PHD #312: EVENT - Breaking Point
Breaking Point
Summary: Apply enough pressure, you reach the breaking point. Nikolai goes out with a bang.
Date: 04 Jan 2042 AE
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Hangar Deck - Port - Midship - Battlestar Cerberus
Post-Holocaust Day: #312
The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.
Condition Level: 2 - Danger Close

It's a normal day of work on the Deck, new shift rotations and all. The smell of fuel and fluids fills the air, accompanied by a chorus of metallic clangs, hydraulic hisses, and knuckledragger conversations. The popular topic of the night seems to be the Pyramid game that took place earlier between deckies from the Cerberus and the Areion - in particular, how the Chief and PO2 Timon actually lost to the Areion team.

There are pilots and birds preparing to sortie on a CAP rotation changeover, a Raptor being prepped for a transport run to the Elpis, and a Marine ground team about to take off for SAR on Tauron. With the Deck dedicating a minimum of a quarter of on-shift personnel to repairs on Decks 10 and 11, the majority of damaged birds are being rerouted to the Aerion for repairs. Business as usual.

Waiting to get on the Raptor headed for Elpis, Cameron waits patiently, his usual medical bag strapped to his back as it always is whenever he's going somewhere. It's the first solid bit of 'leave' that he's had in awhile and he plans to spend the next few days relaxing, helping out the medical department on the Elpis for a bit and, well, visiting with his adopted daughter, who also happens to be an Elpis. Hope springs eternal, it would seem. At the moment he's seated upon a box of cargo that doesn't seem to need to be going anywhere right away, heels drumming lightly against the side as he leans back on one hand and occasionally waves to the familiar face passing by here and there. He may not be crew, but he's helped patch up enough people on board that he's become a familiar face around the Cerberus.

It's been a while since Stavrian was up on the hangar decks with any frequency, having been spending heavy rotations in the medical unit on the Praetorian. But tonight here he is, familiar to bored tears with the logistics of a supply run. Pulling several large packs from the medic who had the unfortunate responsibility of hauling the things up the stairs, he slings two straps onto his back and heads towards the Elpis-bound Raptor, cheeks slightly puffed as he blows out a stream of air through pursed lips.

Visitinig her deckie peeps! Sofia has come in search of wisdom, deckiees and … to make sure the papers and wrenches got to them. She pauses, hearing a bit of gossip about the Pyramid game. There's a sympathetic look in passing. She hums softly, in her duty greens. She smiles at a few of the deckies. "Hey!"

"Well, at least we do better frakkin' work than those bums on Areion. I'm SO glad they have to beat our asses at Pyramid, you know, since their ship isn't getting blown to pieces every time the Cylons jump in system." There's at least one voice that can be heard over all the sounds of tools and work going on. Odd that it belongs to the littlest person on deck. "I guess if I had a shiny new deck with all the best and newest tools, I'd be able to get some free time and practice Pyramid." Bitch bitch bitch, work work work; it's the deckie way! Cilusia's not about to dishonor that (proud) tradition today!

There is one deckie who is not working on any of the birds, currently, that being Radcliffe who is helping out with the training of one of the pilots which is a lovely change from getting dirty. With a check list in hand, she is guiding Tohno around, pointing out what the pilots need to be especially on the ball with. "Of course…" she says while in the middle of the tour with the nugget, "…some problems won't crop up until you're in mid-flight. Makes things kind of exciting for a while. It usually involves flight control or the electronics…." She continues on, the girl in her element.

Tohno winces a little at that. Some past experience with in flight problems, perhaps? But the nugget nods affirmatively in the manner of wholehearted agreement with that point. Elsewise, he simply follows along and listens…Tohno is, it seems, not much of a talker, but, on the other hand, he seems to be attentive enough as a learner.

<FS3> Sofia rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Tohno rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Stavrian rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Radcliffe rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Cilusia rolls Alertness: Bad Failure.
<FS3> Cameron rolls Alertness: Success.

You paged Sofia, Tohno, Stavrian, Radcliffe, and Cameron with 'You notice that one of the Raptors being worked on is starting to look unstable. It's lifted so that mechanics can do work underneath her; there's one on his back on a trolley prying away a panel. The Raptor is pitching sideways like it's about to slide off the lift. It really shouldn't be doing that.'

