PHD #118: Boom-Boom
Summary: Pewter makes an appearance in the ObsDeck.
Date: 24 Jun 2041 AE
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Observation Deck — Deck 3 — Battlestar Cerberus
With a quiet view to the stars, this tends to be one of the more popular 'quiet areas' of the Cerberus. Up front is a small-unseated area for ceremonies or other activities while the seating rises up behind it. Each level rises up behind the one before it, comfortable chairs and couches set up for crewmembers to relax, get some work done or even take a nap. A large armored plate is lowered during Condition One to protect the interior against a breach in the glass.
Post-Holocaust Day: #118

It's always dark in the observation deck, whose lights are typically dimmed to afford its occupants some degree of privacy in contemplation. This suits Colonel Andrus Pewter just fine — for unlike his predecessor, he's not at all obsessed with the niceties of military procedure. A shocked deckhand necking with her lover in the far corner receives a low, rumbling chuckle before Gravel averts his eyes. Broad hands fiddle with the collar of his duty blues as he proceeds down the stairs, undoing the topmost buttons to reveal his bulging neck and the collar of his sweats. Casual Thursday, this. "Y'all stay at ease," he whispers to a trio of plotting engineers; "Y'all too," to a Marine already snapping to salute. "Gods damn, y'alls jumpier than turkeys goin' to the chopper. Off-duty means off-duty."

Coll doesn't quite seem to know what to make of the painting and sadness around it so she just shrugs. "Do what makes you happy for your hobbies, you know?" With the words about what she can do, the Deckie nods once. "Awesome. Yeah, 3M might be a big help for this, too. Supplies are going to have to be salvaged as this isn't, like, you know..A normal job. Basically myself and a couple of the Raptor crew are looking to build a new aircraft. Something heavy-duty enough to haul around cruise missiles and-" Oh shit. Its The Boss. Uhh. Coll tries to stand a little straighter as the man comes down the stairs, her eyes fixed to the Big Man on Cerberus.

The observation deck is definitely a good place to do some reading, and it really doesn't matter if it is dark inside or not, Ethan is bringing his own light. The man is off-duty at the moment, wearing the usual greens, letting the dogtags dangle over the fabric of his tshirt. He is carrying what it seems to be a very heavy book, red is the cover and the title, is, given the lighting and his actual location, very hard to read. It seems that it's very good material because he's distracted enough to crash against the entrance of the place, losing balance and letting that book fall on the ground. "Frak!" exclaims the man trying not to fall but aiming to catch the book as it goes dooooown.

Hmm. Sofia nods. "Really?" Headtilt. Sofia's eyes widen. A whole new craft? She seems surprised a second. "Really? Like for reals?" Sofia's leg isn't being pulled. "Oh wow. That would take a lot of salvage parts. But I suspect it's workable. The hardest part might be-" Sofia pauses and tries to figure out what brought on the silence. She turns and - whoa, the bossman herself. Her jaw drops. On one hand, he's off-duty. On the other? THE BOSSMAN HIMSELF. An unimaginable figure shrouded in an accent wrapped in an enigma. For all the snipe knows, Pewter eats bullets and farts lightning. She just kind of stares in slight awe. Ethan gets a few blinks, hearing the thumps. "The stairs claim another…" In an elevator woman's voice.

From his pocket Pewter withdraws a pair of massive glasses about a quarter the size of his face, whose brass wire frame he unfolds with slow deliberation. They're placed on the bridge of his nose as he gets closer, reflecting the clouds of blue-white gas crackling outside the observation port — the protective shield around Audumbla Anchorage which, if theory reflects reality, ought to render Cerberus safe from the pursuing Cylons for now. His target is a massive couch whose sagging plush seat looks incredibly comfortable after a full fourteen hours on duty, which, as it happens, is right next to the stiffening Coll and twitchy Sofia. Funny how that goes. "Evenin', ladies," he offers, pleasant face widening into a genial smile before he begins the process of settling down, maneuvering his bulky body down onto the cushions. "Y'all just ignore me, hear? Too damn quiet in the admiral's place, like a chapel without the chantin' and the prayerin'. Nicer here."

