed at me? Citation. After the next time, maybe a demotion. Prolly yank me off of training rotation."

Alessandra shakes her head and leans her head against her friend's shoulder, sighing when she feels his fingers curl about her arm like they do. No, it's not a hug but it's no less comforting than it would have been if it were. "Like I said, you tell them to come talk to me if they feel the need to. I'll tell them what happened." That offer is probably null and void by her own involvement in the brawl but she meant it when she told Constin that she has his six and that includes this as well as every other thing that might arise.

"Yeah, you're the perfect witness," Constin drawls, a dry twist curling his lip. Another slow breath drawn in and let out. "She's waiting, Allie," he states quietly. "Got a whole lotta shit to wade through before I make it.. but she's waiting."

Alessandra chuckles. "Well, hell yes I am the damn best witness there is on this ship and don't you forget it." When he mentions her the laughter, light as it is, stops entirely and she finds herself leaning back. "How…she is?" That's all she can get out as Allie is quick to be moved to an emotional state she's been fighting. Head bowing so she can hide the tears from him, she nods a bit while waiting for whatever answer he might have to give, that done while she works on getting herself back under control.

"Yeah," Constin drawls back, simply, giving the pilot's wrist a second light squeeze with the next three words: "Yeah, she is." Allie glances down, and Elf turns his head to stare through the empty air before them both, drawing and releasing another slow breath.

"You know I have someone in my life, yes? Don't think Lauren would have kept that from you…" Allie uses Constin's arm to rub at her forehead, trying to clear her brain enough to think while also attempting to hide her face even more. "I hope that someday we can be as much in love as you and Coll were, Elf. Might be horrible and selfish of me to wish that for myself, but I do."

"She mentioned it. Specifically didn't tell me his rank," Constin mutters dryly aside to Alessandra. Her rubbing the forehead into his arm is assisted by one of the many puckered scars that litter the big man's hide. "Luck with that, Allie. No shit. Love it while it lasts."


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