PHD #130: Breathing Room
Breathing Room
Summary: Niobe sits by Evan's bedside. While doing so, Alessandra is wheeled in after the oxygen is messed with on her Viper. Coll brings Tisiphone in who immediately checks hersef out.
Date: July 6 2041
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Being able to accommodate combat casualties requires room, and the Sickbay has it. Beds line each side of the room with privacy curtains strung up and readily available. Large vaulted lockers hold access to the supplies at the far end of the area. Nearer the front, a Petty Officer sits ready to dispense simple items like ibuprofen and aspirin. Further to the rear is an area prepped twenty-four hours a day for emergency surgery. To the side are a set of double doors that lead to the Recovery Ward where patients can recuperate.
Post-Holocaust Day: #130

Horrible noises come winding from behind the curtain Evan's been stowed behind. A deep gut-groaning cut into choppy segments by breaths that hurt to come, fingers clenching onto hands duly offered him as his arm muscles tremor into the force behind it. Sounds like someone's busy dying back there.

Niobe's own wounds have been painful and hard to deal with, but she's certainly not in the same shape as Evandreus. Every now and again - even when it was against Doctor's Wishes - Pickle will drag herself over to Bunny's bed and keep an eye over him. It's not an easy task, certainly, and not a fun one, but she has to. The hand that he's clenching now would be hers, the one she always offers him on these visits. It's a painful sort of offering, but she has to do it. Sitting in one of the handy chairs, she leans forward and reads the poetry book that Cidra brought her just the other day out loud, softly and soothingly for the pilot. Even if she's not sure he can hear her.

There have been several attempts to move the Bunny back into recovery, but each attempt has been followed up by some deterioration of his status that's landed him back in the main bay. Fortunately there's no real need for restraints, as moving his body just makes the pain that much the worse. His fingernails have been dutifully clipped, but even so the little slivers of his claws are digging into Pickle's skin while a corpsman holds up something for him to vomit into, his hollering traded in for a vicious gurgle as bile bubbles up and out down his chin and into the recepticle.

Every time Bunny claws at her hand, Pickle winces and her reciting stops. While she'd like to keep going and pretend like he isn't actually hurting her, she's not quite that hardcore. What she's treating him like is a wild animal that's been fighting against captivity and while she wrinkles her nose at the vomit - it doesn't exactly smell like roses - she turns her head away at first in an attempt to not sympathy puke. It takes her a bit of steeling her stomach, but she breathes through her mouth and manages to make it through. Putting the book down and grabbing a tissue, she starts to wipe away the gurgle and attempts to soothe. "Shh, Bunny, shhh." Then, the soothing turns into, "Eeuch, yuck, bleeech. You couldn't have just barfed a little the other side? Really?" after the vomit actually manages to get onto her free hand.

Evandreus gets up everything that's going to come out of his stomach, at this point, neither seeming to hear Pickle's recriminations nor seeming to care much where the vomit goes, which care is mostly left up to his dutiful attendant. When he settles down, it's back to a full-body shivering and a vague, choppy moaning.

With an uneasy look at the attendant who has to take care of Bunny's barf bag, Niobe gives an awkward grin. Well, at least he didn't get much of it on him. Wiping a hand on another fresh tissue, she doesn't stand for much longer and instead eases back into her chair. The whole time, she doesn't pull the one hand that's been in Bunny's grasp away. Instead, she keeps wiping at her hand, not wanting to get vomit onto the book Cidra loaned her. Her own chastising is really meaningless and not something she'll ever hold against Evandreus. Tugging the blankets up some more, she sighs. "Come on, Bunny. You can get over this. Promise."

A group of medics rush Alessandra in and to a bed where they begin to set her up for treatment. Oxygen mask instead of the nasal cannula is slipped into place and she's hooked up to IV, vitals are taken. Of course there's the standard blood tests to check for CO2 levels. Lots of poking, prodding and general mayhem to be had here in the sickbay, it once again visited upon poor Lucky who truly is anything but.

