BCH #007: Awkward Times In The Galley
Awkard Times In the Galley
Summary: Lunch Time In the Galley - Awkward Times Ensue
Date: 2.19.2041
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Behind the two hangar decks, the Cerberus' Galley is the largest room on the ship. Nearly half the size of a football field, the eating area is made up of long lines of stainless steel tables that can be folded up and placed against the wall for larger events. Individual seats are the standard military issue, boring and grey with lowest-bidder padding. The line for food stretches across one of the shorter sides of the room while the kitchen behind works nearly twenty-four hours a day to produce either full meals or overnight snacks and coffee for the late shifts.

There is a line and one of the people in the line is one Alexander Aurelia and he is looking for something to eat. As he moves through the line he stops to wink at his server and he is given a few complimentary things on the house as he gathers his meal together. Todays meal consists of grilled turkey breast, snap peas, carrots mixed with green peas and onions, and two biscuts with butter and honey on the side. For dessert there is a pudding snack, chocolate. He is also given a packet of instant coffee for later and a candy bar. The perks of fame. Still though the actor accepts his meal humbly as he beings looking for a place to sit and he barely knows anyone in the room. Everyone else is in greens, blacks, and greys and he is in blue jeans with whites, to say the man in the cowboy boots sticks out is an understatment.

Callista steps into the galley with her hands clasped behind her back as she walks towards the line at a brisk pace, her attention focussed on scrutizining the food that she sees, deciding whether she eats today or not. It's hard to miss the man in cowboy boots, the civvie on a military ship and that gives her all the excuse she needs not to wait in line with everyone else. Waving to Alexander with a bright smile, she calls out, "Hey Lexi!"

Alexander whips around as his name is called and a smile stretches upon his face, the sort of smile reserved for dear friends and family, not the movie star sort. "Kaycee!" Alexander calls back to his sister, "Want me to get us a seat? I may be hard pressed since it looks like a couple of Marines over there seem to have over run that section of tables." As he speaks a group of women look over at him and giggle softly and one of them even sighs as she watches the blonde haired blue eyed actor look for a place to sit, aparently there is a bet going to see if they can get him to come over and sit with them. "Ladies." He says as he walks past them still looking for a spot to sit and then a group of people leave and suddenly a rather large table is open and Alexander takes a seat, "Join me when you have your food, Kaycee." With that the Caprican is setting out his meal, tea there, milk there, coffee there, his plate with turkey, snap peas, carrots mixed with onions and green peas there, pudding cup there. The candy bar and the coffee packets are put in his pockets as they were gifts and they will be enjoyed later.

Making his way into the galley, Malone pauses a bit just inside the room. Looking around for a few moments before he heads over in the direction of the food line, humming a bit to himself.

Marcion has been in line for awhile. The more people who walk in, complete with their shouting and calling, the more his shoulders seem to hunch up by his ears. He had lost track of time, and ended up coming for a meal during peak hours, rather than in off hours as was his habit. Whisking away from the line, he looks about for an empty corner of the Galley and sits there, eating quickly and quietly.

Callista raises her eyebrows at Alexander thinking she was actually going to go get her own tray of food and instead follows the actor to his seat. Sitting down across from him, she leans over and grabs the pudding, "I'll take that, thank you veeery much." Opening the pudding and dunking the approriated spoon in it, she comments, "Why don't you invite a few of your admirers over?"

Tisiphone is working her way through the lineup for food, as well. Slowly. She's the first in a small series of Viper jocks, the others all laughing and nudging eachother over some manner of shared joke. Considering Tis's hunched shoulders and pointed lack of looking back, she may be the source of their humour.

