PHD #428: Au Pair, Where?
Au Pair, Where?
Summary: Little Kalli's kin discuss possible day care options.
Date: 30 Apr 2042 AE
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Evandreus Kallistei Quinn Trask 
Guest Quarters - Deck 3 - Battlestar Cerberus
Post-Holocaust Day: #428
The area here has been spiffed up for the Delegates. Bunks are kept neat as a pin, the lockers are brand new and have a beautiful shine on the fake wood. A table sits in the center with a vase of fake flowers resting in the middle. The deck has been mostly covered with a round, braided rug of multiple colors. To the back of the area, there is a private shower area. This is just one of five separate areas along Deck 3.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear

It figures that when Quinn /finally/ would've returned to the flightline it would be when Trask was still off of it. Although not as spry as usual, he's getting around just fine and healing really well. Foregoing smoking during this period of post-surgical recovery certainly helps. Those four (4) hours of designated CAP time that he's been required to sit out have been spent sitting for his wee namesake. And so it is that he's arrived, offering Maggie a bit of relief while she's been getting back into the swing of flight rotation.

The added babysitter has been of wonderful use, letting Maggie not rush back towards her bunks the moment she gets off CAP. However, today she does, still in her flight suit, helmet under her arm as she pushes the door to the family/guest quarters area. She ducks her head in, smiling towards the two. "Anyone home?" She inquires as she steps the rest of the way through the hatch and shuts it behind her. She's looking better than she has in ages, even with sweat plastered hair.

"Ain't nobody here but us chickens," Kal quips back, quoting an Aerilonian folk song. "'cept we're not chickens." Since these quarters were once designated to members of QUODEL, that means a few cushy reading chairs are part of the furnishings, and it is in one of those that the SL is currently seated. Nestled against his uninjured side, little Kalli is curled up in his right arm, using his chest as a make-shift pillow. "She definitely shits like a bird, though."

Quinn laughs faintly as she heads over, leaning down to kiss his cheek and then the top of her daughter's head before she moves to her locker so she can get properly changed. "Evan seems to love it. He can change every dirty diaper possible, if it were up to me. Because yes… I… swear she shits more than goes in. I didn't know that was possible." She admits with a smirk, peeling out of her flight suit and moving to hang it up. "How are you feeling?"

That kiss to his cheek tugs the corner of his mouth with a certain amusement, but there are traces of familial affection in his eyes, even if it doesn't linger longer that it takes for his ego to be validated. "S'far as I'm concerned, Evan can, too." Not that Kal really complains when he's on diaper detail, generally tackling such unpleasantries with his usual aplomb, now that he's long-since been thoroughly assured that all that mess really is just the way infants are. Three months after his initial freaking out, he no longer fears that he's going to somehow 'break' the baby. As to how he is, "Not dead yet. That makes it a good day, I suppose, all the inanity of existence notwithstanding. How was CAP?"

Quinn shrugs. "The same… boring and quiet. Which is good, probably… Still… I'm ready to… Get back into things, if that makes sense. Won't really know if I've still got it in me until shit hits the fan," Maggie admits, trying to sound casual about it, as if her words were more of a joke, but they're too close to her heart to really be a jest. She slips into her sweat pants and tanks over her shorts and sports bra and then turns back to both of them. "I hope she was good? Thanks again… I don't know what I'm going to do when we're all healthy."

Half-way through Quinn's changing process, Kallistei starts getting fussy. Perhaps she's been silently studying her Uncle's exasperating ways. "She was," he replies about her being good. Now, though, it becomes apparent that her mother better start catering to her whims or else crying will be the consequence. Not one to succumb to such manipulations, which might be why the girl is so well-behaved around Trask, the man still instinctively readjusts the wee one. "You doubtin' whether or not you're able to follow suicide orders?" It's a genuine question.

Quinn considers that question earnestly, though as she hears the cranky, whimpering Kalli her changing gets a bit quicker and she prepares to nurse. Both her AND baby are getting uncomfortable, frankly. She doesn't have an answer for Trask yet, but she does lean down and scoop up the baby, moving over to her bunk so she can nurse without being in full view of the room and making Trask uncomfortable. Finally, his question gets a quiet, "Yes… that… Hadn't really crossed my mind. I was more worried I'd lost my… touch… But I suppose that, too."

