Tyr Bannik
Specialist Tyr Bannik
Joshua Malina
Joshua Malina as Tyr Bannik
Alias: Tyr
Age: 19
Features: Thick glasses and lanky frame
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Specialist
Department: Deck
Position: Air Eng (Avionics)


Tyr Bannik joined the Fleet to — well — he's not quite sure. Like all eighteen year-olds, he had a couple different ideas. He could serve his tour and then maybe take the college benefit and go to college and become an engineer. Or maybe he could take the skills he learned in fleet avionics and get one of those commercial craft repair jobs. He heard the space liner companies pay pretty well, especially if you get one of the Union jobs. Or maybe he'd just go back to the farm and help take care of his Mom. But he knew one thing for certain: The Fleet was just a stepping stone in his career. He wouldn't stay in for life. Not him. No way.

But maybe we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Tyr Bannik was raised on a farm on Aerilon. That doesn't make him much different than most folks on Aerilon. Mom and Dad fought plenty; Dad worked the fields all day and liked a drink or two or three or four when he was done for the day. Mom did her best to keep the family running, but when the rain didn't come or when the price of grain fell or when the bank reduced its credit line, well, Dad had those drinks and occasionally took his belt to Mom. It was perhaps, then, not the saddest day when Mark Bannik drank a bottle of brandy, went to the field, and somehow found himself in the path of his own combine harvester. It was just the way things went on Aerilon.

Immediate Family

When the rain didn't come, Dad drank. When the price of grain went down, Dad drank. When the bank reduced its line of credit, Dad drank. And when Mom tried to juggle the finances, negotiate with the creditors, and generally keep the family running, Dad drank and took his belt to Mom. One day, Dad somehow found himself in the bath of his own combine harvester, hacked to death. The Sheriff didn't investigate much; it's just one of those crazy farm accidents.

Service Jacket

Date Position (Rank) Station Notes
January, 2040 AE Enlisted Recruited on Aerilon Qualifies for Guaranteed Job Program — Air Eng (Av) Rating
March, 2040 AE Recruit (Crewman Apprentice) Picon Graduates Boot Camp. Given leave to complete high school
June, 2040 AE Student (Crewman Apprentice) Aerilon Graduates first in high school class of twenty.
June, 2040 AE Student (Crewman Apprentice) Leonis Posted to Common Basic Electronics Course and Air Engineering (Avionics) A-Schools
January, 2041 AE Air Engineer (Avionics) (Crewman) Leonis Graduates A-School and is promoted to Crewman. Assigned to Battlestar Cerberus
June, 2041 AE Air Engineer (Avionics) (Specialist) Battlestar Cerberus (BS-132) Promoted to Specialist
May, 2042 AE Air Engineer (Avionics) (Specialist) Battlestar Cerberus (BS-132) Awarded Fleet Commendation Medal for work against hackers in CIC during events of 15 April

Physical Features

Tall, lanky, nerd. That sums up the late-teen Caucasian male pretty well. Standing at five-eleven, and probably one hundred and forty something pounds, his medium brown hair is shot through with some of the golden tinge that comes from being out in the sun on a regular basis. His hair is cut in that short, buzzed style that epitomizes the Colonial Fleet. His bright blue eyes are hidden behind glasses with black plastic and metal frames. His cheeks are soft and smooth, a combination of being young enough to look like he hasn't necessarily started shaving with the clean shave drummed into one from basic training. His frame is lean and lanky, with somewhat gangly arms and legs that makes him look like he's still growing into his body. All in all, his body says one thing: Nerd.

On the Grid


Tyr Bannik is earnest in the way only that an eighteen year-old nerd can be. Hangar Deck safety? His head's on a swivel. Making sure paperwork is filled out and filed right? He might as well have been a yeoman. Hurt feelings? He's there to try to smooth it over. Hurt friend? He's ready to let loose righteous frustration on the wrong-doer. And he's not hesitent to tell you about any of these things easier. While it makes him endearing to some — he's a "good kid" — it drives others batty.

Recent Logs


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