PHD #434: Be Glad
Be Glad
Summary: Van and Cor catch up on personal lives.
Date: 06 May 2042
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Vandenberg Corrath 
Corrath's Shaq d'Amour
This smallish styled office is typically made use of by the Master-at-Arms to conduct his business and oversee the MP's. As of late, with the lack of an MaA, the S2 has been making use of it, as is evident by the stacks of paperwork that seem to be accumulating on the desk. To the side, a secured cabinet can be see and a table with the never-ending Marine Coffee Pot <tm>. Across from the desk, two simple chairs are present for those who visit, while behind the desk, a much larger and more comfortable chair can be seen.
Post-Holocaust Day: #434

Since his appointment to JAG as the adjutant and Marine Liasion, Corrath has someone managed to keep making use of the S2's office. Unlike previous times, though, the hatchway is now typically open, unless he happens to be with a client or is discussing a case. At this particular moment, he's leaning back in his chair, hands lifted up and clasped together behind his head. Must be break time.

Van has been in higher spirits since Wednesday. It may or may not be a surprise to anyone living in the Marine Berths. But today is no different. She leans around the doorway into the office and grins at Corrath. "Ya lazy frak. Typical squid. Sittin' round, ponderin the dozens of ways ya can get fat and swindle young women of their innocense." She preens a smile at the playful jab and steps in the rest of the way. "How's tricks, boo?"

That voice draws a flit of eyes towards the doorway as a smile begins to play across Corrath's lips, "Hey. Ain't no squid uniform here, is there? Plus, they look more like this." A shift of his chair backwards and he's lifting his legs to settle his right boot on the desk with his left coming over it, crossing at the ankle. "See the different?" There's a quick grin and when he's pulling his feet from the desk, his hands are lowering as well. "Oh, you know. Same shit, different day. Continuing to swidle that innocence from a particular woman." One hand lifts, motioning for Van to come in and take a seat, "How's about you? Seems like you had a visitor to your bunk the other night." Even as that is said, there's a flash of a smile.

Natalie chuckles, shaking a finger at the newly minted lawyer as he puts his feet up. "Aye, now that's accurate. Little more with the lazy, though. Them leg liftins is a lot of effort. Maybe open a desk drawer near the floor or somethin." She grins and flops down into a chair. "Uh huh. Particular woman. This bein a particular woman whose name starts with an 'L' and ends with 'agana'?" Yes, she's definitely in a bright mood. But Corrath's last question gets her face to redden. "Ah did, yes," she says quietly. "Appreciate that not bein' passed 'round. Meanin, I appreciate you not sayin' anything without my havin' to say anythin. To you. Or anyone else." Apparently the topic makes her scatterbrain.

"Eh, bending over takes a fair bit of work, too. Trust me, gave it a try." There's a flash of a wink and when Van is settled, Corrath's simply leaning forward, arms coming to settle on the desk. "No foolin' you, is there Nat? But ya, things seem to be going really good between the two us." Then, at the mention of things not being passed around, one hand lifts to give a little wave, "No worries. Not my place to be passing around what happens in the berths, anyways. For all I know, it was just prayin'. Or combat excerises."

Natalie chuckles. "Hey, no reason to doubt. She's good people. That's why I insisted on dragging her along on this Gemenon Op. You two seem like you'd make a good couple anyway. Its good seein her smile like that, too." The S-Three grins, knowing the way Circe feels. "Heh, its good anyway. We're concerned about it getting around for various reasons right now or having it shoved around in people's faces. But 'combat exercises'?" She laughs slightly. "Gods, yeah well. Don't know that you'd call us a couple buuuuuut.." No hiding that smile.

There's a quick laugh that escapes Corrath's lips as he gives a quick bob of his head, "Seems like we've decided to hit that couple stage and not hide the fact that we're together. Which .. is nice. So, make sure she comes back in one piece from Gemenon?" There's a slight tease to the words before he's leaning back in the chair, "Hey, combat excerises can be the new code word. Frak, no one would be the wiser." There's a quick wink before his hands lift to settle back behind his head. "Your secret is safe with me, until such time as you two decide to go public. Know how that feels, anyways."

"Good. That's a good stage. Not quite honeymoon. Its comfortable. But yeah, I'll do my best to bring her back fully assembled. We all go home or nobody goes home." Natalie smirks. "Khloe is worried about me going on the mission, too. I know she can't say as much, but its there in her eyes. You've got a sympathetic ear for your concern." She smiles easily. "You guys done any kind of dating? Or mostly just hangin out, eatin together at the galley?" The rest gets a snerk. "Ah, I'm not there yet to needing codewords for what's going on. We're going slow since this is kinda.. outside the norm.. for both of us. As for going public, well, its a battlestar. We're two female Captains. Guys will be guys. We'd just rather not it be a topic if we decide things don't work."