You paged Stavrian and Radcliffe with 'You two notice that the mechanic underneath the Raptor has his eyes closed. Resting his eyes, maybe. He doesn't notice what's going on at all.'

"Yeah, but leas' they're takin' most of our hurtin' birds, right?" the Specialist working with Cilusia asks with a shrug. "I hear it was a close game, though." She gestures with the screwdriver in her hand over to where PO2 Timon is working on a Raptor. "Don't bring it up 'round Petra, though. She's been in a black mood since that game, an' the Chief's been shut up in his office since comin' on shift." She huffs and crosses her arms. "Damn, I wish I'd been there to watch it!"

As Radcliffe comes into sight with her, what do they call them? Nuggets? Or is that only for pilots? He'll never get that sort of thing straight it seems. Regardless, he waves to her cheerfully and calls out, "Hey Brina!" But his attention is caught by the odd wobbling of one of the Raptors. Cameron ain't no pilot, but that certainly doesn't look…. good. "Uhhhh, is it supposed to do that??"

Sofia tries not to giggle at the Pyramid talk. She pauses though. "I'm kinda sad I missed it too," She admits. Then the raptor - A raptor starts to look unstable. "H-hey! That thing's - be careful it's tilting!" Her eyes go wide, seeing the man on his back beneath the Raptor. She pushes her cart over, obviously worried. Cameron might get a sidelong, worried glance but the unsteady bird has her eyes. "Guys?" She looks around. "It's about to-" She bounces on her toes a moment, uncertain. Hmmm. If she were a deckie…

<FS3> Radcliffe rolls Reactive: Good Success.

Stavrian slings down the heaviest of the packs, teeth slightly grit as his back makes a complaining cracking noise upon straightening up. He mutters something under his breath that isn't in Standard and probably isn't very nice either, a dark brow arching as he turns back around to face the hangar deck. Sofia's voice calls his attention across the way and he sucks in a breath. "Who is that under there?" He calls out. "Get him up!"

"Uh…no it…frak!" Gritting her teeth, Brina does something stupid, that being trying to get to the guy who is in danger of being crushed under so many tons of metal and shit. "Come on, Ganas…" she grits out while grabbing for the guy's ankle, working on tugging him out by that leg even as the ship looks like it's about to totter over. Gods, this sucks. "You owe me, frakker," Brina says while working over-time on backing out from the Raptor, scooting belly down. Hopefully she did the right thing, eh?

Too far away, and bitching too loudly to hear anything, Cilusia just keeps going about her business with the specialist working on prepping one of the birds up the row from the drunken Raptor. The ruckus coming from that end barely registers as anything out of the ordinary noise of the deck, so she just keeps working without giving it any special attention.

Tohno opens his mouth when he takes notice as well, as though to point it out, but, well, everyone seems to be on top of it already, and so he closes it again. He follows after at a run, but comes to a stop a healthy distance away from the teetering raptor. He glances around at the others, and then back to his mentor of the moment, looking worried at things but failing to do more than, well, watch.

Stavrian takes a hop off the loading bay of the Raptor, boots hitting the ground with a thud that's lost in the hangar bay din. The tilting bird is left to the deckhands to deal with, that not at all his territory to give orders on, but he does start to push forward towards it, keeping a steady eye on the people getting out from underneath.

Hearing the shouts of alarm, Specialist Nikolai Ganas - the young mechanic underneath the unsteady Raptor - opens his eyes to see the Raptor starting to slide sideways off the lift. Yes, he had his eyes closed. With a shout of dismay, he throws up his hands in front of his face. Like that's gonna help. Lucky for him, Radcliffe manages to pull him out in time, pulling him out on his trolley before the Raptor come crashing down on its side. It's not seriously damaged, but it's no longer in flying shape, that's for sure.

Before Nikolai even has a chance to dust himself off, PO2 Petra Timon swoops in on him with a furious look on her face. "What. The frak," she snaps. Even though she stands a full head shorter than Nikolai, Petra's words make him shrink down into himself. Without letting him get in a word edgewise, she launches on an impressive tirade laced with anger and expletives that make Nikolai wince as though her words were physical blows. "…Damon should've just left you to eat your own shit in the Brig, it's obvious you're frakking useless here on the Deck if you can't even properly secure a Gods-damned Raptor to the frakking lift when you do manage to show up for your shift on time!"

