PHD #354: Backside
Summary: Shakes introduces Helia to the CAG. The three ladies get a bare bottom show from Wade!
Date: 15 Feb 2042 AE
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Wade Cidra Helia Solstice 
Pilot Berths
Post-Holocaust Day: #354

Leading the way through the hatchway and into the berths, it seems Shakes is on her favorite subject. Spiral. Favorite and least favorite for different reasons. "Like I said, just watch out for him." She smirks faintly and then motions with her hand. "Home..its nothing like the academy, but you were on Hephaestus before, so I heard." She says.

Solstice moves for her locker, opening it and starting to pull herself out of her flight suit.

Cidra is still in her flight gear, though she's been off the flight line itself for some time. Following the attack meant a trip up to CIC to coordinate with Tactical, then up to Medical to get a proper casualty report. And now back here, to smoke apparently. She's doing that presently at the center table, head turning when the pair of young women enter. "Ah. Shakes. I would ask how goes the hour, but the answer is the same for all of us. I am most glad you fared through the sortie in one piece."

"I'll definitely be sure to watch out for him. Thanks for the warning." Sunspot laughs softly. "Hephaestus, yeah." Helia is still in her own flight gear, though she's in the process of pulling the jacket off to reveal her off-duty shirt beneath. "This is actually a bit nicer than Hephaestus, though. Newer." She moves to her own locker, which she did have time to claim, and begins to remove her own flightsuit. As she notices Cidra, brows raise, and the woman offers a smile.

Looking towards the CAG, she nods her head. "Me too, the other Raptor was getting pelted." She explains. "It seems Bunny has soft hands just like you, Toast." She smirks again at that and then motions from Toast to Helia. "Sunspot, meet the CAG. Major Cidra Hahn, or Toast. Best Raptor Pilot yet, beats the heck out of Priest." She smiles and turns aroumd, the tilt of her lips fade slightly as she goes about getting everything hung up proper and nice like.

"Latest Mercury-Class battlestar off the line. Was to the be the last, the way the politicians were talking, though I do not think this is quite what they had in mind." Such are Cidra's words to Helia. Her brows raise back at the Viper pilot and she gives her a long look. There's no particular expression in it, just a weighing quality. "One of our foundlings." A pause and she adds, "From our rescue endeavors back on the Colonies. I got your file and flight quals when Medical released you, Lieutenant, though I had not the time to integrate you properly. Well. Looks like you are settled in." Tone just a touch wry.

Peeling off her flight suit, Sunspot offers a smile over to the CAG; once her hands are free from the jacket, she offers a salute over to Cidra. "Pleasure to meet you, Sir." She nods, smiling to the woman. "I'm just…happy to be out of medical, and back with the birds." She sets to work hanging up her flight suit, quite meticulous when it comes to the creases and ensuring that it rests just so in the locker. No wrinkles on her uniforms. "It's good to be here."

Cidra does not return the salute. Rather she extends an ungloved hand to Helia. She's a righty, apparently. "We are not on duty, Sunspot. Demanding salutes in the berths is rather over the top. Not to mention discomforting. You come to us from…Sagittaron, yes?"

Content to be quiet, Solstice lets down her hair and runs her hands through her curls. She strips down methodically and then placing the clothes back into the locker. She starts pulling out her sweats, sighing thankfully for them. She looks over at the two women, nodding to herself in appreciation for the CAG. That was one reason they bonded, Sagittarion's by birth. She pulls her shirt down and over into place, rubbing a hand to the back of her neck and rubbing her fingers into her scalp.

"It's been a while." With a gracious smile, Helia reaches out and takes Cidra's hand. Apparently, she's a righty, as well. "Hang out with a bunch of irritable Marines for long enough, you worry when or when not to salute." She laughs softly, then offers a slow nod of her head. "Sagittaron, yes." She pulls out her own sweats once finished shaking the CAG's hand, pulling them on. "Grew up in Aigosthena."

Cidra does not actually shake hands. Rather she clasps Helia's firmly, holds it, and meets the woman's eyes with her own. Or attempts to. She holds it longer than one would a normal handshake, though she does release the pilot eventually. "Ah. Aigosthena." She says the word in a somber sort of way. "I wish I had seen it in better times. I can say that about most of the colony. I was quite active with the Raptor ground operations during our rescue efforts there. I thank the gods we saved what we could."