Discomfort, party of three: your table is ready. Although the answer isn't one he wanted to hear, Trask nonetheless is unsurprised. Dismayed, but unsurprised. "You were one of the best Raptor sticks even before most of the military was wiped-out. Your head not bein' where it's supposed to be is the only way you'll lose your touch, Mags." Faintly, he frowns, the expression augmented in his eyes. With the baby passed off, he can more fully brood over the dilemma.

Quinn slips a pillow beneath her arms, far enough into having an infant that she takes the lazy way into nursing these days. Tank top rolled up, body tilted to the side to hide the process as much as possible from her long time friend, she watches his face even as her child settles comfortably into an evening meal. "I get that… and when I'm out there… my head is there. I promise that. I leave her back here. Mind and body," she states without hesitation. She believes those words.

Perhaps it's all the years in the military that has desensitized the man to nudity, or simply that he's a pragmatic sort who groks that a breast-fed infant needs to actually be breast-fed, but the presence of his surrogate sister's bare breast doesn't seem to bother him. "I'm workin' on some sort of day care arrangements for Kalli, especially for when we hit Condition One." Quinn was able to get by thus far because she hadn't fully returned to active duty. That is no longer the case, and Kal would be a crap CO (and lousy BBF and uncle) if he didn't find a solution. "As it stands, it's not a problem to stagger shifts so that, for a large part of the day, anyway, one of us is watching her at any given time." That being himself, Maggie, Evan and Bran. On average, 10-12 hour workdays are the norm in the military. Even longer for those in leadership positions, and those working on special assignments. Which means that Trask doesn't do much sitting.

Quinn nods in quiet understanding. "Months ago, Toast mentioned getting special permission to bring a nanny aboard from the civilian ship. It might not be a bad idea, truly… especially if things get a bit more difficult," she offers thoughtfully, studying his expression to see how he might feel about that.

"If it's someone we trust," yes, we, because it is a family matter and they are a family, even if an untraditional one, "I have no problem with that. I suspect Toast can get the necessary approval from the MPs. But, yeah. If we can find someone suitable, that'd be best. Can't say I know many civilians, though, and the ones I do know are more the bodyguard type." Helios, Butcher, and Big Cubits as babysitters? Well, no one would dare mess with the kid, that's for certain, but even Kal knows that really doesn't suffice.

Quinn shakes her head gently, "I do not know many either… I know that Bunny was quite close with that woman with all the children… but I suspect she has entirely too many children to care for already, even if she'd be very good with the job. Perhaps Toast can recommend someone. If not…" Maggie frowns, "Day care in sick bay? It's a possibility, there's always a nurse on duty at least. For when timing gets tight." Maggie shrugs her freckled, pale shoulders, eyes dropping a moment and fingertips smoothing across the baby's brow as Kalli feeds with quite a bit of gusto.

Still sitting in that cushy lounge chair, Trask is quick to decree, "Definitely not suitable. She has a whole gaggle of kids," and they simply are not all going to be carted over to a military vessel. "Maybe Sawyer will have ideas. It's her job to know everything about everyone." Amused, he smirks.

Speak of the Bunny and here he is. A jaunty little hop-hop one foot at a time over the lip of the hatch and he's got his hands up and grabbing the ends of the towel still hanging draped behind his neck, sopping up any and all water still dripping from his hair post-shower, lest he soak his tanks. "Where's my Shortest little Kal?" he calls brightly as he enters, only to draw to a lazy stop by Boots, "Well, here's Tall Kal, and— oh!" he notes, looking down at the babe with a warm smile. "Sorry, ma'am, didn't mean to call up during dinner. Hi, mom," he appends, stepping to and leaning in to present Quinn with a filial smooch to the cheek. "What's up?"