When Nikolai, red-faced and on the verge of tears, opens his mouth to speak, Petra silences him with a venomous look. "Don't. Frakking. Even. Just get off the frakking Deck. How the frak did you get to be a Specialist? You're not even fit to be a Gods-damned Apprentice." Damon, who came out of his office after hearing the crash, watches as a dejected Nikolai walks away, the eyes of everyone on the Deck burning into him as he does. "Come on," he grunts to those around him. "Let's get this shit cleaned up."

Ever ready for an emergency, which is just as well Cameron has figured out since unofficially joining the ranks of the Cerberus, the Doc slips the pack on his back free and slips off the crate to head tentatively toward the chaos. He's careful not to get underfoot, but he waits to see if his services might be in need or not.

Sofia untenses, as Nikolai is saved from being squished. She releases the breath she was holding. She has eyes as wide as plates. She's torn between sympathy, relief and annoyance. That bird… that's a lot of damage. She sighs. She clings to her cart, though watching. Still like a statue. Stavrian gets another glance but for her part, she's watching the deckies. "Guess they'll be needing these after all…" She pulls up the clipboard and checks the list. Duct tape, duct tape…

Stavrian squints one eye shut as the Raptor goes crashing into the deck, clearing his throat with a low grunt. His blue eyes flicker towards Damon's office as the Chief appears, then to Sofia. A slight nod to the crewman and he steps back, assessing the crowd. Good thing their standard away kits had a few bandaids tucked away.

"Frakker's eyes were closed," Brina announces before getting fully on her feet, the look she gives him about as venomous as the one he receives from Petra. "Write him up for dereliction of duty." Looking at her elbow, she finds herself remarkably alright despite a faint ache, perhaps having banged it on the deck in her haste to get the guy out of trouble. Fists slowly balling up after she makes the self-assesment, she does the only thing that comes to mind when she is that pissed, meaning 'poor' Ganas has one pissed off Radcliffe advancing on him. "You lame mother frakker! Could have gotten people killed!"

Well, that's certainly out of the ordinary. To the extent that she's capable, perched on a Viper and half dangling into the cockpit, Cilusia prarie dogs it and takes a look in the direction of the crash. "That sure as shit can't be good," the mistress of understatement says, nodding off in the direction of the jacked up (or is that down?) Raptor that's listing seriously to one side having slid off the lift. "We better go see what help they're gonna need," she barks to the specialist, thumping down off the ladder and to the deck proper to hike on down to the action.

The retreating Nikolai actually gets a sympathetic look from Tohno. He watches the man on for a moment as though considering or assessing something…but whatever that might be, he doesn't act on it. Instead the nugget turns back to Radcliffe, waiting to see what happens next.

<FS3> Radcliffe rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Stavrian rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Sofia rolls Alertness: Failure.

Nikolai looks like a whipped puppy. Between Petra's shouting and Radcliffe's suggestion of 'dereliction of duty', he knows he's in deep shit. Not responding to anything being said or shouted at him, he just walks away with his tail tucked between his legs. "Brina, get that Raptor upright," Damon says to Radcliffe. To Tohno, he adds, "Might as well learn something interesting, right?" He gestures to Cilusia. "Cilusia, get about six people and let's get this shit cleaned up. Petra, go take a breather, yeah? Sofie… we're gonna need more supplies. Can you stick with Cilusia and grab a quick list? Doc, sir, I'm sorry, but this is gonna delay the Elpis run by a little bit." He takes a deep breath and looks around. "OK. I'm gonna go report the change of schedule to the LSO. I'll be right back."

You paged Radcliffe and Stavrian with 'You notice something odd out of the corner of your eye. Nikolai, instead of getting off the Deck, is hanging around a hatch by the Viper launch tubes. It's the one that opens when a Viper malfunctions. He's just kind of looking down at his feet and muttering - to himself, since nobody's nearby.'

Shrugging his shoulders, Cameron shifts his pack more comfortably on his back and replies, "I'm just grateful no one was hurt. I've waited this long. I can wait a little longer." Glancing about uncertainly he offers, "If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know, yes? I'm not skilled, but I take direction well," he offers with a wry smile.