As it currently stands Callista is joining Alexander at a rather large and empty table. The Caprican actor stands out as he is clearly the only civilian in the room. Malone is in line and Marcion is in a corner quietly eating. "Always looking out for my physique I see, Kaycee." Alexander says as he watches the pudding leave his tray, "How kind of you." His words are kind and if his baby sister is happy then he is happy, besides he has chocolate hidden away. His eyes drift to the women who are still looking at him and he says, "Because I love my fans but sometimes I would like a different sort of meal." Alexander looks over to Marcion and then back to Callista, "Be right back, Kaycee." With that the Caprican moves over to Marcion's corner of the mess, "Excuse me, if you would like to join us at our table we have plenty of room and good conversation." As he spots Malone he gives a wave to the pilot and he points to the table Callista is at.

Malone waits for a few moments, a bit patiently. Nodding to Alexander as he sees the wave, just as he gets his food. Heading over in the indicated direction, moving a bit slowly.

Manny saunters in, hands in his pockets and smiling from ear-to-ear. He mheads to the back of the chow line, right behind Tisiphone. Skipping the usually entrees of overcooked pasta, mystery meats, and other military delicacies, Manny picks through a large selection of fruits. Choosing a banana and a grapefruit, he sets it on his tray, offering a friendly nod to Tisiphone. "Afternoon."

Marcion was trying to just stare straight forward. Really he was. Usually people left him to it… a pattern noticed since middle school, but then some calls him over. His eyes stray in that direction for a moment. Just a day ago he might have… he'd been pretty social lately, for him, but a certain something that had happened the day before left him not quite up for it. "Thank you, but settled already. Appreciate offer, though." And his eyes zip straight back to his tray.

Callista sits at the table alone for the time being, devouring the pudding cup in short order before reaching over to pick at Alexander's tray of food. Her attention however is focussed on the interaction between Marcion and Alexander, never losing a moment to analyze social trends.

"Please Lieutenant, I would feel honored if you shared a table with me." Alexander says, "And eating with others around a good conversation is better than eating alone." As he looks up at Tisiphone as she enters he turns his head as this is clearly not your average officer and he smiles softly as he is glad to see an individual in a room full of drab colors, "Perhaps you could help me to get the woman over there." He points carefully, "Not her, the other one with the close hair cut. I think she might be having a hard time and perhaps you could help me convince her to join us at the table?" As Manny moves in there is another face the actor does not realize, "Or perhaps this other one as well? It could be fun?" His eyes drift over to his tray for a moment because he knows his sister and he reaches into his pocket showing her a hint of the chocolate bar he has, enough to let her know he has it.

"Frak, /enough/!" Tisiphone suddenly mutters, loud enough that's there's a momentary bubble of silence around her in the lineup. A count of one, two, three, and the Viper jocks behind her immediately burst into fresh peals of laughter. "Excuse me," she mumbles, cutting forward in the line, toward the end. Crossing paths with Manny, she glances to him as they both work over the fruit bowl for the choicest pieces, looking more than a little harried. "Hey," she offers, simply.

Malone pauses a bit just before he reaches the table. "Room for one more here?" he asks, after a few moments of pause. Otherwise staying silent, for now.

Callista looks up at Malone and motions to one of the empty spots, "Always an extra spot, a meal just isn't a meal without company." Then she sighs at the noticeable problems that Tisiphone is having, standing from her seat she smiles apologetically at Malone and says, "Sorry, give me a moment." A stern glance given in the direction of the Viper jocks as she moves beside Tisiphone. Reaching out to touch the girls arm lightly with her hand, she smiles and asks with concern, "Hey, is everything alright?

Marcion cringes as his name is called again. He is girding himself up to respond again when Tisi has her little outburst, and his own fears are quickly replaced wih a look of concern. "Apologies…" he says quickly, vaguely in Alexander's direction, "But was meeting with someone else. Ensign, saved seat for you…" No kidding. He saved an entire corner of the galley, apparently.

Although new to the military completely, the ensign seems to pick up oon ribbing pretty quickly. A scowl is given to the laughing viper jocks, and then a look of concern over to Tisiphone. Manny goes and gets himself a cup of coffee,., then off to find a seat.