Ethan follows the book, stumbling his way down to where the the others are. The thing stops close to Sofia's feet so that puts Ethan close enough to the woman to hear the last part. An abrupt stop forces him to balance himself to avoid hitting others and then he just kneels down to pick up the book, which immediately goes under his arm "Not the stairs, that door…" And now it's the moment in which he spots the bossman "Ah, evening…" His attention goes to the book at hand and he fixes some of the pages there were pretty close to go flying around, and after this, he takes a seat, simply dropping himself on an empty couch.

Ahem. Sofia shifts demeanors, looking very solemn. Then, shifting her voice, "And so, that damn door claims another victim. Who will fall to the DOOR next!? Where will we find a hero bold enough to take on this architectural archfiend? Or will Cerberus simply have to tremble at night, waiting for the next door related mauling. Stay tuned… Oh, and here good citizen - is your book!" She could almost get a bit part on some Noir radio show. She pauses, then smiles as poor Coll either naps or wanders a bit. Sofia crouches to pick up the book but is beaten, peering owlishly at Pewter again. She seems hesitant, but smiles then rubs the back of her head. "Y'know, saying ignore me is a lot like acting more normal to hide something like when your fly is down. It always works backwards…" She has a sense of humor. "But good evening, sir. It's a pleasure to meet you in person," The snipe nods. She's well mannered. "Even with the kitten? I was kind of jealous they got a kitty," She admits and shrugs. "It's a good spot to watch the people and stars." A nod to Ethan.

Thankfully, when a Lieutenant enters the Observation Deck, even decked in their duty blues, they don't need to encourage everyone to stay at ease. Rime strides into the room, a biblically-large technical tome under one arm, the other raised to fumble open the top button on her jacket. A few strands of hair have escaped her plaits, falling limply around her face. Someone's fresh out of a long shift of their own, by the looks of it.

It's with an exhausted but content sigh that Pewter retrieves a handkerchief from the same pocket in which he kept his glasses — a small, damp piece of cloth patterned an old-fashioned green-brown plaid. And then he's using it to polish his wrinkled forehead, gleaming with sweat. "Cat's being cared for by that nice redheaded momma the admiral had runnin' around doin' his business," he says after a while, delicately ignoring the first nine-tenths of the hyperactive crewman's words. "Red Parry, that's it — Yeoman Red. Nice girl. Redhead, see." Another low, rumbling chuckle as he comes full circle. "Never seen a girl happier. Good, too. Only taught us to skin cats on Aquaria, and not just one way." Eyebrows bristle as his eyes crinkle with that smile. "Good book?" This, to Ethan; Rime, being behind him, is ignored.

Malone makes his way into the observation longue, blinking a little bit as he sees the crowd present, shrugging a little bit. Keeping silent as he makes his way over towards a place to seat himself now.

Ethan just looks at Sofia as she says those things. He tilts his head an opens his mouth but since she continues, he stays quiet but as she goes on, a smile starts to form on his lips and it ends with a soft laugh "Good one, the architect should be called, I agree." his smile remains there as he fixes all the pages of that tome and then looks at Pewter as he addresses him "Ah, yes, it is, sir. Very good, it's pretty much about Vipers, specifically the Mark II" He looks over his shoulder to look at Rime as she enters the room and then moves his attention back to Sofia "Never thought about hosting a Radio Talk show? Or perhaps a radio soap opera?" Another easy smile going after this.

Poor Pewter. Sofia seems to calm after a moment, then nods. "That's good. The kitten was cute and seemed like an intelligent little fellow," Sofia smiles, seeming pleased. "Hey, you're from Aquaria too?" Her eyes widen. She pauses, noticing Rime. There's a polite salute. "Sir." But Sofia seems almost a bit uneasy. She's distracted, though by Ethan's questions. "Flight manuals seem to be in, they were almost all checked out," She considers. Then a headshake to Ethan, "Naaah, no one would want to hear one weird Aquarian nattering on forever. That'd be almost like, a torture technique." She even stops to do an impersonation, "See, Cylon, you better start talkin' or we'll put HER on," Then a brief impersonation of a cringing cylon. "Oh no, I'll be a good toaster. Bread'll be toasty on both sides. Anything but /that/," She winks. She smiles back. "Sorry. I'm really happy. My friends came back from Leonis and the jump to save them. So … things are really good I think," She nods. "I'm Crewman Sofia Wolfe by the way. Pleased to meet you." A neat curtsey.

