Kaytie Boelyn
Staff Sergeant Kaytie Boelyn
Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan as Kaytie Boelyn
Alias: <expletive>
Age: 34
Features: Confidence. Charisma. Cowardice.
Colony: Virgon
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Department: Marines, Infantry
Position: Charlie Platoon Squad Leader


Staff Sergeant Boelyn is notable because she almost never volunteers for anything and encourages her little entourage of worshipers to refrain from testing their bravery either. The only time they will get involved is if they are sure they can win - though this is often suspect to them. She's spent most of her career in the infantry and has managed to duck deployments to combat zones by having her father, one of the top ten richest men on Virgon, pull strings with the government. Kaytie has spent most of her career on battlestars and enjoying all the comforts of the fleet with almost none of the heavy workload, much to her enjoyment. Warday was a massive shock to her as it meant that she might actually have to work and fight to survive. Reaping the benefits of a lazy life (or as lazy as it can be in the Corps) came crashing to an end and she has since surrounded herself with men and women who she can inspire. A sad little queen on a sad little hill. One of her few redeeming qualities is that she can, surprisingly, shoot. However, since nobody left alive has ever seen her fire her weapon in anger, nobody actually knows if she could handle it in a firefight. According to her jacket she did a three month deployment to Saggitaron but likes to tell people it was two years, after which she was promoted and transferred out of the unit she had been attached to.

This NPC is handled by Constin and Vandenberg. Occasionally by Staff.

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