Alexander looks at Marcion for a moment, "Perhaps, though it would seem that your friend has a lot of attention drawn to her? Perhaps you should both join us after all there is safety in numbers and you both get bragging rights to say you ate with a celebrity and they didn't?" Alexander is not about to give up on Marcion just yet as Callista has the other side of this situation, brother and sister teamwork, for the win!

Malone nods a little bit as he hears that, "Of course," he replies, as he moves to take a seat, attention going to the people present, then back to his food.

Tisiphone starts when Callista touches her arm, looking over a bit sharply. "What th-" she starts, before realizing who she's talking to. She seems to wilt a bit. "-oh-h-h. Sorry, Sir. It's nothing. Just grabbing something to eat." She lifts her dinner tray a fraction of an inch, by way of demonstration, before ducking her head in a nod and twisting away from the doctor. Beating a retreat in the least-populated direction of Away.

A Celebrity. Oh Gods. Marcion stares down at the table and mutters under his breath. A man who spent his whole life assuming that people wanted to talk to him. Was there a way to get any smaller? He could use a FTL Bubble to shrink to the size of a singularity… of course, then he would just appear somewhere else. Perhaps at that table? Darn Science. "Again, appreciate. Just looking to have quick meal and," he looks up at Tis, retreating his way. Well, she would escape. Right to him. Remembering the day before, the beet comes back and he is, again, staring at his tray.

Callista nods at Tisiphone and continues to look at her concerned, "Nothing to be sorry about, it just seemed like those jerks were giving you a hard time." She glares daggers back at the Viper jocks and asks, "Want me to speak to the CAG? Get them latrine duty or something?"

One of the ensign jocks chortles, calling Manny "altar boy" behind his back. Manny just smiles, turning and waving his left hand to viperhead. "Hey, man. Don't hate. At least this altar boy gets some," he indicates, the wgold wedding band on his finger. "Best to save that wrist action for something more useful. Like your viper." The fellow jocks all laugh, while their younger friend turns bas red as a Canceron beet. "I don't mind you dishing it with me being chaplain.. .. Best not to do it to someone who might save your sorry asses one day."

Alexander shrugs, "Very well then." There is a slight bow and a slightly disappointed look on his face, "Have a good meal, Lieutenant." With that Alexander moves back to join Malone and Callista. As he takes a seat he looks at Malone and Callista, "Well, I don't think they will join us." There is a beat, "And how much of my food is left, Kaycee?" He says taking a moment to see if his little sister nicked anything else from his tray. "Ensign Malone, its good to see you again." Alexander says as he takes a sip of his coffee. "Hey, Kaycee, I was thinking. I want to meet your admiral."

Tisiphone turns around, mid-retreat, steps slowing as she walks backwards away from the buffet tables and Callista. A very earnest shake of the head, along with weak laughter. "No. Really. I'd never hear the end of it. It's okay." She sounds embarrassed, but at least she's not turning pink. Yet. "Thanks, though." The last is mumbled so quietly that it's more lip-reading than hearing. After a few more feet, she turns and continues toward the empty galley tables, steps quickening.

Chugging the luke warm coffee and taking his fruit with him, Manny rushes out as his name is called on the intercom, informing him to report to Sickbay.

Marcion sighs, and a fork is raised to spear a piece of broccoli.

Callista leaves Tisiphone to her meal and sits back down with Alexander and Malone, "Most of your food is there you big crybaby, who can stomach this stuff anyways.." Wiping her hands on a napkin to signify to Alexander, she is entirely done with her food, she offers her hand to Malone, "Kathleen Aurelia, this living, breathing public spectacle is my brother. It looks like you two have met though."

"A pleasure to meet you again," Malone offers to Alexander. "Hope your research is going well." He then turns to shake that offered hand, "Tommy Malone," he introduces himself. "A pleasure to meet you. And yes, he was doing his homework yesterday, when we met."