There's a certain sort of quickly-sketched nod-and-salute that some officers perfect, over time, for dealing with enlisted and others who throw unexpected salutes. Some are more gracious with them than others. Rime's is smooth and polite - and over as quickly as possible. She heard the Colonel's voice - who could miss it? - and strides around the side his couch, into view, with a careful faux-casualness. Nothing to see here. Just passing through.

"Born and bred — daddy was a welder on the marina, fixin' the fishers. Thing I miss most? Smell of roastin' squid in the market. Mm." A short, powerful syllable. "Kill for a bite of that, just one. And that's not my kind of book," Pewter adds. His expression seems perpetually on the verge of breaking into rich, powerful laughter, but somehow it never quite gets there. "Y'all carry on, hear?" And with another labored sigh he's leaning further into those pillows, arms spread beside him as he lounges. There's just enough room on that couch for one more — which might be why he offers Rime a quick "Evenin'" before returning his arms to his side. In case she wants to chat, though the chances of that seem low indeed.

Ethan doesn't hold himself and just laughs openly at the impersonations. He nods in acceptance to those and says "Alas, I think you are good" With that said, he looks over at Prewter as he speaks about his past and listens carefully, but eventually he looks down at the Viper manual and starts going through it again. By the location of his separator, it definitely looks like he already read past the half of the thing. Malone walking in gets his attention for a brief moment, it definitely seems that the place is getting more crowded, that is always good…it's a nice place to relax. "Oh, sorry, I'm Eth—-" then he realizes that the comment was probably directed to Prewter so he presses his lips for a moment but decides to finish "Ensign Ethan Weber, everyone calls me 'Fresh' tho."

Coll hobbles her way back in after fleeing..or the head. Just woke up and all, you understand? Ahem. Binder still perpetually slinked under her arm she makes her way back down towards Sofia and Ethan. She offers them both a smile. "Sorry about that." The cane seems to be taking up her weight, but not all of it. She's moving a bit quicker than she has been in the past few days.

Malone looks up to see the people present, offering a nod at Ethan as he notices him. And a polite nod to the others as well, especially Pewter, for now.

Sofia smiles widely at Pewter's story. "Oh man! I remember seeing those things," She nods, remembering! "The docks were pretty neat," She smiles. Sofia looks to the re-slinking Coll. "Hey there. Glad you didn't fall in. I'm pretty sure we lost a few pilots to those heads," She cranes her neck, as if being sure. Sigh. "Or at least the blackouts in there. I swear." Pout. She smiles at Ethan, "You think so?" Headtilt. "Thank you, sir." She nods at EEthan. She seems to appreciate it. Sofia smiles to Pewter. "I think I would, but I'm due to help check pipes and some wires and someone would feel really awkward if the toilet started working in reverse in the dark." A big grin at that. "Be kinda funny to hear though - but even I'm not that mena. be well, all of you okay?" Even a little smile to Rime as Sofia begins to trundle..

"Colonel." That's from Rime, just beyond the couch Pewter's occupying one half of, as she pauses to look around at her seating options. She's feeling uneasy about trying to slink on past now that she's been caught, perhaps. "It's good to see you with enough time to sit down and pull a button off." She has a maritime accent of her own - though hers is the Actae lilt from Virgon, rather than the rollicking Aquarian. Friendly words, and intent blue-green eyes. Considering.

Ethan nods and smiles in silence, then she looks at Sofia as she leaves. His attention moves to Coll and says "Hi Lauren, it's good to see you out of the recovery room." and smile is offered to the woman and then he looks down at his book. Rime's voice makes him look up again and he just nods politely to the woman and then looks at Coll again "Did you find a good use for the notebook?" asks the man with a smile.

