PHD #350: Bloody Hosedown
Bloody Hosedown
Summary: In the aftermath of the return of the swarm, Wade checks in on his wingmate, with the aid of Andromeda and Circe.
Date: 11 Feb 2042 AE
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Being able to accommodate combat casualties requires room, and the Sickbay has it. Beds line each side of the room with privacy curtains strung up and readily available. Large vaulted lockers hold access to the supplies at the far end of the area. Nearer the front, a Petty Officer sits ready to dispense simple items like ibuprofen and aspirin. Further to the rear is an area prepped twenty-four hours a day for emergency surgery. To the side are a set of double doors that lead to the Recovery Ward where patients can recuperate.
Post-Holocaust Day: #350

The sick bay is once again in full tilt, taking care of the newest to join the ranks in the curtained off beds. As all staff has been called, Circe still hasn't gotten away enough to catch some sleep and it shows as she pauses near one of the stations, rubbing at her hands and starting to clean them again to see to the next patient or whatever Doctor needs assistance at the moment. She rubs the dripping back of her hand agains ther forehead and she lowers it to rewash before drying.

She tugs at new gloves nad starts to pull them on, struggling a little as the wet skin mixes with the powder.

Wade has been waiting outside the operation room, just pacing from one side to the other, peeking through the glass to see if he can get an idea of what's going on. Nothing. He takes a seat on the closest stool and waits in silence, just staring at the floor for a moment. By the time Andrea is moved to the Recovery Room beds, he looks up and stands up. Can he go in? He is not sure but he slowly pushes the door open and asks "Excuse me?" he is hopeful that either Andromeda or Circe will see him and let him know the news.

At long last, Andrea is wheeled into recovery, hours of surgery (and the unsettling sound of drills) resulting in little visible improvement. Sure, she no longer has shrapnel sticking out of her and she's reasonably cleaned up, but she's deathly pale from loss of blood, despite numerous transfusions. Her arm is heavily bandaged as is her chest, she's tubed and a respirator does most of her breathing for her. Her hair's been shorn to allow for treatment of a massive head wound and the intracranial trauma accompanying it. There's a shunt inserted to relieve pressure and fluid. She's hooked up to an array of monitors and machines, all of which beep and blip with steady regularity, none of which seem to be sounding any alarms. If there's any comfort to be taken from the wreckage that's left of the pilot, it seems to be that.

Andromeda is stripping off her sterile mask, cap and gloves, her surgical gown bloodied. She herself looks weary and drawn from the intense and sustained focus of the past few hours, but the turns her attention to Wade, tilting her head a moment until she recognizes him from the chaos on deck. "You're Lieutenant Demarcos' wingman."

Lifting her head at someone's voice poking into the room, she looks to the Doctor and then back to Wade. She smiles and mouhts a hello but lets Andromeda give him the all clear. She clears her throat and wiggles her fingers into her glove, still in her uniform that carries all the markings from the deck. He gets a look and she notes he does as well. "Lieutenant, you didn't go change?" She asks him softly before she rolls up her sleeves further, resetting them over her elbows.

Wade moves his attention to Andromeda as she addresses him "Yes, I'm Lieutenant Wade Duncan" They actually met, he thinks. At that party. He takes a deep breath and he nods to her "How is she?" He rubs his knuckles while he waits for the answer, slowly scanning the place and what's there. All the blood he had on him, is still there, but looks…a little dry at this point. His attention moves to Circe and he offers a bit of a smile to her "Circe" he looks at himself again and shakes his head "No, I've been sitting here since you brought her in"

The doctor seems to place him when he speaks — the name, the face… the booze. It all comes back to her now. "Of course," she nods. She laces her fingers together, clasping her hands before her. "She had punctures to the interosseous and deep brachial arteries of the left arm, a partially collapsed lung, and massive head trauma which caused an intracranial bleed in the parietal lobe." She pauses a moment. "She's stable, for the time being. But head injuries are very touch-and-go. She's in a coma, and there's no telling how long that state will persist."