Pulling out the sweatshirt, she tugs it on, letting herself enjoy the warmth against her skin. Shakes closes her locker and moves for her bunk. Solstice looks back at the women, actually smiling faintly before she hops up and rolls into the place of rest and relaxation that is her own. She lays upon her stomach and looks at the two women. There is a nod of her head and she rolls to her back, looking upward at the ceiling before grabbing for her book.

To Helia's credit, she meets Cidra's gaze with a level gaze of her own, a faint smile still present on her features. If nothing else, she adapts well. Once released, she resumes changing into her sweats. The mention of a desire to see it in better times prompts a faint smile to touch the Viper pilot's lips. "It was beautiful. Sometimes, we had to use a boat, just to leave the house. Either that or swim." She turns her gaze down to the ground for a moment, before a smile returns to her features.

She listens, despite it all Solstice is 'reading'. She casts a glance over at the two occasionally and then narrows her gaze on the book. Nope nevermind, wrong book. She hops back down out of her bunk and moves for her locker. She hooks it open with a metallic sound and shoves the book within. Shakes starts to rummage through the buttom of her locker.

"It was hard place, but one I wish I had gotten to know better," Cidra says. There's an almost sad quality in her tone, though it's muted. The woman is difficult to read when she wants to be, and now is apparently one of those times. "Some of the customs reminded me a bit of my Gemenon, in some of the other Sagittaron officers I have known. In some ways. In others, so different they seem entirely alien." Still in her flight gear, the CAG is talking with Helia. And sizing her up, in that mild way of hers. Solstice is fiddling with her locker. They all look recently returned here, from what duties absorbed them after the latest swarm.

"I wouldn't have traded my childhood for any other one." She smiles; she has her own Soma braid, wrapped around her right wrist. Perhaps it worked today. She shrugs, pulling her hairbrush from her locker and running it through her hair. When the topic turns to her religion, the smile only grows on her features. And…she doesn't bite. "It takes some getting used to for some people." Subject change. "In any case…while I love Sagittaron, I'm…happy to be here instead of back there."

Did Wade ever mention that he doesn't really like Sickbay? Because he doesn't and even when he is highly drugged, he tries to stay the frak away from it. Barefoot steps can be heard for the ones paying attention, and soon, into the Berths, Wade appears. The man is only wearing his hospital gown, and nothing else. There are two visible cuts on the left side of his head, that had been stitched. Plus, a few more that were just, gloo'ed together. He looks around still not able to focus all that much but at this point, he can tell who's who. A quick, easy salute goes up to the officers there and he says "Major, Lieutenants" his voice sounds exactly like he looks like, drugged. Stupid painkillers. "I'm thirsty…" announces the man and walks past everyone towards her locker. The back side of his gown completely open, and him being fully naked underneath…well…a lot is visible right now. He stumbles forward and almost falls a couple times but he does get to open his locker, leaning heavily against the door as he digs for something. A lot of stuff falls to the floor but he finally gets a bottle of water. He tries to open it but it falls to the ground. "Ah…" states the man, looking at said bottle. "Major, I'm tired…" adds Wade, turning around to look at Cidra, eyes closing as he fights to keep them open. He shakes his head and then pulls his flight suit, the spare at least "I need to go in CAP" mumbles the man now, stumbling backwards a little. Don't /EVER/ give heavy painkillers to Wade or, provide them, and tie him down.

Coming up just as Wade passes by with the book she wants in hand, Shakes watches the bare backside streak past. She clears her throat, watching him and how he handles himself. "Ummmm..Drips?" She asks rather placidly. "You are still in your gown.." She observes and then looks at the other two, giving a glance to the CAG. She starts his way slowly, book hugged to her chest. "Lieutenant." She starts and clears her throat, trying to get his attention. "Not that we do not mind the view..but you are not all there." She says, still giving him plenty of room to do what he likes.

Cidra blinks. Several times at Wade. "Ah." There's a sighting to quality to it. A trace of concern as well. "Hello, Drips. No, you are off duty right now, I do think." Eyes tick down to follow the dropped bottle and she asks of Solstice, "Could you get the Lieutenant some water, please?" To Helia she merely nods in agreement. "So say we all. It is home, for better or worse. The better more days than I shall sometimes care to admit." As for Wade's gown, and the view it provides, she comments not.

"So say we all. I'm happy to call this place home. I-" Helia is interrupted by the entrance of Wade. It is a rather grand entrance, really, worthy of the interruption. It's really no surprise that Helia stares, just a little. When presented with the rather naked back end of a man she barely knows, Sunspot can't help but stare. Nor is it really a surprise when a faint pink tinges her cheeks.