"Fresh." Pewter's voice seems to drop a half-octave as his lips try the syllable out for a ride. "Ha. Wonder who y'all pissed off to get that one, but that's y'all's business. Me, I'm Gravel, and before y'all ask, I'm sayin' less than a tuna with a hook in its mouth." His expression becomes a tight, ponderous grin as he sees off that fellow Aquarian with a twitch of the fingers on his left hand. "Just takin' a breather. Lords. Ship's big, y'all, not like Corsie. Whoo. Keeps this old dog in shape gettin' up and down those stairs. Wish I could rack for more than four but y'alls out there bustin y'all's bums and, man, every old dog hates gettin' beat by the new pups."

"Heh, thanks sir." Coll dips her head to Ethan with it. "Been all fired up and I don't think much of anything is going to keep me in there. Short of the need for more bandages or something, Ensign." She beams a proud smile at him. "But yeah, I did. She hefts the metal binder. "Transferred the notebook into something a little more sturdy. I didn't think a carboard backing would survive the hangar deck for very long. ..Makin' any progress, yourself?"

"Always a good story behind those," Malone offers a bit absently. Doesn't even seem that the man is aware he spoke out loud. Glancing around the room once more, rather quietly for now. Otherwise staying silent.

Ethan chuckles amusedly at Pewter's comment and nods in acceptance "Yeah, I can say it wasn't the smartest moment I had" he laughs a bit more when the clear image of those events invade his mind. "In that case, I shall not ask" offers the man with a polite expression, along with an amused smile. He looks back at Coll and smiles widely "Fantastic news, that is what I was hoping to hear from you. And as a matter of fact, I have been making /very/ good progress…" That should make the woman, happier. Hopefully. He looks at Malone again and lifts his hand as if in a salute "Hey, Splash" Looking at Coll again, he smiles and asks "Making new friends?" He eyes the door that was just visited by Ms. Sofia Wolfe.

"She /is/ an amazing ship, Sir. Praetorian's nothing to slouch at, but she's nothing like this. Even poor old Corsair still has some tricks left in her." Rime settles her stance into an easy rest, holding her heavy technical tome in front of her in both hands. Not planning to sit, but not planning to slink further away anytime soon. And still she studies the Colonel, so curious behind that carefully-light composure.

Coll's grin only gets bigger. "Outstanding, sir. Let me know when you have something concrete? I'm supposed to meet with the CAG either tomorrow or the day after. She said she will send for me when she has the time. Busy busy. Think you might have something by then? Oh. Talked to Flasher. He's on board." There's a knowing nod as she thins her gaze at him, still smiling. Nothing is going to stop this woman. "But yeah, met Wolfe just before the jump. She seemed pretty okay. Gave me some mints. Lords know I neede 'em. You know her, yourself?"

"Poor old Corsie, that what y'all call her?" Pewter half-laugh, half-snorts, covering his mouth with his kerchief like all gentlemen should. "Like her old ugly momma-in-law, Barto said." A flicker of something like regret colors his expression, his thick cheeks falling as he chews on the edge of said kerchief like all gentlemen shouldn't. "Don't want her in y'all's business until y'all's got to put the screws to y'all's girl, and then in comes Momma-in-Law to set her straight." There's that chuckle again, though this time it's only for him. Glasses ride up and down his face as he laughs — laughter that fades as quickly as it comes, cleared from his countenance by a grunt. "Big project?" This to Coll. "Fresh starts gettin' uppity, I'll get y'all a stick y'all can swat him with."

Ethan smiles softly and nods "That much I can tell you right now, Crewman Coll. I have two concrete ones and another in the works." He tilts his head and smiles a bit more "Think that'll work?" He clears his throat and "Fantastic, I'll give you the first two and hurry up with the third so there's enough material for the CAG. And Flasher is on board? That is frakking awesome…" He presses his lips and looks at everyone "Sorry about that" But his smile returns as quickly as it went away "Wolfe? No, I just met her. She seemed pretty nice indeed" His attention goes to Prewter and he can't say anything, he just opens his mouth and ends up smiling amusedly.

"Fresh," Malone offers in return to Ethan, before he turns his attention to the room in general, "How are you folks today?" His own accent is decidedly Virgan, sounding a bit like someone from one of the richer groups of people there.