Radcliffe turns her head slowly, pausing in following Nikolai but she doesn't stop watching him, her expression going from angered to concerned suddenly. "Uhm…one sec, Chief," she utters to Damon while staying put, her own duties shirked for a bit. Something about how the guy's behaving has her unsettled but she doesn't call attention to that fact just yet, the boxer-turned-mech instead trying to make herself as inconspicuous as possible. Deckie senses….are…tingling!

"It's alright, Chief. We'll go when we go." Even in nearly a year up here, Stavrian hasn't lost a bit of that distinctive Sagittarian accent. He gives the man a slight nod and sets his hands on his hips, glancing up at the raptor and Cameron. Then around again, making sure nobody's suddenly fallen out on the floor. No such excitement. His eyes do pause in their scanning over by the Viper tubes, pinned on Nikolai for the bit it takes for Radcliffe to head for him. One brow ticks upwards.

Sofia nods back to Stavrian, almost allowing a faint smile. Then there's a pause as Brina goes after the Deckie. Her eyes widen a bit. "Why were his eyes closed? I always keep mine open when I have to go into a DRADIS." She shivers a little. "I almost got electrocuted /once/," And that apparently reminded her to put her attention dial up to 11. She is quiet as Brina goes after him to see if anything'd been brought down that might be of us. "Well, there's a tool kit, soddering iron here, some other stuff…" How scientific and precise. Either way. She's distracted by seeing which deckie needs what now. She nods at Damon. "Aye aye," She seems to trust him at least. So now her attention turns to Cilusia. "Here's what's here, but um." Well, she trusts the older deckie. "I can probably put a rush on these for this…" She remarks meekly.

Yep, poor Nikolai. Tohno startles slightly when Damon addresses him, and as soon as the question registers he gives a single quick nod. He still sticks more or less to Radcliffe's side, though as before, not all that closely…but at the sudden concern on his mentor-of-the-moment's face, the nugget too looks around the area anxiously, searching for something besides the mess of the raptor, and then back to Radcliffe.

"Magnets…magnet sweepers, those would be frakkin' grand right now, to get all these little pieces of shit up off the deck. Barring that, ah, regular sweepers would work. That handles the metal." Cilusia is approaching the Raptor from the side that smushed into the deck. "We're going to need solvents for that spill there, special clean-up procedures for hydraulic stuff. Everything else just looks like tools and loose parts scattered all to hell from those carts."

There's a Viper being prepped to launch down the tube that Nikolai's lingering by. Damon waves Radcliffe off when she tries to get his attention. "You got this, Brina, you don't need me around. Besides, LSO's expecting that wrecked Raptor to take off in ten. I gotta let her know now." As he heads out, he nods his thanks to Cameron and Stavrian. "I don't think anyone's seriously injured, but if you don't mind taking a quick look…" And he's gone. That's about the time that the Viper gets loaded into the tube and starts firing up. Nikolai looks up at the panel, down to his feet, then across the Deck - and sees Radcliffe coming in his direction. "I'M SORRY!" he screams, loud enough to reach the ears of everyone on the hangar floor, opens the hatch, and runs out. He slams into the Viper, which manages to throw it off its alignment in the catapult. Her engines are on and she's going to blast off inside the ship at any moment. Oh, and with that hatch open, the Deck is now being exposed to the vacuum of space.

A little at sea with all the chaos going on around him that isn't of the medical kind, Cameron moves more out of the way of all the technicians and deck crew, unaware of the importance of having ones eyes open or closed. Personally, if he thought a Raptor was about to fall on him, Cameron muses that he would likely close his eyes too. No need to see that. But the loud scream causes his head to jerk upward, a mix of horror and confusion crossing the doctor's face as he watches the man fling himself in the path of a Viper, blinking before heading toward the likely injured man, completely unaware of the fact that there is a hatch open until he realizes from the roaring of air and equipment all around him that something is desperately, terribly, wrong.

There's nothing that can be done, not for Nikolai and not for the pilot whose bird is now so horribly misaligned that the launch is most likely going to fail, resulting in a whole lot of frakked up shit to happen without a doubt. The only thing Brina can do is hurry to the hatch, fighting tears while dashing forth to make sure it gets closed behind him. There will be time for a breakdown after the damn thing is shut.