Alexander raises an eyebrow as he looks mock hurt, "I beg your pardon, I am not a public dis…" there is a pause for comedic effect as he says almost absent mindedly, "Yes, yes I am a public spectacle." This is followed by a charming grin to his sister, "Shh, Kayce, I'm trying to go incognito isn't my disquise working?" Alexander continues to tease as he looks back at Malone and he nods his head slowly and knowingly as he adds for his sister, "See, I really am doing research." The only person in the room who will know that all of this joviality is a mask is his sister. For now he is acting like a public figure.

"You look like you want to eat /under/ the tables, too." Tisiphone has spotted Marcion — at the rate things are going, her mental crayon box will have one stick labelled Marcion Pink — and is now pushing her tray down onto the same table as his. She's across from him and a bit over to the side. Safe Approach Distance for Introverts and the Socially Gimped. Quieter: "Frak me, but it is always this busy at this time?"

"Under the tables?" Marcion asks, still staring at his tray. "Less socially acceptable. Of course, eating alone seems less socially acceptable, too." his eyes shyly go about to her chin. "Usually. Normally try to eat after peak but got distracted by project." A drink of water. "Under table might be nice. Alternately, could go home and build cushion fort."

Callista seems to be watching Tisiphone and Marcion together, ignoring her own tablemates due to her own preoccupied nature. Finally, lapsing out of it, she says softly, "Hey guys, how about those two?" She motions in the direction of Marci and Tisi with a subtle movement of her head, "Do you think they make a cute couple?" Considering the two of them for a few more moments, she says conspiratorily, "I wonder if they are a couple, maybe that's why they want to sit 'alone'." Followed by a girly laugh, yes even at her age she could still gossip like a teenage girl.

Malone was eating some of his food, but pauses at Callista's words, and looks over in the direction of the pair. "I don't know…" he offers, "Perhaps they do. Never been good at judging things like that, really." Eating some more of his food, now.

As it currently stands Callista, Malone, and Alexander are at one table eating and having a good time. There is a group of young petty officers making doe eyes at Alexander though off on the other corner of the room Tisiphone and Marcion sit at the awkward table attempting not to be seen. Alexander looks at Callista, "To early in the story to tell." He says as if this were a movie, "They might just be friends. I'll need a bit more information before I weigh in on the possibility of the two of them as an item. Though perhaps they share something in common?" The blonde headed blue eyed movie star shrugs, "Kaycee, I'm serious, I want to meet your admiral, Abbot, right?" Seems someone at the table has a sudden gust of ambition or perhaps his need for research outweighs common sense. Alexander looks at Malone, "Ever meet the, wait, what is the word you use, the old man?"

Good time? SOFIA CRUSH GOOD TIME! No not really. She's actually on duty and quietly slinking about with a clipboard in hand. She looks like she belongs at a poker table or on a corner offering someone 'some really good deals'. Even with a faint smile and humming a soft tune, it's nearly impossible to shake the shifty aura she gives off.

"How the hell do you figure out a jump in the middle of an asteroid belt, anyway?" Tisiphone is still sounding grumpy. Perhaps she's decided that everything going wrong today can be blamed on Uram's asteroids. "Frak, what a day." She pushes a mound of lentils around her plate with her fork, digging a pit into them.

Either way, she's checking in on things. Sofia checks the doors, hums softly and pauses, noticing there are people here. She blinks owlishly at the group. "Oh."

"Very carefully," Marcion answers, a small smile forming. FTL talk always makes him a bit cheerier, after all. "but not actually as dangerous as sounds. So long as avoid the largest asteroids, FTL Bubble pushes smaller debris out of way. No worry of, say, micrometeorite appearing in your lentils." He looks up again. "Pilot problems?"

Malone looks up again now, blinking a bit at Alexander, "You want…" A brief pause, as he finishes chewing, "You want to meet the admiral?" he asks, before he pauses a bit. "Why?"