After a moment, Sunspot clears her throat, offering a smile to Drips. "Drips. Glad to see you're - um - up and about." She shakes her head slowly, resuming the act of brushing her hair. And pointedly doing her best to not stare at the newest presence in the berth.

"Huh?" asks Drips, turning around to see Solstice there "Ah, Shakes…" Now, he looks at himself and goes "Oh" He nods but then shakes his head right after that as if feeling dizzy from the drugs "No CAP then" says the man now, looking at Cidra and nodding at her. He turns his attention to Helia and he smiles brightly "My wingman!" he exclaims in a light tone of voice. He nods repeatedly and stumbles a little to the sides, looking at Cidra "Good pilot, Major. Good pilot…" he nods again and stumbles to the side almost falling but he plants a hand on the table. "I…" He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, staying like that, in silence, for a good few seconds before he adds "…tired"

Stepping to the side as he starts to teeter, Shakes is not exactly ready. She moves to set down her book and places a hand to his shoulder once he stops, giving it a light tug. "Drips, why don't you just lay down." She instructs. "Bunks right here, no CAP, no harm." She says.

She looks up at Helia and then notices the blush. She can not help but smile faintly at her reaction. Solstice releases her hold on the pilot but still stands at ready should he need an added hand.

"I am sure you are," Cidra says in an overly-patient sort of way, reaching out to take Wade's arm. "You should sleep, Drips. You have a long day. Come along. Shakes will help you find your bunk." No blushing from her. The CAG's expression is all of inscrutability. As it is wont to be.

Wade finally opens his eyes a little more and blinks a few times as if trying to focus a little better. "Lay down…yes" says Wade to Solstice, nodding at her words. He then looks at Cidra and he lifts one hand to touch the stitches on his forehead "Frakking Raiders…" mutters the man after that, starting a slow, clumsy walk towards his bunk. He extends one hand to place it on the top mattress (his bunk) and places one foot on the ladder step. After this, he closes his eyes and his head falls forward, lightly hitting the metal. He immediately pulls his head back and shakes it "Frak..stupid ladder." He looks at Helia now and does a thumbs up to her "I only speak the truth…" Beat "…yes"

Cidra's eyes flit up to Wade's bunk. Then back to Wade. She is skeptical. "Perhaps Drips should sleep elsewhere tonight," she suggests mildly. Striding over to her own bunk and opening the curtain. She adds, "I should take some time in the chapel. I take my respite there on occasion. It is comfortable enough." She reaches in to retrieve her prayer beads, while she's at her own bunk. Wade can enjoy the rest of the CAG's berth himself. It's…well, somewhat disappointing, all things considered. More brass doesn't grant you anymore space.

Stepping up next to him, Shakes look hesitant to touch him but she uses a hand to keep him from tipping sideways. The movement from the CAG is noticed and her head turns, curls bobbing as she does. She nods her head and gets the idea. "Hey Drips, you get to sleep in the CAG's bunk. Count yourself lucky." She says and then starts to slide her fingers around his arm, trying to ease him towards the bunk slowly - coaxing. "This way Drips." She insists slowly. Solstice gives a gentle sigh and guides him that way. "Thanks Toast." She looks towards the CAG. "I would like to go with you sometime…" She refers to the Chapel and then places her hand to brace herself against the top of Cid's bunk. "Here…" She indicates for him.

Finished brushing her hair, Helia finally pulls out a bag of stuff, moving over to the bunk that she has only just recently claimed as of now, pulling the curtain back. Occasional glances are cast toward Drips and his state of perpetual backside nudity, though she's doing her best to disguise it as glances toward Cidra and Shakes. Quietly, the woman settles to arranging her things within her bunk, mostly tacking a few photos to the walls and generally making the bunk into a more personal space, since it's going to be what she stares at when the insomnia hits. "You should get some rest, Drips. Get yourself healthy for the next time we fly."

Wade looks over at the CAG as she speaks and then moves his attention to Solstice now. He nods to her in silence as his eyes start to close and lets himself be guided, quite easily actually. After he gets to the CAGs bunk, he turns around and offers a salute to all the officers there, but says nothing. He leans down a little and falls against the mattress. It seems that he has a brief second of lucidity because he looks up and seeks for the CAG first "I…" Silence. He leans his head against the pillow "Sorry" speaks the man now and salutes again from the bunk. Yes, he likes to salute when he's drugged it seems. "Healthy" he repeats after Helia's words and then, he extends one arm to pull the curtain shut. Enough embarrassment for one night. But he'll certainly be WTF in the morning!

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