Memoir: Ask Trask
CPT Kal "Bootstrap" Trask is a lifer with a well-rounded service jacket. As a mustang officer, he has quite the perspective on military life. As a Taurian, he also has a strong opinion about pretty much everything else. For those who don't shy from harsh lessons, he's willing to teach.

Disclaimer: Kal Trask is not a professional counselor; he's simply been around the block and then some. Any advice given is a suggestion and not, by any means, a direction of action. In no way is anyone coerced into following this advice. It is hoped that the responses given will be helpful, but this column is NOT meant to replace seeking professional therapeutic assistance. Ever. As such, Ask Trask isn't liable or responsible for the decisions made by any of its readers.

TL;DR: Use common sense. You are responsible for your actions.

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