Tied as she is to Bunny's bed-side with an iron-grip she doesn't have a great interest in breaking, Niobe is stirred by the sudden activity that whips up around Alessandra's arrival. Though she doesn't stand - she turns as much as she can, seeing as her arm is anchored in one position. Recognizing un-Lucky, she frowns and looks on. "Something's going on, Bunny," she lets the basically comatose pilot know. "Hey, hey," she attempts to get a med-person who's not currently assisting Alessandra's attention, "What happened? What's going on?" The condition level hasn't changed, there hasn't been any attacks on the ship, so what is this?
Rachel is on shift at the moment, and just at the desk filling out paperwork when Alessandra is rushed in. Immediately she is on her feet, walking over and looking at her newest patient, staring at the stats as they are read out.

Medical personnel usually are not in the habit of divulging much in the way of information to anyone who isn't the patient or their next of kin but one of the medics who rushes by with the vials of drawn blood does offer a quick explanation on their way past. "Mishap with some of the CAP birds." Not a lot to go by but privacy's to be maintained as much as possible…one of the few luxuries they can afford the sick or wounded anymore. Rachel will find that Alessandra herself is in and out of various states of coherency, her voice hoarse from having screamed at the top of her lungs while under the worst effects of the tainted air.

Just because medical personnel aren't in the habit of divulging much information doesn't mean that Pickle isn't about to attempt everything she can in order to get it. Lucky's part of the Air Wing, and that means she deserves to know what happened to her. "Mishap? Some?" Under her breath, in Bunny's direction, she adds, "Doesn't look all that great." Especially with the screaming and incoherency. "Are there others?" That shouldn't hurt the privacy meter, should it?

"Right, back here, behind the curtain," Rachel states as her hand hits the edge of the gurney, to lead them back into the makeshift surgery around the back. No one wants to talk? Well she'll place them somewhere they can. More information is always better in an emergency. "And tell me what happened, someone!"

"Right, back here, behind the curtain," Rachel states as her hand hits the edge of the gurney, to lead them back into the makeshift surgery around the back. No one wants to talk? Well she'll place them somewhere they can. More information is always better in an emergency. "And tell me what happened, someone!"

"Apparently it's like before," a medic intones while keeping their voice down, not wanting to panic anyone. "She seems the worst of those inflicted with the tainted oxygen. Not exactly sure what her symptoms where, though. She hasn't exactly been able to talk." For Allie's part, she is responding to stimuli in the form of voices and the shift of light level when people step between the overhead source of illumination but she's not really responsive otherwise.

As for Niobe and her quest for answers, no one's being talkative now so she'll have to rely on eavesdropping to gather her information.

Still tethered to Bunny, Niobe shifts in an uncomfortable way in order to see all of what is going on. This is important, things that she's missed out on being in sickbay and unable to get back to duty. "Before?" This has happened before? The incident with Snag has not been mentioned to her yet in Sickbay and she was absent from it while on Leonis. The idea that random Viper malfunctions has happened before only serves to worry her more. "What do you mean before?"

"Allright, keep the oxygen on her, and put a tiube in if her O2 doesdn't start rising fast," Rachel order, taking a penlight to shine in Alessandra's eyes. "Oxygen dep, not pretty, and the damage is already done at this point. Right, I want an ECG monitored around the clock, and once her O2's high enough a brain scan. We need to see if there's any neurological damage."

Rachel's orders are followed to the letter and as quickly as possibly, they knowing very damn well what oxygen dep can result in. The same medic passes by where Niobe is once again, hearing her query yet again. "It's all rumor," he says with a sigh. "Scuttlebutt, really. You'll need to ask someone who's authorized to give out that kind of information…." is added on - in otherwords, someone other than the medical people.

"Right and next time someone find out what happened when you go to get the patient!" Rachel barks back, clearly frustrated.

"Yeah, well, only person authorized around here is screaming like a banshee." Niobe is huffy about the idea of not knowing what happened to someone she knows. Can anyone blame her? "And it's not exactly like I can just go about wandering and ask around." As she's wearing a medical gown, herself. Clearly she's not just a visitor, she's a patient as well.

"And you get back to your own bed, this is a restricted area," Rachel says as she usher the gurney through the doors to the surgery.

