Tauron: A Guide to the Black Country

When I created the Black Country for Trask's background, it honestly hadn't occurred to me that other players might want their characters to have ties to the region. Now that there are several Black Country characters on the grid, I'm creating this repository for those players to detail the hometowns of their respective characters, so as to not spam the main Tauron page.Trask's player

The following will be reformatted.

Although once a key part of Tauron's military-industrial complex, the conurbation known as the Black Country never economically recovered from planet's withdrawal from the Colonial Civil War. Many factors were to blame for the disinvestment, deindustrialization, and depopulation in the region, including unionization and its subsequent corruption, the outsourcing of manufacturing to non-union facilities, major contracts going to off-world companies, mining and refinery operations becoming largely machine-automated, and the government's decision to curtail armaments production.

These rationales are often strictly applied along lines of political orientation, and labor remains the most divisive and polarizing local issue. As a result, the area is one of the most economically deprived communities in all the Colonies and suffers from an incredibly high unemployment rate. Urban blight plagues the cities and hooliganism has become a way of life. All the worst proletariat stereotypes apply.

Even by Taurian standards, Blackies are reputed to be particularly hardy, rough-and-tumble people. Not the sort to air their 'dirty laundry', they nonetheless are very forthright. So much so that the term Black Country blunt is part of Taurian lexicon.

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