Biting her lip at Andromeda's explanation of the pilot's status, she loses whatever she is to say to him for the time. Circe fixes her gloves into place with a final tuck to each with her fingers from the opposite hands. She looks towards him and offers another encouraging smile. "But she's alive." She says. The facts were facts but there was also hope in all of the obviously morbid truth. The corpsman turns then to look at Andromeda. "If you don't need anything else doctor, I can go check on the rest of the patients." She offers.

Beep, Beep, Beep. The machines and ventilator keep going, but the pilot remains still.

Wade listens to Andromeda and of course, there are terms he doesn't understand. But he gets the general idea at least "I…" says the man, going silent again for a couple seconds. He looks at Andromeda again and nods to her "Thank you, Doctor" Now, he looks at Circe and her words brings a very faint smile "Thank you." he nods "Thank you both" He rubs his knuckles again and lightly clears his throat "Can I see her now? Would that be possible?"

Circe will be filling in with the bedside manner and dispensing of hope, today — for clearly, Andromeda has none. She does, however, have a nod for the med tech, and a few somber words of approval. "You performed triage and stabilization very well under extremely trying circumstances," the doctor tells Circe. "Thank you for your assistance. Lives were saved because of your efforts." Dismissed. But at least dismissed with praise. Andromeda nods at Wade, as well. "A number of studies have suggested — anecdotally, at least — that coma patients provided with positive stimulus by supportive visitations have more positive outcomes." She pauses a beat. "I don't think it would hurt. Just be careful not to disturb any of the other patients."

"Thank you, sir. I am just doing my duty." Inclining her head, Circe looks to Andromeda and then to Wade as she steps to the side and moves past him towards the door. "I will be back with some water. Go get comfortable." She says to him and pats his arm lightly with her gloved hand. She starts to move then for the door and exits, rubbing her fingers together and tugging off the gloves in after thought.

Wade looks at Andromeda with a completely neutral expression, he nods in silence and then finally says "I shall do that" He looks at Circe and nods to her, moving his attention to where Hosedown is. Now, the Viper pilot walks to her bed and looks at the woman for the longest time without saying anything. Finally, he drags a chair and takes a seat "So…" he swallows saliva "Hey, Hosedown…it's Drips. You know you gotta get better, right? We have to drink those beers and all…and." he clears his throat and adds "And…we gotta keep kicking Cylon ass, we are wingmates, you know?" He nods at this, hoping that it does some good.

Andromeda checks the readouts on the dozen or so steadily beeping monitors hooked up to Andrea's battered, broken body. She is silent, efficient, focused… almost focused. Something, perhaps in Wade's desolate/desperately hopeful tone, draws her attention. Somewhat reluctantly. She glances over the pilot in the bed and the pensive wingman seated beside her. Finally, she says, "Her right hand didn't sustain any damage." A beat. "You can hold it. If you want." Without waiting for a response, she moves off to oversee another patient.

True to her word, a minute or so later Circe returns, gloveless hands holding a glass of water for him. Circe slows and stands aside and slightly behind. She clears her throat and offers a warmer smile. "Lieutenant." She intones and looks down to Andrea, flashes of her appearance straight out of her Viper flowing from her subconcious are shaken off before she extends the glass to him. "She can hear you in some sense. It's always good to give them a touch or speak." She runs a hand up through her hair and sighs, folding her arms before her and over the blood stains. "From what I have seen, she's tough. She'll be just fine. She just needs rest and time."

Wade looks up at Andromeda and then looks at Andrea's hand. He looks at this own hands that look pretty dirty at this moment and then he nods to Andromeda "Thank you" He slides his fingers underneath Andrea's hand and says to her "Plus, we are friends…yes? So you can start thinking about coming back. Who will play pranks on the Captain?" he smiles a little at that and then looks over his shoulder at Circe "Thank you" he extends his free hand to take that water and takes a sip from it. "It's funny, to see the bonds that wingmates can develop. That an entire Squadron can develop." he smiles to that and says "There's an entire Squadron to torment and prank, Hosedown, you gotta come back"

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