Quinn nods in affirmation to the thought of Sawyer. "Not a bad idea, indeed… You're close with her, would you mind asking? Something to distract you from light duty, after all." Maggie almost is teasing about the 'close' part, though curious also. Wondering just -how- close. And then there is Evan bouncing in and she blinks, not really bothered that he's come while she's nursing, though she cannot hand the baby over immediately. "Bunny, hey… it happens. You can burp her." Evan gets all the messy jobs, it seems. She returns the filial kiss to his cheek.

"Buns," is the simple greeting. As for what's up, "Us, although not me for much longer." What would've been his designated CAP or alert status time has been spent babysitting, seeing how Bootstrap is still off the flightline for a while yet. And even if he's done a lot of paperwork while here, he still requires shut-eye. "Not sure what she'll know off-hand, but I'll ask if she's awake when I next swing by the brig."

As for how close the not quite couple is, Sawyer hid in his bunk for a few days after having been abducted and effectively tortured by the Areion goons and their Gun. No sounds of nookie were to be heard, though. Not even anything close to such. Granted, Kal has never been the sort to talk about personal things. Most people /still/ are unaware that he and Penelope Paris had become involved shortly before her demise on Sagittaron. And even if those close to him might've deduced the reason behind his anger, agitation, and surly depression, at that time, it remains something he never verbalized.

"Yay!" Evan is far too cheerful for the chore, leaning there over mom's shoulder a little bit to run the knuckle of his index finger gently over Short Kal's cheek hello. "Good thing Brother Bunny always knows where his towel is," he tells the little bundle. "Know off-hand about what?" he goes on to ask, looking up briefly toward Tall Kal, trying to worm his way into the conversation somehow or other.

Quinn nods quietly about Sawyer, "No reason to stress yourselves over it, but if you see her, ask." And Maggie is studying Trask closer. She knows he keeps his emotions as close to his chest as his undershirt, but she's one of his best friends. She must try. Still, she doesn't verbally push for more information. Bunny's question about knowing off-hand draws her muddy green eyes back to him. "Any trustable civilian who doesn't have a gaggle of children already that could provide day care for Kalli when we're all working again."

Evandreus already has his mouth open to suggest Mama Astra when mom precludes the having of any other children with. "What's the matter with a gaggle of children? Short Kal should have some time to get socialized," he points out. But his brain's still churning away on the new parameters of the question, "What about Jase?" he asks. A fellow Leontinian and peace-monger, he and Bunny totally get along. "Or… what's Breakout's cousin's name again? She seemed nice, and Breakout's really an awesome guy." And in the wing, no less.

Maggie can study the Taurian all that she wants. No details are forthcoming. Even if he honestly /knew/ what the frak is the deal with him and Averies, he'd still keep quiet and just let it become obvious based on his behavior towards the journalist. And since their relationship remains nebulous, there really is little to glean. The only response to be given is a vague nod about tapping Sawyer for some potential leads.

For the rest, Trask does tack on, "Someone who can handle things should we hit Condition One." With Quinn back to active duty, that means reporting to battle stations and launching on cue. As for Astra, it's just a bland, level look given to Evan, as if to say 'Really? You just asked /why/ a gaggle of children are not permissible on a /battlestar/?' The snark is saved for Jase, though. "Wasn't he that junkie Cylon-lover?" Pause. "He's not dead yet?" It's rather comedic the way it's asked, actually earnest and incredulous in addition to being biting. It is a question that belays any comment about Breakout or the rook's cousin, whose name and person the ECO doesn't know.

Quinn has gone mostly quiet now, as the men have started talking, and Trask has always been more practical about explaining away these things than Maggie herself. She's still a bit too softhearted for her own good.

Evandreus stands up again, though it couldn't be called straight for the angle of slouch still in his back. He folds his arms across his chest, and, as someone who had both been a junkie for quite a while and been rather fond of one of the subsequently revealed cylon models, he seems almost defensive in posture and tone when he answers, "Nnno…" in a slow, drawn-out syllable, "He's a good guy, Boots," he goes on. "And just because he has a moral objection to violence doesn't mean he loses his skull in a combat situation," again, as if he weren't quite only talking about Jase. "And I'm sure he's more than capable of following instructions for what to do if Condition One arises."