Annoyed that she's not being listened to, but without any other sort of recourse, the ECO slumps in her seat and squeezes on Bunny's hand again. "They are not being very informative," she tells him as if he's been a part of this entire conversation. He has been, sort of, just not in a responsive way. "We'll figure it out."

"Have you got anything else to add?"Rachel asks the ECO directly as the machinery is hooked up. Right now? Nothig else to do but waiting and paperwork.

"Add? No, I'm attempting to add something to my own knowledge." With a frown, Niobe carefully places her book of poetry back in her lap. "I know her and I want to know what happened. And if there are others."

Alessandra finally gets enough of the CO2 out of her system to be roused some when a nurse starts to put EEG leads on her brow and scalp but she doesn't fully come to. It's instead the low feral growling that those on the CAP and listening in in CIC will remember as she let loose with more than a little of it when the carbon dioxide levels were probably at its worse. Right when the panic truly set in. Around Allie's bed is medics while Rachel is doing her work and Niobe is sitting by Evandreus' bed. Both doctors and Pickle are trying to get answers.

The hatch to Medical swings open and Coll appears in a flightsuit thats tied around her hips. She lifts her chin to a nearby nurse indicating there is someone to be helped coming in. Her eyes promptly sweep the rest of the room and she spots Allie. Panic! But she doesn't move from the hatch just yet. Must be someone important behind her..?

Rachel is standing aside now, illing out the chart as Allie's tended. The tubes and fluids are in, which means not much to do for oxygen dep but wait.

Whoever the important person is will have to wait — Tisiphone comes in first. Her flight suit's down to her waist, and she's plodding along with the sort of numb determination of someone on auto-pilot. Up to the check-in desk she goes, leaning forward against it as she wheezes softly. "Who do I talk to to get permission to go back to my bunk?" she asks the person there.

The flurry of new activity grabs Niobe's attention. Aha! Tisiphone and Coll, people who must have come from the Deck, who must know what's going on. People who are - hopefully - coherent enough to answer questions. And don't have such a picky thing as confidentiality to worry about. "Money," Niobe quickly greets. Still holding onto Bunny's clenched hand, her eyes shift over to Coll, as well, "What happened? Nobody here'll tell me anything."

Rachel rurns around and adds, "Nobody here will tell /me/ anything and I'm the damned doctor. What happened?"

For the medics' part, they tried but didn't realize that Rachel didn't know about what had happened previously which has resulted in a cluster frak. But her orders have been followed and Allie's on O2, IVs and an EEG and undoubtedly a heart, blood pressure and O2 monitor combo.

Once Tisi is through the door, Coll watches her to make sure she's standing alright before moving over towards Allie's bed. "Gods. El-tee." She looks over towards Niobe, then. "Frakker hit us again. Had to be. Same damned thing. Just like Villon!" Coll is extremely red in the face. Whatever she knows has her thoroughly pissed off. "I need a runner to find Sergeant Constin from the MP's, as soon as possible." She glances around for someone to go before settling on Rachel. "Get me a runner, sir. Someone frakked with the trimix in the pilot's oxygen supplies. Beyond that, I need to see the MP's."

"Well the patient's in oxygen dep as for anything else in teh mix, I'll tell you in an hour when I get a tox screen back," Rachel tells them.

"-t-o-l-o-s," Tisiphone wheezes to the petty officer at the check-in desk, digging out her dog-tags with a jangle so he can check them and finish getting her recorded. That done, she straightens up with a faintly dizzy sway and looks toward the source of Niobe's voice. "Breathing mix," she affirms, her voice scratchy. "That's all I know. I'm out. I need to sit down." She looks toward Coll for a moment, dully, before turning for the exit. Plod, plod, plod.

Oxygen dep, breathing mix, issues. Tisi's affected, as is Allie, who else would be? Itching to figure out what happened, the poor ECO is left in her chair to wonder. Obviously, she's not going to bother Money Shot after whatever it is she's been through - even if she really would like to. Instead, she focuses in on Coll. "Frakker? What frakker?" Someone messing with the trimix? That's…that's not good at all. "How many? Did everyone make it back?"