… people. A lot of them. Sofia looks to her watch. Shakes it. "Oh - frak!" Dead watch! She shakes her wrist comically, looking like she just might take flight if she flaps her arms a little harder. She's checking the Galley… during lunch!? "… then I'm late for-" Oh nooooooo. Deadlines missed. Sofia gets an expression like an anvil just landed on her head. Flop. Talk about dramatics. "Awww." Heywait. She blinks at Lex. She - tilts her head. "Heywaitaminute." She looks to her dead watch again and shrugs. Might as well file in for lunch. She pauses looking over to the group at the table again. Peer.

As Sofia makes her way into the mess there is a moment where the shifty looking woman catches Alexander's attention and he stops to study the woman and he says, "Who is this woman and what is it that she does around here?" The sudden attention toward Sofia has the table full of women shooting death gazes from their eyes at Sofia but Alexander isn't paying much attention as he asks both Callista and Malone this question. "As for why I want to meet the Admiral, please, what do I have to be afraid of." The actor is not without fear since he has had to lead a 300 million cubit movie, meeting an admiral, thats nothing. "I once met Adar, that was almost un-nerving but it all worked out in the end. Nice guy. He was tough on education though." He looks back at Callista, "If I meet the admiral is there anything you want me to ask?"

Tisiphone caves Lentil Crater in on itself, then starts shoveling its north face into…well, her face. Finally, she'll heave out a sigh and say to Marion, "My friend's all bent out of shape over some stupid maneuvers we did. It's stupid." Also, it may be stupid. "If she doesn't snap out of it soon, it'd be cool if you'd forget to carry the two and put an asteroid in her bunk. Anyway. I guess you probably have a whole bank of machines running trajectory models to keep us from ending up in a rock."

Malone shakes his head a bit at Alexander, but gets back to his food now. Eating with a healthy appetite, it might seem.

"Not me, no. Astrometrics probably does, though." Marcion sighs. "Working on problem of obscuring jump signatures. Very likely impossible, but fun mental exercise. So long as avoid meatheads who fix every problem with guns." Another piece of Broccoli is consumed. "Will work on asteroid. Cannot jump bed under asteroid, but could possibly jump asteroid into bed." A small smile appears on his face. "Sounds like euphemism."

As it currently stands Callista, Malone, and Alexander are at one table eating and having a good time. There is a group of young petty officers making evil eyes at Sofia who is currently being looked at by Alexander though off on the other corner of the room Tisiphone and Marcion sit at the awkward table attempting not to be seen. "So, nothing you want me to ask Ensign Malone?" The actor shrugs as he is easily spottable as he is wearing white clothes with blue jeans and cowboy boots in a sea of greys, blacks, and greens. "I wonder what the Old Man is like." Alexander asks himself, "Clearly neither of you have met him or the XO. Hrm, what does that mean about Fleet life. It seems very hands off."

Eep. Death gazes. Fortunately Sofia makes her save with the power of Middle Management Weaseliness. Eh! she blinks at being looked at. Her inspection powers briefly nullified, the woman seems confused. As if she got superpowers from dropping paperwork on people. "M-me?" She blinks. Now she remembers. The fellow from TV! EEK. She smiles a bit at Tisiphone, but looks bewildered. At the mention of Astrometrics, she perks a bit. Heeey. Erp. She should say something. She manages a sort of "Hello. Sorry." Pleasedon'tglareatme. But even seeming somewhat normal, she can't shake that shifty look.

"If she doesn't get over herself soon, I'll just brain her with the damn rock myself," grumbles Tisiphone. "It's so stupid!" she suddenly adds, for the third time. Pointing her fork at Marcion, she says, "If you'd just finished a whole board's worth of integrating and were stumped on the last step, and someone gave you an idea to finish it, would you be pissed off at them for helping? She did all the work, all I did was get the last shot in. It's so-" She stops herself before repeating her sentiment for a fourth time, and digs back into her lunch. Grumpity grump grump.

