PHD #296: Blue Black Knight
Blue Black Knight
Summary: Decoy and Drips get to meet the newest Black Knight, Blue.
Date: 19 Dec 2041 AE
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Devlin Roland Wade 
Pilot Berths
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #296

Demanding Double-CAP is Demanding, and so, it is making a lot of people work extra hours. But that's fine, after the bomb, a lot of folks are putting those extra hours. Wade is at the Berths now, wearing his pilot suit. The man is sitting on a chair right next to the center table, his helmet resting on said table. He is holding a book in his hands and idly flips through the pages, not really looking like he is paying attention. All in all, he looks juuust a little tired. Other folks are coming and going, pilots as well, most of them in their pilot suits.

Since his plane was one of those to escape the battle unscathed, Devlin took one of the first of the CAP shifts after clean-up of the battlefield was completed and the rest of the vipers allowed to RTB to Cerberus. He seems to've been sleeping since, or at least is just waking now, feet appearing first on the ladder before the rest of the pilot slides out from behind the curtain to blink in the light. "Hey, Wade," he greets the LTJG, voice hoarse as he scratches at the top of his head, "How's it going?"

Roland is new to the boat. You can always tell the new ones because they look up at the bulkhead labels before they enter a hatch. He shrugs a rucksack higher on his shoulder, and steps through into the bunks. He glances down at a piece of paper in his hand, before shoving it into a pocket, and glancing around. He moves through the bunks taking note of any that don't seem to be lived in. He pauses, and looks at a couple of the pilots milling about, "One fifty four?"

Wade stayed during that first shift as well, his bird was a little damaged but operational. Potentially, after Devlin went back to Cerberus, he took his Viper to Areion for repairs. A Raptor transported back to Cerberus and now he is using another Viper. Sad Wade. The man looks up at Decoy and says "Hey Alex, got a good sleep there?" Now, he takes a deep breath and says "A little tired but surviving, had a nap a bit ago and now I'm getting ready to go back outside. I need to check if my Viper in Areion is ready, it didn't look that bad really." His attention is now stolen by the newcomer and he nods to him "One fifty four, the Black Knights. You are in the correct place"

"Yeah, you know," Devlin rubs at his eyes and shrugs at Wade, "Not too bad. I'm not back up again for a few more hours, so that's something." He smiles crookedly and rubs at his hair again, nodding as he listens to Wade. "Yeah, looked like you just got dinged. But who knows, right? I just got dinged and the thing just shut down on me, last time. Hope it's fixed so you can get some sleep." He turns to look at Roland as Wade speaks to him, peering at the man curiously. "Yeah, Knights and Harriers in here," he offers, "If that's what you're looking for." The rucksack gets a glance and he asks, "Are you transferring in?"

Roland nods once to Wade, and starts to say something when Devlin chimes in. He nods over to other pilot as well, "More or less… I don't think my squadron is still flying." He pauses, "James Roland…..They call me Blue." He glances around the bunks, "Any of 'em I need to stay away from?"

Wade shakes his head "It happens, just weird stuff" says the pilot to Decoy. He then looks back at Roland and stands up, walking towards him and extending his hand for a shake "Wade Duncan, Drips" Now he looks back at Devlin and smiles a little "One more CAP and then I get some sleep, the current one is almost over now I think" Now he does pay attention to the rucksack and then looks around the place to check the bunks "We've…lost some pilots and the bunks have been emptied but, I guess at this point it's all free game." He looks at Devlin again "What do you think?"

"Oh, up from Tauron?" Devlin's brows rise at that news, "Where from?" To Wade, he nods, "Yeah, guess it does. And man, you got the short straw, so close together. Least mine are spaced pretty evenly, just the one a day. Anyway." He shrugs, and then offers to Roland, "Alex Devlin, Decoy. Nice to meet you. And yeah, any bunk without a name on it," he says, "You can't have one of the taken ones, obviously."

Roland looks Wade in the eye as he shakes his hand, "Drips." He pauses to do the same with Devlin, "Decoy…" He drops the sack to his feet, "I was with the Four Five Warlocks… Tau Garrison. Been in medbay since we got picked up.. Really glad to see you boys up here.." He rubs the back of his neck, "Haven't even made it onto the duty roster yet…Hows the Captain?"

Wade offers a firm handshake and then crosses his arms over his chest "I was picked up from Leonis. Stationed in Battlestar Chimaera for planetary defenses, was enjoying shore leave when everything went to hell." He nods to that and takes a deep breath "Glad to have you with us" there is a very faint smile there and then "The Captain? She's…." he stops himself to find the right word "Duty driven. You haven't met her yet then?"

Devlin leans down from where he sits up on his top bunk to shake Roland's hand, nodding. "Oh, ok." After a beat he asks, "You been at Tau long? A couple people around here were there at some point or another, I think. I know Psyche was." His head tilts as he looks at Wade and asks, "Can you remember who else?I know there're others. Anyways. Good to meet you, James." He does not offer an opinion on the captain immediately, looking to Wade instead and then just nodding a little at the LTJG's description.

Roland shakes his head, "They had me moving ships.. I didnt' ever make the regular duty roster…" He looks back to Wade, and shakes his head, "A couple of doctors.. A nurse or two.. Other than that. I haven't met much of anyone. They cleared me from medical right before all hell broke loose. I been stayin out of the way ever since."

Wade looks at Decoy and presses his lips together before saying "Let's see…." There is a pause there as he thinks and he finally adds "Lasher…Chicken" another pause as he keeps digging up for names and he adds "Oh, and the Captain" Yep, she was stationed there as well apparently. Now, he looks back at Roland and nods "Well, I'm sure you'll make the roster here…the sooner, the better" Another brief and faint smile.

"Oh yeah," Devlin nods, "That's right. Lasher. And I think I heard the captain was there too, yeah. Huh." He scratches just above his ear and then nods a little more, agreeing, "Yeah, I'm sure they'll get through the paperwork stuff soon as possible, can always use more pilots around here. That's how they got random rooks like me, anyways."

Roland crosses his arms across his chest as he listens nodding slowly. He smiles slightly, and shrugs, "We're all rookies at some point." He lets out a long breath, "Well.. I'm going to go find a good bunk..Good to meet you both." He leans over to pick up his rucksack.

Wade at what Roland said and then offers "Likewise" Now, he takes a deep breath and looks at the time "Well, I better start heading to the hangar and do pre-flight" With that said, he takes his helmet from the table and nods to both Decoy and Blue "Clear eyes and steady hands" He rubs his fingers over his cheek and says "Sleep time for me after this one" that is more said to himself. After that, he just steps outside the Berths and leaves.

"True," Devlin nods to Roland before nodding again to both the newcomer and Wade, a hand lifted in a little wave of farewell. "Alright," he says, "Nice to meet you, Blue. Sure we'll see you around. Good luck with the bunk-hunting. Hope your bird's fixed, Drips, see you later."

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