"Ya, considering I've hardly had two words with her, I doubt I'll go to her for a sympathetic ear. Plus, I know what the job entails and knew it before me and Circe decided to hook up." There's a pause at the mention of dating and he gives a slight nod of his head, "Ya, a little you could say. Gone to the Elpis, slinked off elsewhere for some quiet time. It's been nice. Didn't expect to fall in .. well, you know. On a battlestar." There's another chuckle from Corrath as his hands lower from behind his head. "Well, she's a female captain. Your a Marine Captain. Huge frakkin difference there, Nat." With the end of that, Cor can't help but offer her a quick grin.

"Ha! Yeah. I can understand that. She isn't the most approachable person about some of these things. Especially when it comes to her talkin' about how she feels. But I'm workin' on that. No promises of success." Natalie grins. "Glad to hear about the dating, though. Seeing as how I've never been stationed on a ship like this? I have no idea how dating works up here. I'm used to doing that on the ground without the threat of invasion and attack. Most of the time. But you're making it work so.. hey. We do what we need to. I never expected to feel anything again period. But I guess humanity finds a way to move on." She chuckles at the last, too. "Right, right.. I'm supposed to be the big angry member of the relationship. Almost forgot."

Giving a nod, Corrath's offering, "If it's any consolation, Nat, I've never been stationed on a ship before, either. Neither as Circe. We're sorta playing this by ear in terms of the dating thing. But, so far, it's working well." That grin that had been on his lips stays for a moment before it's shifting into a smirk, "Hey, isn't that the job of the Marines? Be the big angry member?" Pause. "Mind you, I really don't know who that would apply to when it comes to me and Cir. So .. scratch all my comments on that." Now, features soften a bit, "But ya, I know what you mean about not thinking about feeling things. Sorta didn't think, after everything, that it could happen."

"Huh. Didn't know that. I figured you were always attached to ships. I'm just left trying to figure out fun things to do with Khloe annnnnd.. there doesn't seem like a lot available. I guess for the first time I get why civilians get cranky about being bored." Natalie smirks, crossing her legs. "Ha! Yeah, I refuse to be the angry pants-wearer in a relationship. I do that all day at work. Last thing I want is to have to tell people what to do off-duty." The last gets a soft nod from her. "Aye, Cor. After I lost m'near fiancee, then lost another man on Aerilon? Didn't think I could do it anymore. Figured I was tapped."

"Nah man. I was stationed right on Picon before I got this posting. Cushy ol' job that was, let me tell you." For a moment, Corrath simply remembers and gives a shake of his head, as if that would whisk the memory from his mind. "But, your right, there isn't a heck of a lot to do. Go to Elpis, spend some time in the Obs Deck, Ships Library. Places where it's quiet. Where you can sorta just .. be yourselves." To that, he gives a smile, "I didn't have anyone special when I came here. But I'm sorry to hear about your losses, Nat. Really."

Natalie chuckles. "Picon. Godsdamn, that sounds like a sweet posting, no lie. I wouldn't have minded getting something like that. I applied for a slot on Virgon with a military police battalion there. Got Libran instead." She shrugs. "Yeah I'm trying to think of fun stuff too and we have to kind of get inventive. I had suggested rock climbing, cuz the Elpis has a wall, and then maybe a different night going and playing with the ziplines we use for airborne training." The one in the MOUT room. The S-Three looks a bit excited about it, though. Maybe just being able to share enthusiasm for those kinds of activities with someone close, man or woman, is enough to get her to brighten like a sun. To the last she only shakes her head. "Don't sweat it, Cor. Honestly. Its been about a year since I lost mah man Connah." Probably 'Conner' without her accent. "We all lost plenty. I'm nothing special. The ones we lost are special. But only to ourselves. They live on in our hearts, yeah?" She smiles with it regardless. That's probably how she is dealing with everything.

"It was. It was. I'm not entirely sure -what- possessed me to apply for a posting on this ship, when I heard they were looking for Marine Officers." Incidently, such a request is the only reason he's probably still alive. But, that's goes unsaid. The mention of the activities has a brow lifting upwards and a chuckle escaping past his lips, "Hey, now there's a couple of good idea's. Hadn't really thought of being that inventive with things. It's those little things that are going to count, these days." He stops then, offering a warm smile before giving another nod of his head, "We did. Some more then others, but we've all lost in some fashion."