Callista shrugs her shoulders back at Alexander and replies to her brother, "Um, nothing, please. Don't even mention me, the last thing I want is attention." Despite the fact that she couldn't stand the food? She's back to picking at Alexander's plate. Glancing back to Malone, she asks curiously, "Do what do you take care on this fine ship?"

Enter the Priestling into the crowded mess, her eyes distant, her thoughts somewhere distinctly elsewhere from the galley and its current inhabitants, and, on top of everything else, she seems to be muttering to herself in a fashion more reminiscent of crazypeople than priests, even gesturing with her hands as she walks straight past the mess line, then dawdles about, brows lowering until she remembers to turn around and get a tray.

"Nothing at the moment, no," Malone replies to Alexander, before he takes another bite of his food. Chew, swallow, and then he offers a half-smile to Callista. "Flying Vipers," he replies with a bit of a shrug. "Fun stuff, as long as there's no water involved.

Callista just did the worst thing any younger sibling can do, she told Alexander not to do something, "So, you don't want me mentioning your name at all?" He asks in the way a brother says that is both teasing and tormenting at the same time. "I mean, not even casually?" There is a big grin forming on his face now as his eyes twinkle mischievously. For now he is happy to let his tray get picked at since he has something ten times more delicious. Though as the crazy woman who is talking to herself enters there is a brief pause and then he looks back at Sofia and then he looks back at Callista and Malone, "Perhaps I have a new topic of conversation for when I meet the old man?"

What happens when crazy priest meets weasely middle management? Well, it's not exactly twu wuv. Maybe. Sofia shakes her arm again and glares at the watch. Stupid regulation issue muttermuttergrumble. She glances to Alexander and hesitates. "S-sorry, I was inspecting some things since someone broke a door and uh-" Um. Sadly, Sofia's not high enough rank to have attained the power to melt into a puddle and slide off Terminator style. "… guess my watch died because everyone's here." Sadface. She looks to the group apologetically. "This is more awkward than the time I found the riding crop in that desk." Her eyebrows furrow. And she blinks at Kath.

Callista raises her hands up in defeat, her sense of humor nonexistent at the moment, her tone bordering on furious with a touch of the dramatic, "You know what Alexander Aurelia? You do whatever you will and wherever you shall will it, but siblings we are no more!" She goes back to picking her brother's tray of food as if she hadn't said a word, offering a sly wink to Alexander.

Alexander looks up at Sofia, "I think I'd like to hear about the time you found a riding crop in a desk. Please, tell us more." The Actor watches Sofia, priests and awkward talk be damned this is a story that must be heard and he even flashy a movie star smile as his crystal blue eyes twinkle like the stars, his nose crinkles in an utterly cute manner, and the smile on his face is the sort that could make a woman melt to the floor Terminator style.

Malone pauses a bit as he listens at the moment, looking from Alexander to Sofia as he hears the actor's words. Looking slightly curious at the moment.

Marcion nods. "In school, many concerned with who FINISHED solving problem, as if mattered. If could not have done without earlier steps, what matter who took the last one?" He shrugs. "History, apparently, but never bothered overmuch with history. Too much science to do. Want roll? Took two, only need one."

"Nah. Thanks. I'm not really hungry." Tisiphone gives Marcion a crooked, apologetic smile, then starts pushing herself up to her feet. "I've gotta go. Patrol in an hour, and I still have to let Control know I've got a callsign…" Such. Dread. She lingers at the edge of the table for a moment, then abruptly turns to beat a hasty retreat, long legs carrying her to the tray-racks and garbage disposal, then out the door.

Karthasi comes through the line with a small bowl full of broccolis, a roll split in two with a knifeful of cream cheese scraped inside and two slices of lunchmeat folded in quarters, and a mug of tea. Not much of a meal, but it'll do. She keeps her eyes on the tray as she heads through the tables, waiting for a seat to present itself.

