Raymond Barron
Doctor Raymond Barron
Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen as Raymond Barron
Alias: The Baron
Age: 66
Features: Gaunt and greying
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Doctor
Department: Civilian
Position: Leader of 'III'


Dr. Raymond Barron is the local boy who made good. Born to parents who couldn't speak a word of Colonial Standard, he clawed and scratched his way to an M.D. before coming home to open a community clinic in Ocean Heights. Upon passing it on to his son after his early retirement, he was encouraged by his patients to run for public office. The rest, as they say, was history. Barron served on Kythera's Council for the better part of ten years, and his was the most eloquent voice for social justice in the whole of the city.

After the Cylon attack, Barron took charge of an impromptu group of survivors drawn mostly from the ranks of Ocean Heights' more disreputable neighborhoods: reformed criminals, long-retired veterans, hardened street urchins, and the like. Calling themselves 'III' after their district's ordinal placement relative to the others, the ragtag group established a temporary headquarters at Kythera General Hospital, and for the past few months they've kept an iron grip over the biggest source of bottled water and anti-rads on the city's west bank.

The MolGen team made contact with 'The Baron' on 14 May 2041 AE and moved in for the night. Barron was evacuated along with the other survivors and is currently serving as a doctor aboard MV Elpis.

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