James Barclay
Master Sergeant James A. Barclay
Jason Statham
Jason Statham as James A. Barclay
Alias: N/A
Age: 38
Features: Balding, shaved, brown eyes.
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Master Sergeant
Department: Marines
Position: Master-At-Arms

On 13 Mar 2041 AE, Colonel Alec Sarkis became unhinged and committed suicide by inferno. The crazy frakker was determined to not go alone and succeeded in taking MSGT James Barclay down with him in the fire.


Immediate Family

Service Jacket

Stationed 3 years on Aerilon after joining up as Marine
Transferred to MP at age 21, on ship. (CPL)
Transferred to Sagittaron at the insurgency at age 25 (SGT)
Transferred to BS Volans at age 30 (Staff SGT)
Transferred to BS Chimaera at age 33 (Gunnery SGT)
Transferred to BS Cerberus at age 38 (MSGT)

Physical Features

This late-thirties man is around 6 feet tall and has the body of a typical marine, strong, well-trained and rather limber to boot. His facial features are not unpleasant, with brown eyes, a nose that broadens at the tip, a hairline that is reclining back but not that noticeable since he's basically shaved. Lips are rather small but full, cheekbones well defined on the chiseled face. His chin has a small cleft but is otherwise perfectly fitting to his face.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • He plays the fiddle. (Some jokingly say he plays for prisoners to make them confess faster.)
  • He never says what the A in his name stands for and it's obscured unless you manage to get hold of his original records. Sometimes nicknamed JAB due to his initials.
  • Rumor has it he's been married five times. Others claim he's never been married.
  • He has an uncanny sense of direction.
  • He sometimes gets called 'The Mug' cause he is often seen carrying around a metal coffee-mug, battered and old - filled with coffee. A faded inscription reads 'Once you go marine…'

Recent Logs


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