"Yeah, sure," Stavrian mutters distractedly to Damon as the Chief goes past, his blue eyes still on Nikolai. He's barely gotten his weight rocked onto his left foot to start walking when the screaming reverberates — and the sound of the hatch sends ice straight down the Lieutenant's spine. For the few seconds before actual brain power kicks in, all there is is reflex flashing warnings in his head: AIRWAY, AIRWAY! "Masks! Get masks on!" He shouts at the top of his lungs towards the back crews. Grabbing the first kit he can see from the pile of supplies, he takes off sprinting after Cameron. Wouldn't be good to lose a civilian in the crush too.

At first, Tohno wasn't really sure he should come to a maintenance rundown in a flightsuit…but you never know. And now, it seems it was a good idea after all. He runs until he can grab his helmet where he left it. Before he actually gets it on, however, Radcliffe heading for the hatch catches his eye. Tohno hesitates, and then runs towards that as well…who knows what his intention is.

The decompression is detected and the main Deck hatch begins to close slowly. There isn't much stuff by the open hatch, but what little there is gets slowly sucked out the launch tube, some of it striking Nikolai, who's hanging on to that Viper. He won't be for much longer. The Viper launches, one wing scraping with a sickening noise against the side of the launch tube, and makes it nearly halfway down before she blows. Some of the deckies are running around trying to get on suits, masks, helmets, or whatever else they can get their hands on; others are trying to run out before the main hatch closes. It's pandemonium.

<FS3> Radcliffe rolls Athletic: Great Success.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that he can't possibly help. Reeling back away from the powerful suction, Cameron grabs onto whatever he can find that is welded down to the floor and watches in horror as Nikolai is battered and beaten by odds and ends being sucked out into space. As the Viper collides into the launch tube, he ducks down reflexively, but nearly all of the wreckage, as well as the ensuing fire, are sucked out into space. For now, all he can do is hang on, take shallow breaths, and pray that someone manages to close that tube.

Well, Radcliffe did her part, that being getting the pressurized hatch to shut, but it's taken its toll on her. Trying to fight the decompression as it takes hold, she manages to stay conscious albeit barely, her eyes starting to flutter closed while she slumps to the ground, back against the wall. "Frak…" she croaks out while bracing herself, the thought of being sucked out to space not really one of those appealing thoughts.

Sofia stifles a scream at the horrors of what's going on. Oh gods, oh godss. She'll try to scramble to get gear on and hang on for dear life. Sofia can't help. That horrible, sinking feeling. She looks like she's about to be ill. "You moron, you - gods-" Oh gods. Sofia's going to be ill. She doesn't like that feeling or the mental image of what's going onn OR the feeling she can't help it. She'll try to help close the hatch though - she'll just do her best to at least get a mask to her. "Miss-" A whisper lost in the noise. C'mon Snipe, just - reach. She grits her teeth and tries not to hold her breath. At least get a mask to Rad, if she can't reach anything else. Maybe.

As matters descend into chaos, Tohno finally has the sense to duck behind something and put his helmet on. The satisfying click of it slotting in and creating a seal. Well. There's really more he can do. He happens to spot an oxygen mask on the deck, apparently knocked loose by something or other, and reaches out and grabs it. With that he steadies himself and then runs towards Radcliffe…If the hatch closes all the way, it might be unnecessary. On the other hand, if it jams on something flying out or for some reason does not close…Air is a very nice thing to have.

Stavrian is at full sprint when at Viper tears into launch, his feet skidding out from under him and slamming his shoulder into a gnarled piece of metal — which by grace keeps him from being dragged any further towards the closing hatch by the slowing vacuum. "Khayeh!" Banging his hand against the metal in anger, he twists around and tries to get an eye on Cameron, making sure the man didn't get sucked out with the unfortunate deckie.

The hatch closes dramatically. It only takes about thirty seconds to hiss shut, but it seems like it takes forever. There's something slightly off about it, though - maybe it was the impact of the Viper against the launch tube, but the seal doesn't seem quite right. There's still a little bit of air escaping out of it. In the grand scheme of things, given the size of the Deck, not an immediate worry like the hatch being open was, but it'll definitely need to get fixed before the main Deck hatch will re-open. Everyone's safe for now. Well, everyone who's not Nikolai, the Viper pilot, or unconscious.