Coll hasn't really been ignoring Pewter, just really trying to not interrupt him. So when that gravel-truck of a voice is aimed at her, she hobbles a bit to look to him. "Uh, aye, sir. The Ensign next to me, myself, and Ensign Scaurus are looking to get our hands dirty and hit the Cylons with something big. A little home-grown sucker punch, if you will." She smirks to the man. "Sir." Her gaze the slides easily to Ethan. "Beautiful. Yeah, get those to me when you can. I'd like to sit down with you and go over them if possible before I talk to her, Ensign. It'd be a huge help. If you're not out on rotation, I'd love to have you there also, sir."

"Mother-in-law's the one that knows it all, even when you wish they didn't, isn't she?" Rime points out to Pewter. She adjusts her grip on her heavy book, and her light friendliness gains a sort of cautious warmth. "She's the one that knows all the tricks already." The warmth… /pauses/, almost, as she clears her throat. "Sir. I should introduce myself." Stepping forward, she offers a hand out to the Colonel to shake. "Diana Rime, Tactical Liaison. Commander Laughlin sent me over." You know. /That/ Rime.

"Tuckered," is Pewter's answer to Malone, accompanied by a leonine yawn. "Alive. I'll take it — and big?" The colonel repeats the word, shifting to rest his weight on the elbow he's now set against the armrest of his seat. "I like big. Don't blow up the ship, is all I got to say." Another deep, thundering laugh. "But y'all got somethin' that'll put boom-boom in them tight metal bums, I want it on my desk yesterday. Got me?" He smiles an avuncular smile that nevertheless promises all sorts of creative ways to put said explosions to use if only they can get it to him — a smile that even extends to that Rime. "Been all sorts of crazy for y'all, then, I bet," he ventures, tucking his kerchief back into his pocket before looking up at the tall woman. "Damnable shame 'bout that business, but y'all know that."

Oh, and he shakes, too. Gently, as if he's afraid that by squeezing he might shatter all the bones in her hand. Such is the lot of a burly ex-dockhand.

Ethan nods to Coll and seats back "Yes, definitely. I'll go over the three designs with you and…" he smiles a bit more "I will certainly like to be there when you talk to the CAG, yes" He taps on the cover of the tome now that he closed it and looks at Prewter but Coll has explained pretty much everything, so he nods in silence. Damn right! Y'all. "Everything going well, Splash. Just relaxing after a long day. Yourself?" He observes Rime for a moment and looks back at Prewter "Blowing up the ship? Nah, never…" offers the Ensign with a bit of a laugh.

Coll -stares-. She's told she needs to submit something to Pewter and suddenly its a lot more real for the ex-ECO. "I- I have a meeting with the CAG on it because I need to strip birds, sir. But I'll have a proposal to you right away!" That grin is going to be permanently stamped to her face like bad plastic surgery. "If it blows up the ship, I'll be sure and ask permission first. I'm not letting a cruise missile get away from me. Nooo way." Her gaze settles back on Ethan and she reaches out to nudge him with the binder. 'Eh? You see that?! Hell yeah!' A firm nod to the Ensign follows the nudge. "Looks like we're going to be busy! Up for this, Ensign?" Coll dares of him.

Rime /is/ a slip of a girl, comparatively speaking. But the hand is offered fearlessly, and the shake is briskly returned. Fleet HQ didn't lack for physically formidable people to hone one's courage against. "Appreciate you letting me get back to work, Sir. I'm looking forward to proving you made the right call." She inclines her head slightly to him as she withdraws her hand and then she, too, withdraws - her and her book (Audio/Video Architecture & Design) moving deeper into the Observation Deck for a quiet spot to read.

Dark eyes follow Rime deeper into the Deck, and for a moment Pewter doesn't say a word — he's considering hers, perhaps, or just considering her. But whatever conclusions he comes to he keeps to himself as he stumbles to his feet, heels of his boots thudding into the ground as he rocks to his feet. "She's tall," he murmurs before moving to clap the pair of plotters on the shoulders. No gentility there: a warning, perhaps, that he really wasn't joking about not putting a cruise missile through Cerberus' hull. "Get it done, boys and girls." And then, with more shushing of salutes, the colonel is on his way out, slouched back testifying to the exhaustion he must needs stave off for a few more minutes yet.

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