Oh no. Oh noooooooooo. Charm induces fear in weasels. Because that always means something is up. Always. Her left eyebrow twitches a bit. Sofia looks around. There's no little black hole to rip open and dive through, and she's fresh out of smoke bombs. What a spazz. Looks left. Looks right. No escape. Big dude blocking lunch line. She looks to Callista hopefully. Alas. "Well, it's really kind of boring I guess. Most engineering is to someone who really isn't into it," She rubs the back of her head. She waves to Tisiphone in passing. Poor lady. Sofia pauses. "See. I inherited the office space I work in from another middle management. It had a label on it that had some guy's name and a LOT of paperwork and these strange shiny pants but I've no idea why you keep shiny pants in a desk. The lady who had it before me was kind of scary though. Really high ranking management. She liked horses."

Alexander looks amused as Sofia gives her explanation, "So, in summation, engineering has been getting a little freaky." He doesn't make any judgments toward Sofia as he seems pleased with her answer. He looks over at Callista, "See, Kaycee, I knew this place was going to be a lot of fun. There are stories everywhere if you know where to look for them." Alexander looks back at Malone, "You see, everyone has a story. Most people have several and the trick is knowing when to ask for one." Alexander looks back at Sofia and he smiles warmly, "Thank you for your story." As Tisiphone leaves his eyes drop back to Marcion pointing out that there is still space at the table for the Lieutenant if he wants to join Callista, Malone, and himself at the table. Then again all are welcome to join this table.

Malone nods a little as he hears that. "Everyone has, yes," he replies, with a bit of a smile. "Not everyone would be willing to share them, though." finishing of his eating.

Marcion nods as Tisi leaves, and finishing off his meal keeps his eyes on the floor as he clears his tray, before heading for the door. Shoulders up, head down, he ninjas his way out of there.

Callista looks over to Malone and grins, "Try to be careful out there in your Viper, those things are notoriously dangerous to fly. It was a pleasure to meet you, enjoy the rest of your day." Offering a wave to her brother, she doesn't interrupt the conversation and stands from the table to leave.

"I … wait, what?" Sofia apparently hadn't thought of that. "Then that would explain- Oh -" Those watching the twitching engineer are treated to a sanity-melt down. D-deh! "Oh." That was something about an old superior she probably didn't care to think of. Her face turns a little green. "But she- but then-" Buh. If Sofia had air, she would deflate. Thump. At least he seems pleased with the answer? "I guess. I just wish people would take their things when they are done." She puts her hands on her hips. "But ummmm… sorry." She waves at the people going. "I shouldn't bother you guys. I'll have to meet you all sometime." A polite smile. She still looks like her sanity has at least, partially melted.
P gen=Lemme know when you are ready, getting out of rp now.
You paged Genesis with 'Lemme know when you are ready, getting out of rp now.'
@emit "Kaycee, I think I'm going to see if I can drop in on your Old Man." With that Alexander stands up and he leands in to kiss his sister on the cheek, "I'll let you know how it goes." Alexander turns back to Malone, "Take it easy Ensign and I hope to see you later." Then he stops in front of Sofia, "Relax, it was a good story. Next time flesh it out and build it up. You could catch the attention of those listening to you if you build it up a bit more." With that he says, "Alexander Aurelia and I hope to see you again, ma'am." With that Alexander gives another nod to the priestess and he is on his way out to meet with command if he can pull it off.

"Kaycee, I think I'm going to see if I can drop in on your Old Man." With that Alexander stands up and he leands in to kiss his sister on the cheek, "I'll let you know how it goes." Alexander turns back to Malone, "Take it easy Ensign and I hope to see you later." Then he stops in front of Sofia, "Relax, it was a good story. Next time flesh it out and build it up. You could catch the attention of those listening to you if you build it up a bit more." With that he says, "Alexander Aurelia and I hope to see you again, ma'am." With that Alexander gives another nod to the priestess and he is on his way out to meet with command if he can pull it off.

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