Radcliffe's going to need assistance as she's not really able to make with coherent thought, the young woman's brain not quite oxygen starved but it is still hard to think; the exploding Viper barely registers and does nothing to register in the form of a reaction, everything around her kind of fading in and out.

Sofia looks grateful to Tohno at least and nods, moving out of the way of the nugget. For now then, she'll focus on trying to get that door fixed. "There's a tool kit and some other stuff here on the cart…" She still looks green, frightened and horrified - Nikolai, that pilot… She's trying not to loose lunch on some poor deckie. Work. Concentrate on work. She takes a deep breath and goes for the cart. "Okay. The door needs fixing," Nod. Focus.

His arms are shaking, partially due to shock and partially due to the fact that he was clinging with all of his strength to avoid getting sucked out into space. Adrenaline fizzles through his nervous system like carbonated soda as Cameron slowly rises to his feet and then starts glancing around, taking in the scene before him. Clearing his throat he calls out loudly, "Anyone hurt? Anyone injured?" before he starts moving, looking for anyone who might need medical attention.

A thin line of blood wells up on the side of Stavrian's finger where he'd been gripping his anchor of wreckage. As breathing turns from harried sips to larger pulls of air, the deck threatens to turn gray at the edges of his vision, then sharpens as he drags the back of his hand against his eyes. "Gods," he says between his teeth, getting up awkwardly onto his knees to see over the metal for downed bodies. "See someone injured, call out. Marco frakkin Polo," he shouts, in a voice that's as loud as he can make it at the moment. "Get a response team paged up here, we might need some transport."

To say Tohno's wide-eyed is only the start of it, but at least he hasn't frozen up. While Sofia works on getting the door fixed, an out of breath Tohno takes the mask and, quickly but carefully, slips the apparatus onto Radcliffe's head an starts the flow of fresh air. He watches for a short moment, and then stands…and tries to call out to the…medic? Unfortunately, the helmet muffles it beyond effectiveness, so Tohno settles for trying to signal with his arms in Stavrian's direction.

Coming across Tohno and Radcliffe, Cameron crouches down asking, "Is she alright?" He shifts her slightly until she's lying down, murmuring her name as he checks her pulse and pupils Cameron does his best to get her attention. "Breathe nice and slow, Brina. Nice and slow. Just relax, you're going to be fine." She doesn't seem to be injured as far as he can tell, but she does seem to be oxygen deprived, probably breathing too hard or straining too hard or both. Still, he quickly checks to make sure she didn't get clobbered on the head by anything as well. Glancing at Tohno, he asks, "She get hit by anything or…?"

"How is her airway? Any distress?" Stavrian asks Cameron as he gets close to Tohno and the unconscious young woman. "Midshipman." He crouches down, making sure Tohno can see his mouth moving through that muffling helmet. "Keep her head still, please. Both hands, gentle. Don't let her move her neck if she comes to, unless she starts to vomit." He twists his back, trying to see if anyone's yet able to get or out of the hatch.

Sofia is distracting herself from the horrors with work. It's a temporary seal, but all the snipe can manage. Seal, seal so that the big door can open and she can quietly throw up on something later. She looks ill and quietly rocks as she works. She mumbles softly to herself, incoherent. Just … /work/. Any grey at the edge of her vision is ignored. Just sealing the door so everything will open. It's a temporary fix, but at least people will be able to get in and out. She's torn between feeling a bit bad for Nikolai, the pilot and the horrors of what just happened. So quietly hum and work.

The whole episode has been enough to send Cilusia into a flurry of activity. First the yell, then the whole venting of atmo. It all concludes with the explosion, of course. The first thing a deckie is trained to do when presented with a loss of atmo is to find a breathing mask in one of the multitude of cabinets stationed around…so off she goes, getting as many as she can, and handing them out, at least until the seriousness of the leak is detected. Tragic though it may be, the loss of life is second in her mind, with the first thing on her mind being securing the hatch with Sofia so that more permanent repairs can be affected.

