Gracious Bia
Major Gracious Bia
Jada Pinkett
Jada Pinkett as Gracious Bia
Alias: Grace
Age: 40
Features: Tall, stately, warm eyes, drawl.
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Major
Department: Medical
Position: CMO


After having spent her entire military career stationed at Fort Lubutu, Grace has found herself 'rewarded' with a three-month tour on the Cerberus, separated from her children.

Immediate Family

Name Relation Status
Patient (Patty) Eldest sister. Presumed dead.
Merciful (Mercy) Second-eldest sister. Presumed dead.
Radiant (Radie) Second-youngest sister. Presumed dead.
Eternal (Etie) Youngest sister. Presumed dead.
Remy Thibodeaux Husband Died 2036. Congenital heart defect.
Halcyon (Hal) Son, 14 Staying with Auntie Etie on Warday. Presumed dead.
Joy Daughter, 12 Staying with Auntie Etie on Warday. Presumed dead.

Service Jacket

Physical Features

There's an undeniable presence to this woman, a clarity of purpose and determination making her seem as tall and statuesque as a caryatid carved from mahogany and brought to life. Her face is a fine-boned oval, keen eyes the colour of strong chicory framed by arching brows and high cheekbones. A sharp chin and proud jawline lead to a wide, full-lipped mouth. It would be easy to expect a cold, commanding voice from her — but instead there's a honeyed, drawling contralto as warm and lazy as the river-delta cities of her homeworld.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • Friday Night Cooking: Grace befriended Galley Chief Pridgeon after the February 11's Galley fire, and managed to talk him into letting her have three hours of kitchen time every Friday night after the suppertime rush (roughly 9-midnight). She uses this time for home cooking (think: Southern/Cajun-style soul food) for the Medical staff stuck working graveyards on the weekends, as well as baking cookies — her favourite method of showing thanks.

Recent Logs


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