Coll just -stares- at the Doctor. "Fine." The Crewman grabs a passing nurse that outranks her by three grades. "You: Get a runner and find Sergeant Constin. Now." Her rank isn't showing on that unrolled flightsuit and she doesn't exactly speak with any lack of authority. There's a curt nod from the man and a 'Yes, sir' before he moves off to do so. "The Jig hit it, though." Her eyes move between Niobe and Rachel as her hand moves to take Alessandra's. "Someone hit all the canisters on that hop. Sounded like they got the Raptor, too. Every damned last one of them. That isn't a damned accident. CAG looked fine whe nshe came back and she was a scramble. That means Villon wasn't either. That bitch Morgenfield." Lauren nearly spits the last couple sentences. She looks back to her friend, then. "Everyone made it back except Orr and Trask. Morgenfield was on there with them. The Raptor jumped away, though. I think we've got SAR out right now but I can't be sure. Saw a few Raptors crewing up on my way here."

Well Rachel has no idea what they are on about, but she doesn't know the names or callsigns except for those right in front of her most of the time, or the ones she's handled personally. "Right, I'll have sickbay prepped for more casualties, and more of this, and I'll send my report to the MPs once I have the tox analysis. Fraid it's all I can contribute."

Alessandra is trapped in some kind of odd dream, her mind stuck in what happened before she came back to the ship. There was a Raider who spoke in Captin Sitka's voice, telling her to remove her helmet and previous to that part of her nightmare she drempt that her skin and heart were made of fire; NOT on fire but made out of it. A twitch of a limb has her hand tightening around Lauren's but it's probably safe to assume that it was a muscle spasm and nothing else that caused that.

At the mention of the Raptor getting hit, too, Niobe pales. It's not like knowing the Vipers being tampered with is bad enough, but now there's this news. Orr and Trask are out there, and most likely dead from oxygen deprivation, if the state Allie is in is any indication. "Oh." That's all she can think of in reply. Much like Lauren grips onto Allie's hand, Pickle tightens her grip on Bunny's. It doesn't really seem to matter much, as his iron-clad clawing of her own doesn't lessen or tighten with the news. "Oh." More people to mourn. And Trask was just in here to visit the other day. "Gods."

the pilots are all together, all sharing their grief, so Rachel slips out to work on her reports.

Coll involuntarily returns the squeeze to Allie's hand and drops her gaze back to the Lieutenant. Regs be damned, they're friends. She looks back to Niobe, though. "No word on whether or not they're alive. Just little bits I picked up on the com chatter and what Apostolos told me on the way up. I take it you aren't aware of all the shit going down on this boat?" The Crewman doesn't seem too interested in pleasantries or protocol with addressing an officer at the moment. She's probably too riled for it. At least she isn't throwing attitude or anger AT anyone.

Alessandra begins to talk in her sleep, a worried, harried moan. "Shiv…frakking Raider. Sou…sounds like you. Gomma kill the fr…steal your voice." The sound of her voice gets a nurse to hurry over; checking vitals, paying close attention to her EEG read out and O2 levels, the scrub-garbed medico turns her gaze to the two visitors, her expression worried. "I am sorry but she should rest. I am going to have to ask that you come back to visit her once she's more…" Shrugging, she goes to shoo pilot and deckhand out of the small bed area, her free hand grabbing for the curtain.

As for the addressing of an officer, Niobe doesn't even seem to notice the lack of protocol. She's never been one of those people who were sticklers for rules or the like. In fact, the different treatment always made her a little uncomfortable. "I've been, uh, out of it. So to speak. Leonis is not exactly what they advertised on the brochure. And the med bay isn't exactly a day on the beach, either." She's curious about what the deckie means, however. "It's a little out of the whole information loop."

Coll nods to Niobe as she steps away from Allie reluctantly. "I gotta find the MP's. I'll arrange to get you a brief, sir." The departing woman just gives Niobe a nod. "I've gotta run, though." She turns quickly andtrots out of the room, boots thunking with a much faster clip once she's outside, yelling 'Make a hole!' while she dashes.

