Astra Koios
Mrs. Astra Koios
Lalla Ward
Lalla Ward as Astra Koios
Alias: Northern Lights
Age: 24
Features: Blonde hair, green eyes, 5'0"
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Mrs.
Department: Civilian
Position: Artist / Art Teacher


Astra is an idealist and a dreamer. She believes in the essential goodness of people, and that, working together, people can still make a better life even in the worst of times. That belief has kept her going after Warday, through the time after she spent just trying to survive, and then coping with the loss of her husband. A native of Aquaria, she was stranded on Aerilon when the Cylons attacked, with no knowledge this was not an isolated incident. While not hiding or struggling to survive, she helped care for the refugee children, and sketched and painted scenes from the aftermath of Warday, along with portrait sketches of many of the refugees. Her art has been an escape, and also a way to preserve the memory of what was lost.

Immediate Family

Children: Evanthe Phaedra Koios & Evandra Phoebe Koios — born 16 September 2041 on Aerilon
Husband: Leto Koios — presumed deceased on Aerilon
Father: Leandros Chiron — presumed deceased on Aquaria
Mother: Daphne Chiron — presumed deceased on Aquaria

Work Experience

Sandhills Cove Cultural Center and School, Insley Island, Skerry Province, Aquaria — Co-Founder and Art Teacher — April 2038 - Warday

Physical Features

Astra Koios appears to be a woman in her early to mid-twenties. Her skin is pale ivory, freckle-dusted. Small and delicate-looking, she is no more than five feet tall with slender hands and feet, and her features are elfin, her eyes large and verdant. Her hair is long and wavy, hanging down past her hips, honey-gold and silken, though often braided or pulled back to keep it out of the way. Though she is very thin, her belly is a bit rounded from recent pregnancy.

Astra is wearing a jumper-dress of faded brown with a berry-red smock on underneath it, and sturdy, dependable, nondescript brown shoes. Dress, smock, and shoes have all seen rather too much wear, and neither the dress nor the smock fit properly, being rather too large, mostly hanging on her thin frame.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Leyla Aydin — Good-hearted woman, glad to call her a friend.
Evandreus Doe — He is a father-figure to the children, and the brother I never had.
The Children, A.K.A "The Pack" — Zander (11), Nestor (9), Tomas (8), Melissa "Missy" (8), Thera (7), Piers (6), and Petra (4). These are the children rescued with me from Aerilon. The pack has expanded to include my twin daughters Evanthe and Evandra (newborns).


Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Foods: Sushi and Chocolate, but not together.
Arts & Crafts: Painting, sketching, pottery, and harp-playing

Recent Logs


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