Linus "Pens" Bran
Lieutenant Linus Samhain "Sam" Bran
Ryan Leslie
Ryan Leslie as Linus Samhain "Sam" Bran
Alias: Pens
Age: 27
Features: Tall and dark-skinned; extrovert.
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Air Wing: VAQ-141 "Harriers"
Position: Raptor ECO

"No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave."
- Calvin Coolidge


Sam Bran has done plenty in life for Fleet, for family, and for himself.

From the Black Country of Tauron, he was raised in a large family household and grew up fast in order to help support his relatives and himself. He enlisted by the age of seventeen and became an Aviation Warfare Systems Operator before attending Officer Candidate School in order to enter the Air Wing. He served alongside "Sweet Pea" Aydin aboard the Hephaestus, and now is with the Cerberus just before Warday. After working with the Providers, he's been recently transferred over to the Harriers.

The military life is appreciated but these are trying times and dire days, fate now constantly tests his mettle.

Immediate Family

Parents A working factory man, Alexander Lughe (65) was thirty-nine at the birth of his son Linus "Sam" Bran. He was known for being strict and set in his ways. He is presumed deceased on Tauron since Warday. Sam's mother, Mneme Bran-Lughe (63) was strong and powerful, in that she managed the household. A caring woman and housewife, she is presumed deceased on Tauron since Warday.
Siblings From eldest to youngest, Sam's siblings are as follows: Alexander II, (46), Antigone (44), Philo (37), Cora (34), and Zoe (29). They worked in the factories or small shops, assisting the parents at the house, and whatnot. They are presumed deceased on Tauron since Warday.
Relatives The rest of Sam's immediate family is taken up by nieces and nephews from his older siblings and their significant others. They are all presumed deceased on Tauron since Warday.

Service Jacket

Station Duration Notes
CFAB Mai-Kintani, Scorpia 2032 - 2036 AE Post-A-School as an AW rating from recruit to PO2nd.
BS-107 Hephaestus 23 Jan 2038 - 12 Feb 2041 AE Serves with the VRC-50 "Raging Angels" as an ECO, ensign to LTjG. The callsign Pens sticks.
BS-132 Cerberus 14 Feb 2041 AE - 26 Aug 2041 AE Works as an ECO with the VRC-30 "Providers" squadron.
BS-132 Cerberus 26 Aug 2041 AE - Present Transferred to the VAQ-141 "Harriers", continues to serve to present day.

Physical Features

This man stands at about six feet in height and weighs just less than two-hundred pounds. He has a broad-shouldered and militaristic build, muscled and toned. He is brown-skinned. His black hair is neatly cut short to the scalp and fades against his temples and hair lines. His facial features are angular, with a broad and straight nose, a smooth and high-cheeked face, and strong chin. He has dark brown eyes and a broad brow to match a masculine jaw, which happens to be clean-shaven. He even has a set of dimples to complete any expressions given.

Personality Quirks

Linus "Sam" Bran is an extrovert. He also values a work ethic and orthodox measures in completing duties, though is not afraid of applying imagination upon varying ideas. He is boisterous, confident and compassionate, with a strong sense of honor. He respects authority and at times can be modest due to the respect. He is extremely talkative when under duress and communes with the Gods regularly. He also abhors his first name for one reason or another, preferring Sam taken from his middle name.


According to the Myers-Briggs (Jung) Typology test, Bran is an ESTJ, commonly known as Supervisors.

Extraverted: 75 Sensing: 50 Thinking: 50 Judging: 77

ESTJs are practical, realistic, and matter-of-fact, with a natural head for business or mechanics. Though they are not interested in subjects they see no use for, they can apply themselves when necessary. They like to organize and run activities. ESTJs make good administrators, especially if they remember to consider others' feelings and points of view, which they often miss.

You can read a bit more about ESTJs HERE. You can take the test HERE.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Leyla_icon.jpg Lieutenant Leyla Aydin: This is a serious love-hate relationship, but we know when to put aside our differences for the better of the human race - usually. At least she's an excellent Raptor pilot. She's got that going for her.
Andrea_icon.jpg Lieutenant Andrea Demarcos: We, uh, well, if you ask anyone around here then there's apparently some chemistry between the two of us. I only remember alcohol and a wicked hangover. Oh, and she's hot. I remember that too.
Cidra_icon.jpg Major Cidra Hahn: The CAG scares me, but I'm not quite afraid of her -if that makes any sense. It doesn't? Well, I give respect where respect is due, and the Major will always have that from me. It's just that simple.
Marko_icon.jpg Junior Lieutenant Marko Scaurus: Marko is one of the ECOs amongst the Harriers. Since I'm one of the newer ones and haven't done assault tasks before, I use Scaurus as a prime example of excellence as these months tick by.
Trask_icon.jpg Lieutenant Kal Trask: Let me tell you, if I were to star in some buddy cop movie or something then I would definitely request that I co-star with Trask. You can only have excellence when you have two Black Country Boys in the same area.
Khloe_icon.jpg Captain Khloe Vakos: Please, please, please stop asking about the marker thing. I'm not going to tell you. She's just another one of my lovely abusers. Just ask Leyla. They gang up at times, but I would throwdown against anyone for the both of them.


Though he, more than once, has stated his hatred of Cylons, Bran will not identify himself as a Cylon-Hater and will only take the necessary precautions in defending himself and others rather than outwardly and preemptively attack them or anyone who better-appreciates their existence.
Sam Bran is a devout and superstitious man. He communes regularly with the Lords of Kobol and focuses primarily upon Ares for strength and potency, and Hephaestus for ingenuity and mental aptitude. However, he takes the mythos surrounding the Gods with a certain grain of salt and allows for a more realistic and grounded interpretation.

Recent Logs


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