Natalie nods a few times. "I never wanted a ship posting. In all honesty, the idea of space flight weirds me out. All the explosive force on the bulkheads and we just float around and survive in a non-permissive environment like this? Jeez. Thanks, I'll take ground warfare." She smirks once more with the finish. "Yeah, she seemed pretty interested in giving that stuff a try for our dates. She don't drink so Pete's is out. I wanna booze figure I can go hang out with you and Elfcakes, anyway." A happy little wink is shot his way. "Aye. Losin what we have? Nah. I can't abide thinkin that anyone's loss should be singled out unless it was some kind of tragedy post Warday." Like losing 26 Marines.

"I didn't either, in all reality, but figured it might look good if I'd done at least one tour aboard a ship. So, I applied and was accepted for the S2 position on the Cerberus. Was a promotion, in reality. Figured I'd do my tour and get myself right back down to Picon. Funny how that works out, hmm?" Then, he's giving a slight shake of his head, followed by a quick snort, "Frak, she doesn't drink? Damnit. Well, can she come along and be our designated pilot then?" To that, Corrath returns a wink before a solemn nod is given, "True enough, Nat. True enough."

"Mmm. Good point. Don't think you want to go back to Picon these days. I hear its a little out of sorts." Too soon? Its said with just a slight bit of humor as if testing the waters with the comment. "But getting the slot on the possible last battlestar for an S-Two position? Well done. I'd call that a promotion, too. I was close to retirement so I wasn't concerned about long-term career aims." To the part about Khloe, Vandenberg chuckles as she nods. "Correct. Captain Vakos does not drink and its a firm, personal thing with her. I won't put it on her by taking her to a bar. But YOU guys.. well, I can get you two to strip again, I'm sure." Cue big, evil grin.

It may be slightly morbid humor, but it's humor all the same and it does draw a soft chuckle from Corrath's lips, "I'd say. Not sure I could even find my house these days." The mention of the position and promotion has another chuckle escaping his lips, "Ya, well. I'm still young enough for a few more tours. Figured I'd still if I couldn't work my way up to Major before deciding to retire." The mention of Vakos has him offering a soft 'Bah' before he's suddenly giving a firm shake of his head, "Uh, no way. You think I'm going to get up there and strip again, 'specially on the Elpis, you're out of your frakkin mind. After Elf broke the table last time? The minute we start playing any sort of game, they'll probably call the MP's to come stand over us."

"Seriously. I glanced over the strike information for Libran and Canceron?" She shakes her head. "I haven't given it a second glance since I came aboard and asked. I think I'm terrified that someplace I'd lived survived. I'm pretty sure the last thing Command needs right now is some crazed Marine officer flipping shit over ankles to steal a Raptor and run off." She grins with it despite the topic at hand. "I know whatcha mean, though. I was ready to settle down. Have m'self a few kiddies, marry mah man. Retirement was, like, within spittin distance. I was plannin' to take my discharge at the end of this year. And what happens? I get an opportunity to get back in the mix and fight for the struggling survival of humanity. Can't say we haven't all been picked for somethin' pretty important, Cor." She's (perhaps) surprisingly upbeat for the topic. Khloe must really have effected her.. or just being happy in a relationship - even if undefined. "And yes, you will be stripping again. That ain't a threat, that's a promise."

There's a quick grunt from Corrath before he's giving a shake of his head, "I can just imagine you running through the hangar, beating down everyone in your path as you try to get to that Raptor. Then, I get the sudden image of you sitting in a freaking holding cell." There's a faint chuckle at that as he settles back into the chair, "See, me and my girl had split before my posting, so there wasn't anything tying me down or making me seriously consider retirement and the like. I know Cir was engaged and she's worried that the fact she still mourns him will run me off, or make things harder then it will be." To that, there's a sigh, but it's quickly washed away by Van's final comment, which draws a laugh from his lips, "Hells. No. Circe would probably -kill- me."

Natalie laughs. "I've every confidence that this would be exactly as you say. Luckily I don't mind cells. Boring most of the time, but you can get plenty of good reading done. I once had my Battalion commander brig me for breaking the jaw of an S-Two that gave us lousy intel. I was in the stockade for thirty days. Participated in operations planning in there, too. Good times." Its all delivered off-hand with the ease of someone comfortable with it all. The remark about mourning gets a thoughtful nod. "I'd ask her in there are any among us that aren't mourning? Our race was obliterated. I haven't talked to Khloe about it yet, but I'll have to let her know something similar. Are you okay with her doing that?" The last gets a rolls of her eyes and a grin. "So BRING her, you dag!"

