Vivyca "Bender" Boston
Ensign Vivyca Boston
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens as Vivyca Boston
Alias: Bender
Age: 22
Features: Black hair, black eyes, olive skin.
Colony: Picon
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air-Wing
Position: Ensign


Vivyca Boston was a cash cow for the first fifteen years of her life. The girl was born on Picon to a B-grade actress who'd spent most of her career as an uncredited extra, and when her little girl showed a propensity toward smiling at cameras and reciting nursery rhymes, it didn't take long before she had her lined up for casting calls. Vivyca had the luck her mother had lacked, and after a year of passing around headshots and charmingly home-made audition tapes, the effort paid off. Vivyca's 'career', if you could call it that, progressed along the usual storyline. Juice commercials, small roles in B-grade movies, and finally the winning role as the lead actress in a children's series — Callista Undercover. It was a stereotypical plotline — child spy, predictable villains, and cheesy dialogue — but for the four years it ran, Vivyca Boston was a name that haunted any household with a pre-adolescent daughter.

The four years of air-time were enough to leave Vivyca's mother with a rather sizeable bank account, and as Vivyca herself edged toward teenagedom, the inevitable power struggles began. When Callista Undercover was cancelled in favor of a fresher face and a unrecycled plotlines, the rest went downhill. Vivyca was pushed into a few supporting roles by a near-panicked mother, but when the films tanked and Vivyca's resistance became public, the starlet's career came to a screeching halt. Or, it would've, were the media not so fond of documenting celebrity trainwrecks. Vivyca's mother went to great efforts to avoid the negative media, and in response, Vivyca made a point to become a tabloid favorite. Sleazy parties, drug overdoses, pregnancy rumors, eating disorders… annorexia… you name it, Vivyca was accused of it. Unfortunately, more than a few of them were true.

Just about the time celebrity gossip began taking bets on when the fallen starlet would finally overdose, the trainwreck came to a screeching halt. Attempts at tabloid stories began to fall short — the damning pictures and drunken binges stopping abruptly — and after a few months of wary silence about the young actress, the tabloid headlines began to change. 'Miraculous Recovery', 'Serving the Colony', 'Callista's Returns'. The pictures showed the once-scandalous girl dressed in military uniform, and rumors had it that she'd enlisted in the reserves. The media grew bored in the time it took for Vivyca to make her way through basic, command school, and flight academy… but when she joined the Snow Petrels — a military demonstration squad with some semblance of public notoriety — at least a few of the vultures took note. Unfortunately, the world ended before anything could come of the media buzz.

Immediate Family

Mother: Marissa Boston
Father: Unknown
Siblings: None
Children: One rumored, never confirmed

Physical Features

Coal-black hair spirals lazily around honey-skinned features, layered just below the waist when left loose, and twisted into a thick knot when in uniform. Her eyes are almond shaped, black in dim lighting, and her angled 'brows serve to off set gently angled features. Dimples shadow either cheek with smile or smirk, and the shadow of a missing piercing mars the left nostril of an otherwise unremarkable nose. Bowed lips seem prone toward an impish smirk, though the occasional smile flashes the unnaturely perfect teeth of expensive dentistry. Her frame is slight, the top of her head grazing 5'3", and a rough estimate would place her age somewhere between late teens and early twenties.

On the Grid

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  • Vivyca Boston became a household name on Picon when she took the leading role in "Callista Undercover", a series based on a child spy who managed to run into a new mysterious villain bi-weekly. The series ran for nearly four years, only to be canceled in favor of a new series with a younger star and unrecycled plotlines.
  • Vivyca's career before and after "Callista Undercover" was underwhelming, at best. The early years saw her in a number of kid-geared commercials, from candy to pull-ups, and after the notoriety of her role as Callista, few directors dared to touch the too-familiar face. A movie could be made or broken by the headlining actors, and Vivyca was so deeply entrenched in the "tween" category that her name was likely to drive away a more serious audience. On the other hand, she'd grown too old to remain in the children and teen arena. In short? SOL.

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