Cyril Bey
Petty Officer 3rd Class Cyril Bey
Faran Tahir
Faran Tahir as Cyril Bey
Age: 25
Features: A ball of barely-controlled energy.
Colony: Canceron
Rank: Petty Officer 3rd Class
Department: Support
Position: Logistics Specialist


Petty Officer 3rd Class Cyril Bey is a very busy man, or so he's fond of saying. Tall and bald, this dark-skinned long-limbed ball of nervous energy spends his time pacing from one end of the Supply Center to the other, his muscled legs and soft footfalls allowing him to make the transit from aisle to aisle with a cheetah's speed and a housecat's silence. Small wonder that folks working his shift have learned to set up several lookouts before attempting to engage in a bit of on-duty time-wasting — and even then they don't succeed.

PO3 Bey was elevated to his current post after his superior, PO2 Marissa Langer, was killed when Centurions boarded the ship on 11 April 2041 AE. Though he's hardly the most senior man in Supply, he's established a reputation for himself as one of its most incorruptible and competent, and as such he's often put in charge of supply-side operations for especially critical projects.

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