Thaddeus Ceadda Belgoin
Captain Thaddeus Ceadda Belgoin
Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas as Thaddeus Ceadda Belgoin
Alias: Waffle
Age: 40
Features: Slicked back brown hair, cleft chin, intense gaze.
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Captain
Department: Engineering
Position: Applied FTL Sciences

Note: This character is an NPC. All inquiries go to Polaris.


Captain Belgoin, or "Waffle" as he went by during his Viper jock days, is a high-ranking engineer aboard the Areion. Despite his rank, he is not the chief engineer, having the nebulous and obscure position of "Applied FTL Sciences". He comes from a Lifer family, with several generations of Navy officers preceding him.

Immediate Family

  • Father: Caedda M. Belgoin, Major, Marine Corps, retired. (Presumed dead on Leonis)
  • Mother: Ailbe Belgoin, Lieutenant, nurse. (Presumed dead on Leonis)
  • Younger Brother: DainĂ©al Caedda Belgoin, Ensign, Navy. (Presumed dead on Leonis)

Service Jacket

  • 2001: Born, first son of Caedda M. Belgoin and Ailbe Belgoin, Leonis.
  • 2024: Graduates Colonial flight school. Crack Viper pilot. Ranked in a very high percentile.
  • 2027: Freak training accident, crushing his left leg, breaking his hip, dislocating his lower spine. Spends the better part of a year in traction, with the few years after that relearning how to walk. Manages to avoid discharge through his father, then Captain Caedda Belgoin. Achieves engineering certifications in electrical and fabrication engineering. Finishes his first paper, "Cabon Nanofibre 'Honeycomb': Viper Mark II Cockpit Safety."
  • 2030: Promoted to LTJG (also suggested through familial influences) and assigned to the Battlestar Chimaera, BS-81 as a flight engineer. Published second paper (2333), "Differentiating Black Energy Fields: FTL Bubble Geometry" focused on new theories to alter FTL fields to accomodate armor thickness at dangerous levels, and third paper (2335): "Weaponizing FTL: The Impossible Calculations for FTL Black-Ops Incursion".
  • 2035: Transfers off of the Chimaera overnight with no warning. The man literally disappeared.

Note: Those outside of engineering unfamiliar with engineering topics will likely not have heard of the papers. Military engineering journals are fairly obscure reading material.

On the Grid

Known Associates

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  • Thaddeus is renowned to be a cigar aficionado, preferring Leonis Kalban Whites above all other brands. It's rumored that the few family members who aren't in the Navy or Marine Corps have heavy investment in the Kalban plantations on Leonis.
  • It's said that his callsign, "Waffle", comes from his earliest days as a Viper jock, where he was forced to serve his training officer a stack of waffles for repeated hesitation on sticking landings and shredding both deck and landing gear.

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