Historical Event: Artisans' Fair


The Artisans' Fair of Aerilon is a sight to see. It is said that almost anything can be purchased there, sometimes for a song. Literally. Artisans come from all over the planet, and even from distant Colonies to sell their works, purchase supplies and occasionally find apprentices to further their craft. Held in the early part of Spring, the Fair is dedicated to Demeter and her daughter Persephone and is seen as a celebration of the younger woman's release from Hades. The Eleusinian Mysteries are celebrated over the course of the final weekend, giving the Fair a distinctly ecclesiastical air.


The fair opens with an invocation to Demeter and Persephone. Typically, this begins with a bit of pageantry as representatives of the five primary crafts; textiles, glass and ceramic works, woodworking, smithing, and minstrelsy act out the return of Persephone to her mother. The parts of Demeter and Persephone are played by the outgoing and incoming Miss Aerilon.

Over the course of the following week, the fair consists of exhibitions of skill and artistry, competitions ranging from 'sheep to shawl', 'iron to shoe', weaving, song writing, etc. At the end of the week, a ceremony is held to present prizes to winners. The various crafts name new journeymen and masters at the ceremony. Generally, these honors are awarded by a quorum of craft masters and the names of those to be advanced is a closely guarded secret. This year, CraftMaster Agathe Leonidis will be retiring and CraftMasters from the Twelve Colonies are expected to gather to elect her replacement.


CraftMaster Agathe Leonidis: A woman long in years and experience, CraftMaster Leonidis has championed the cause of hand-crafted goods for most of her eighty + years. She is a fierce woman, whose mane of crystalline-white hair marks her lineage as surely as does her aquiline Caprican nose. Unmarried, independent, and unrepentant, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Master Adonis Tholosia: Master Tholosia is head of the smithing craft. He is a big, bear of a man with corded muscles and coal dust beneath his nails. Although it is rumored that he shaved his head clean of all hair during his apprenticeship and journeyman-ship, but now he wears it in a nice, if long, pony tail. He is fair minded and even tempered, though capable of violence when riled. The Masters who serve under him respect, like or revile him depending in large part on how he feels they practice and represent the craft.

Master Harold Farthing: Master Farthing is head of the textiles craft. Tall and wiry, he is a whipcord of a man with fingers deft enough to weave the finest fabrics and embroider the most exquisite silken tapestries. A taskmaster of the first order, he tolerates neither slovenly appearance nor imperfect work. Despite being a rather difficult man, his encyclopedic knowledge of fabric, dyes, stitches, and techniques keeps him in his position. Even though he knows that he is not liked, his dedication to the craft keeps him happy.

Master Felia Aconia Leveticus: Master Leveticus is what every bard should be. Her ability to weave word and music together is near legendary. It is whispered that she is consort to Apollo himself, though it is a rumor she gently denies. She runs her craft with care, affection, an eye toward the dramatic and resilience. Although her ability is touted, it is said that her assistant, Master Theo Harcourt, is the 'brains behind the beauty'.

Master Antoinette Veritas: Master Veritas is a wizened woman of elder years. Renowned for her work with prescription glass, she wears her own lenses in defiance of her doctor's offer of new eyes. Apt to smack her lips when annoyed, the woman is as unrepentant as she is apolitical. Masters below her secretly thank all the Gods of Kobol that she has no political leanings, for she would be a formidable, if archaic leader. Her skill with glass, ceramic, and porcelain is still unrivaled, which makes an apprenticeship with her sought after. It is rumored that she means to make an announcement at this year's fair. Some hints that have dropped lead those in the know to speculate that either she has made a new and exciting discovery. Others, claim that she means to retire.

Master Sibylla Carter: Master Carter is a short, stout woman with a mess of fire-touched curls drawn tightly to the base of her skull. Her eyes are a flashing blue-green, a cunning intelligence reflected there. Stronger than she appears, Master Carter has been known to sling apprentices as well as logs around with equal abandon. Her skill with the tools of her trade are unparalleled, however. A fiery passion burns within her heart, and she is as volatile as she is cagey. Well respected, those in her craft still tend to stay out of her way.

Master Marcus Ultanari: Master Ultanari is a newcomer to the fair. He represents a group of craftsmen and women petitioning for inclusion in the quorum of five. It is rumored that he intends shedding some unfavorable light on one or more Masters named above. It is also said that he means to win status for the smaller crafts whatever it takes.

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