Astrid Ter Avest
Petty Officer 2nd Class Astrid Ter Avest
Parker Posey
Parker Posey as Astrid Ter Avest
Alias: ATA
Age: 26
Features: Black hair, brown eyes
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Department: Engineering
Position: Electrical/DC Technician


Immediate Family

Service Jacket

Physical Features

Nothing about Astrid's appearance suggests softness. Angular cheekbones and a hard glint in her dark brown eyes give her something of a forbidding countenance, though her tomboyish good looks manage to offset this somewhat. Her black hair is kept straight and just above shoulder length, which serves to slightly deemphasize her femininity and give her more of a workmanlike air. She's quick with a smile most days, though even her widest of grins seems almost predatory. Astrid maintains a slim, athletic figure, a legacy of her Pyramid days, and she moves with the supple grace of a woman who was once a first class collegiate athlete.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Astrid hates you all.

Actually, I've just been too lazy to work up a proper list. Watch this space!


  • Her name is notoriously well known to anyone who's followed collegiate Pyramid over the last several years, thanks to the events of the 'Delphi Game', as mentioned in the BG section.


Porno For Pyros — Cursed Female (note, NSFW)
Suzanne Vega — Blood Makes Noise
Queensryche — The Thin Line
Franz Ferdinand — Auf Achse
Leaves Eyes — Ankomst
Run Lola Run OST — Wish
Soundtrack of our Lives — Karmageddon
Prodigy — Smack My Bitch Up

Recent Logs


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