"I think she's alright… just a lack of oxygen." Glancing up at Stavrian, Cameron asks, "You got her?" There are lots of injured people. No need for two medics to be taking care of one patient. He espies a woman bleeding severely from her temple sitting in a state of shock. Laying a hand on Stav's shoulder, Cameron offers, "Let me know if you need any help…" and then he's off, crouching next to the female deckhand, settling his pack at his side and drawing out a packet of Bloodstopper and some bandages, gently asking her some questions while he has her track his finger with her eyes.

Radcliffe's fine, really. No physical trauma to be found which is probably a miracle, all things considering. She's just playing Sleeping Beauty right now, unconscious in the way that might make her seem dead.

Tohno shakes his head to the first question…pointing out the obvious as he sometimes tends to do. At the second question he hesitates…starts to say something that doesn't make it through the glass, but then settles on shrugging and shaking his head uncertainly. When Stavrian also arrives, Tohno follows the instructions to the letter: he uses both hands to steady Radcliffe's head, though without applying much pressure.

Sofia scootches over so Cilusia can help if she wishes. She nods at the older woman. She takes a deep breath. "It should open soon… this is just a temporary seal though," She murmurs. She looks ill. "I - I need to use the head, BAD." She wll stand once they're done and bolt for it.

"Aye aye, doctor," Stavrian glances up at Cameron and nods. "Take supplies off my packs at the bird if you need more." He looks back down at Radcliffe and Tohno, nodding approvingly as the Midshipman takes over c-spine. "Good, that will keep her from making any injury worse as she wakes. We'll get her out soon as response can get through that hatch." He scoots down on his knees, checking over her suit for tears or bleeding.

Once Sofia gets a temporary seal over the leak, it takes a while for the hangar deck to repressurize to a satisfactory level. The main hatch finally re-opens to reveal a full complement of Damage Control crew, full suited up and kitted out. There's also a medical team standing by with stretchers and equipment in case any is needed. And, of course, an anxious Damon in a protective suit. They all start spreading out over the Deck and helping out to get things under control and take those who need further medical assistance up to Sickbay - if Cameron and Stavrian allow those they're currently assisting to be moved.

Radcliffe's eyes start to flutter open once she gets enough O2 into her system, her eyes going wide then in fear. Now is when everything sinks in and she hmmmms beneath the mask, panicky. The girl starts to struggle, almost fighting being held down, the fact that it is all over one of those things that someone will need to point out to her.

Sofia's a super speedy snipe - to the head! She bolts by anyone, quietly apologizing. But she has to *get there* before she reminds them what was served last in the Galley. There's relief visible as Rad and some of the others start to wake up. But for now, she's occupied.

Tohno looks up as the main hatch opens, and almost takes his hands off to remove his helmet…but fortunately, he remembers himself before that happens. And when Radcliffe awakens, he applies just enough pressure to keep her head as still as he reasonably can…or at least, the nugget tries to. Tohno then looks to Stavrian, perhaps for advice or perhaps just to see what he's going to do.

As the medical team arrives, Cameron waves them over to take the woman in his current care over to Sickbay and then joins them, sorting through the injured, determining which need to be taken in for greater medical assistance and which merely have a small cut or sprain that is easily taken care of. Naturally, all thoughts of going to the Elpis have faded into the background now as Cameron tries hard not to think about what caused all of this and focus on merely fixing what he can instead. But later? Later there will be questions and worrisome thoughts and a hard conversation with a little girl who was so looking forward to seeing him after weeks of being apart. None of these are things that Cam is looking forward to.

Stavrian scoots back up towards Radcliffe's shoulder, one knee on the floor. "Petty Officer." His eyes flicker up at Tohno with a single nod. Keep it up. Back to Radcliffe. "My name is Lieutenant Jesse Stavrian. The hatch is closed now, it's alright. It's over." He pauses to let that part have its due weight. "You've been out a couple minutes. Midshipman here is keeping your head still so you don't hurt yourself, so please don't move. We're going to transport you to Sickbay and get you checked out. I need you be to calm, okay?"

Stavrian's words are being echoed all over the Deck. "It's all right. It's over." While less than a handful of personnel were injured in the incident and only a few loaded stretchers are heading up to Sickbay, there are definitely going to be visits to the Psych Office in the near future. There's no comfort to be sought in a bottle at Condition 2. Apply enough pressure and you reach the breaking point. The Deck reached one of its breaking points tonight.

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