Trask has never really shown more contempt towards skinjobs than he has towards people, although that really isn't saying much considering that he is no lover of humanity. And even if he were aware of Evan's junkie past, he'd note that Evan has actually gone on to make something respectable of himself. What has Jase Hylas done for himself or anyone else? Not enough in the SL's estimation. "I don't /care/ if he's a good guy, Evan. Someone like that: (1) really would be hard pressed to get the necessary clearances to be aboard this ship, and (2) isn't going to be trusted with my niece. And while I'd prefer it if a would-be sitter would put a bullet through the teeny brain of anyone who'd dare harm our precious dumplin', it's not mandatory. Not alienating the crew aboard this ship, though, is a point of non-compromise." Jase is out. Bootstrap has spoken.

That said, the ECO finally gets around to Burke. "Breakout seems like a good kid. Definitely has balls an' keeps his cool. Doesn't give up. I like 'im. What's his cousin like?"

Quinn is quiet still, the baby finally finishing her feeding. "Here, Bunny… All yours." She reaches the growing bundle up to be burped so she herself can tuck everything else away from sight. Kalli's squirming a bit uncomfortably, but she will probably be better once she is burped. "…I do not really know break out either… I… I'll have to trust you boys on this one. I don't think I know any civilians."

If the Evan is agitated by Boots' refusal to yield, he's immensely pacified once more when the shorter of the two Kals in the room gets handed to him, and he situates her carefully against his chest, beginning to sway and bounce at his knees in a subtle motion to agitate the bubbles gently up from Short Kal's digestive tract, hopefully without bringing up a whole lot of boob juice with it. But his towel is still over his shoulder, just in case. While he's getting her settled, Boots, thank the Dead God, moves onto a more generally genial candidate. "Breakout's some kind of awesome. And he has such an adorable accent," he ads, apropos of absolutely nothing. "He and his cousin seem close, and if she's anything like him, I'd totally trust her to look after Short Kal if we have an issue to look after." An issue of the Cylon variety. "I only met her the once, though, at Breakout's Naming." And doesn't even remember her name. But Bunny's always been bad with names. It's part of the reason he just as often gives you one of his own.

"Breakout's the Knights' newest nugget. His first CAP was the during the Kepner mutiny. That skank Zooms completely blew-up his bird. Poor kid had to eject, and those jagoffs wouldn't let us S-A-R 'im. They took him prisoner. Bit 'em on their asses when he stole one of their fancy shmacny Vipers during the final smack-down. S'how he earned his callsign," is explained for Quinn's benefit. Trask then notes, "He's from Aerilon. Way down south. Thales. Anyway, like I said, he's got gumption. Real friendly sort, too. No idea about his cousin. Didn't even know he had one."

"Oh! Breakout. Burke. Yes. I know him, actually… he gave me the lowdown about the whole fight. And I know where his family's from… Hell… anyone from Aerilon is good on my end. Maybe I'll make an effort to meet her. And now…" Maggie smells her shirt, still sweaty from CAP, her nose wrinkles. "While you're here, Bunny, I need to shower. If you don't mind watching her… it… it was good to talk, Boots… we'll pick things up later on…"

"He still does," Evan sways and bounces, bounces and sways, rubbing Short Kal's back in round swirls with the palm of his hand as he does so. "She got picked up, too, though neither of them knew the other survived until they were on board." Dramaz! "I've got her, mom. You go do your thing, yo."

Slinking a little to sink further into the cushion, Bootstrap sprawls his legs, raising his arms in counterpoint. That done, head is tilted from right to left, likewise stretching out his neck. A few shoulder rolls are tossed in for good measure before he's easing up to his feet and collecting his things. "Well, speak with Burke about his cousin," is said to Evan. "I'll see if Sawyer can come up with any suitable candidates." Then to Quinn, a faint but fond smile. "We'll talk more later." And although it's not particularly ominous, there still is a sense that it'll involve more than casual conversation. A ruffle of Bunny's hair, then, followed by a kiss for Kallistei, and a passing tug of one of Maggie's pigtails. That all said and done, the ECO is out of there.

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