A snort now and Corrath is giving another shake of his head, "I'm somehow not surprised that you like being inside of a cell. Myself? Been there once for socking another Battalion's Commander during a little … episode in a bar on Picon. Damn near went stir crazy inside the cell, I'm afraid to say. Probably cause I'm used to tossing people inside of them." Another smile comes to his lips, this one softer then the last, "Nah, no need to ask her that. She knows. But, I'm fine with her doing it. I'm not looking to replace him. Wouldn't dream of it, actually. He's always going to be apart of her life, whether I like it or not. My only concern is whether I'll live up to him." He's then lifting a hand, giving a little wave, "Ya, I know. I won't worry about it." There is a quick grin offered, "Oh, she'll come no doubt. She'll still probably kill me for stripping. Laughing well doing it, of course."

Natalie shrugs. "Its not that I like it, strictly? I just don't mind it. As long as I can keep working, I'm usually okay. Reading books, looking over maps, maintaining readiness. Putting me in a padded room in a straight jacket would be my own personal hell." She listens to the talk of Circe and the man's position in the Specialist's life and her face becomes warm and soft with the smile - a look Van doesn't often show. If ever. "You're a good man, Cor. She's lucky to have you. Remind me a lot of my Connah. I think you two probably deserve each other." And that's obviously meant in a kind way. "Killing while laughing? Yes, that is a female capability. Comes with the chromosomes."

"Still. I couldn't even manage to get work done in the cell. Though, if I had paced any longer before being released, I probably would have managed to free myself." There's a quick grin to that and it warms just a touch at the mention of deserving Circe, "Thanks. Things tend to work out in weird ways. I'm just happy to have found her, in all honesty. And that she's interested in something more then friendship. I won't be screwing that up, trust me." There's a flash of a wink and then a quick laugh, "Ya, I've come to gather that. Your gender is far too dangerous for my gender's good."

Natalie chuckles at Corrath and nods. "Yeah, but you're a good cop. I'm a shitty cop. Of course you should go nuts in a cell. Its like sticking me at a peace summit on guard duty." Augh. HELL. "Warriors should be the ones to make the peace, but having to watch two political wankers wangst about their bullshite? No thanks." She shakes her head with the smile. "Yeah, you screw this up with Lagana, I'm going to publically laugh at and mock you. Because damn, you'd have screwed up bigtime. And yes, we are far too lethal for our own good. Especially Canceran woman. Be happy Circe is from someplace docile where we don't eat our mates if they frak up."

There's a chuckle to accompany hers and Corrath is giving a shake of his head to accompany it, "Well, when you put it that way, Nat, it makes perfect sense. See, I'd be happy guarding a peace summit. Keeping the peace, all that jazz. It works for me." Two different sides of the same coin. "You can have your little fun running around in the field and the like. Though, I've been told to make sure I'm still combat ready, so I'll be doing that on occassion still." There's a smirk to that before he's giving another shake of his head, "Public mocking. Check. It won't get to that, trust me." Now, there's simply a wink being offered, "Ooh, trust me. I'm -quite- happy with that."

Natalie nods along. "Yeah. Like I get the idea of it. I'll be first to admit that I'm an action junkie. Sane, rational people do not tunnel rat. But our profession, at the end of the day, is peace. The sharp end of the sword that stands between those who would do harm and those who need our protection. Our guns are the deterrent and bring peace. I've got no problem attempting to make peace. But Gods, having to listen to someone else do it while in my brain I'm thinking about how the man or woman has no idea of what the situation on the ground is? F-that." She shakes her head. "And damn right you're gonna be combat ready. Ready to combat a sammich." Some needling can't be helped.

To that, Corrath is giving a quick laugh as he nods his head, "Ya, I'm not going to dispute that, Nat. We just go about it in two different fashions, both of which are truly needed. Couldn't have one without the other, in reality." Lips curve into a smile now, "Just glad it's someone like you manning the other end of the cubit, in reality. Gets things done." The needling draws a quick snort, which he's following up with a shake of his head, "Ya ya. You'll grow tired of ribbing me soon enough." Pause. "But now that you mention sammich, I'm suddenly finding myself in need of food. Probably should do that before I decide to browse through more case files so I'm caught up on things." Another pause as hands unclasp, "We need to get with Elf and find a time that works for heading to the Elpis, by the way."

Natalie returns his comments with a wink. "When you need results, not a bunch of frakkin around, call me." She shakes her head to the idea of not ribbing him but rises from the chair as he mentions a sandwich. "Yeah I need to get down to knock a few details out with how we're running a static line jump. As soon as you can find time for this trip to Pete's, lemme know. Damn, I need to get trashed. Been weeks. Since.. before the ECM Basestar, I think."

As she begins to rise, so does Corrath and he's offering her a quick nod of his head, following it up with a smile, "I'll keep that in mind, Nat. As for Pete's? Any time, really. My schedule is a little more flexible with JAG, so I should be able to slip away when you and Elf are able. Sooo, figure something out and let me know, I'll make sure that I'm there." Pause. "Don't worry, we'll make sure you get trashed. I promise that."

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