Evandreus is long since quiet, his deathgrip on Niobe's flesh having slackened somewhat with his further lapse into sikly, sallow silence. His heartrate, dutifully monitored overhead, has slowed from the adrenaline-pumped holy-crap-about-to-die thudding about in his chest to something more suitable for a man recumbent.

With the excitement - for what it was - gone now, Niobe turns back fully to Evandreus. She can't quite help but take a breath once the metal grip of her hand slackens. Hissing, she clenches it into a fist slowly and then stretches it out in order to keep the circulation going. Once that's taken care of, it's dutifully back to holding. "It kinda sounds like they're going to be needing us sooner rather than later," she sighs.

Evandreus is rather more gentle, now, glittery lips moving slightly underneath the gleam of the bright sickbay lights over the plastic mask covering his nose and mouth, the same gleam that shines glassily off of his eyes. Could be he's trying to say something. But even underneath the mask, no sound is forthcoming.

Shifting in her seat (they really don't make them comfortable), Niobe frowns and picks up her book again. It's only when she looks back over at Bunny idly that she even notices that his lips are moving slowly. Is he just breathing? Is this going to be softer ranting? She's not sure. Hesitantly, she scoots the chair just that much closer. "Bunny?"

There's no ranting forthcoming from the Bunny. Nor any noise at all. Maybe it was just a trick of the light, after all. His eyes don't even move to focus on the ECO who leans close to him that way. A quiet rush of air at intervals as his lungs grasp irregularly at the stuff he needs to keep his body puttering along.

How anti-climactic. With another sigh, the ECO sets back in her chair. She lets her arm hang out in front of her, connected to Bunny. Pickle watches Bunny breathe in and out a few times. "If you wake up for good, I'll give you half my food whenever you ask for it. And I promise I won't throw anything. This is a one time offer."

If Pickle's looking for a climax, she's not about to get one from the Bunny, who seems to be spending his diminishing energy stores in wheezing up mouthfuls of air. It's nothing very exciting to watch until the Raptor Driver's heart rate dips erratically, causing some of the machinery to which he's attached to emit a remarkably polite-sounding pinging at two-second intervals, calling a couple of on-duty bay techs over to check things out.

"'Scuse me," one of them tells Pickle perfunctorily, coming between her and the pilot and proceeding to check on the various ways the guy's been connected to the machines, disconnecting the wires and blowing into a connector as if it were an old video game controller on the fritz while the other goes ahead and takes the Bunny's pulse the old-fashioned way to see what's really going on in there.

It's not like Pickle really expected Bunny to magically get better right then. After all, then she'd have to give up her food to him without complaint. She'd do it, of course, but her attempts to get him woken up are outlandish and out there mostly to startle him awake. If he can even hear her, which she's not so sure about. As the heart meter starts to ping an alert, the ECO quickly looks about for someone. It's unnecessary. Without her prodding, they would have checked things out anyway, but it makes her feel like she's doing something. When told to let go of Evandreus, Niobe does so with only a nod in reply. She does so reluctantly, but quickly enough so that she's not in the way.

This seems to be her cue to get out of the way and so she pushes her chair back and slowly stands up to get out of the technicians' way. The last thing she wants is to have killed Bunny because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Picking up her book, she waits nearby until she's sure that everything is back to normal - or whatever is normal now for him - before she reluctantly returns to her own bed.

The wires, disconnected, tell that monitor above the Bunny's bed to start making that sickening flatline sound that mutes the conversation between the medics below its droning insistance on declaring the lack of a heartbeat. The conversation, however, does turn toward the serious, and as the one tech hooks up the wires again, the other reaches for a switch on the wall, flicking on a light overhead that brings a couple of medics advancing through the bay. The heart monitor, perhaps worryingly, does not change its tune— either the monitor is broken, or the Bunny is. He doesn't look much different than a moment before, staring blankly at the ceiling through half-lidded eyes, but the bustling of medical personnel around him garners no reaction from him whatsoever.

A moment's consultation by the medics, and suddenly the four assembled fly into an easeful flurry of motion, one opening a drawer below the bed and pulling a needle, another opening up the front of the Bunny's gown, a third calling for the electrical panels as another comes by to sweep the curtain closed and let the medical types do their work out of sight.

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