PHD #055: EVENT - Arrr, Here Be Cylons
Arrr, Here be Cylons
Summary: In light of recent Cylon boardings, the CMC rounds up a motley crew and gives them some target practice.
Date: 22 Apr 2041 AE
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Deck 8 - Storage - Battlestar Cerberus
It's a generic storage room aboard Cerberus. There are crates piled up and boxes of equipment kept held in place with web-straps. Some stacks are more than tall enough to hide a standing human. The crates are sturdy metal, the sort that look like they'd make good cover.
Post-Holocaust Day: #55

After the mayhem of being boarded by genuine, human stomping Cylons, perturbing reports of crew members unable to find arms lockers, and so on had filtered back. This is Not Good(TM) as evidenced by how the Cylons blew through certain quarters. To that end, the Marines have set aside a few warm bodies and offered tours to show folks where com systems are and arms lockers. It's basic and simple, mostly where things are and the stash of AP rounds are. While boarding procedures apply to any intruders, Lunair does carefully remind the group that using an AP round on a person is wasteful and well - kind of cruel. If there are human intruders, try to subdue them instead. Regardless, after the little tour for those who wish it, she leads the group to where there'll be some practice dealing with boarders who might pop out from anywhere.

"We noticed that they did go for Marine berthings, MedBay, repair areas and CIC first. So if we do get more toasters, those areas tend to be hit first." In other words, if you work there, keep your eyes open and bread ready. "CIC and MedBay are two areas that aren't decompressed in the event of intruders though," If she remembers what Oberlin mentioned anyway.

Cerberus is by far the largest ship that Cilusia has ever served on (and rightly so, being the biggest and newest in the fleet, before the shit started going down), so, this tour is sort of a welcome relief. Even more so considering that she was down in the repair bay when the wall blew open and toasters started pouring through. It's not really a good feeling when toasters are thumping along the deck of the repair bay and the most defense you can muster is a wrench. So, here Cilusia is in off-duties, trudging along with the group, headed up by marines, taking note of where the arms lockers, intercom boxes and security points are on each deck. As per the Chief's previous orders, she's more than happy to partake in the practice exercises to learn a little more about what to do in the even that the repair bay is breached in the future.

Tisiphone has tagged along for this particular tour for a change-up in her physiotherapy routines. She hasn't asked many questions, seeming familiar with much of the information LTJG Lunair is passing along — or faking it well. In fact, the only question she asks is to clarify which of the many varieties of ammo are the AP rounds for rifles, versus the AP rounds for pistols. All the various ammo specs look dizzyingly alike, if you're not trained to tell them apart.

Angelica follows along with the tour, her notepad out as she takes notes oddly enough. Sure she knows where the military keeps most of these things anyways, she been wandering the decks longer then most of them. But maybe they moved something. She listens as she walks, speaking up a bit…"And why exactly are the called toasters? Doesn't that give toasters a bad rap. I mean I got a Talkie the Toaster at home…not really evil. Sure it tries to get you to eat toast all the time, but thats just it's nature."
Having served on land until he ended up on the Cerberus, Malone was quite thankful for the refreshing of all this information. Following with the others, he listens thoughtfully, keeping silent for the moment.

Lunair is happy to explain the differing types of ammo and how they're sorted in the lockers. "To be honest, I'm not sure where the name came up," Lunair admits. "I do like toast though." Ponder. She shrugs. "I am sure true toasters know what we mean." Smile. "The fun part comes soon. We were authorized to bring some lasers and vests similar to those used in the MOUT. However, this go-round, you're allowed to have simulated AP rounds." She's willing to even the odds. "But the attackers will be more ambushing than the other way around," She explains and quietly leads them to a few boxes of the stuff. "And do note that they did hit many places all at once, so in the event that happens your best bet is to avoid the central stairs, defend what you can and if you see others nearby, group up with them. But … mind the central stairway." It's narrow and last time largely became a body pit.

A body pit is putting it mildly. Tisiphone's still trying not to think about how they got blood all the way up to the ceiling. "So it's a recreation of last week's attack, then, Sir?" she asks.

"Big spaces with tiny doors work real well…" Cilusia tosses out there for the masses. "We were down in the repair bay, then into one hangar deck, then into the other pod with the civilians. Each time we feel back, we gained a few folks. Pilots and deckies, mostly, but an MP here and there. And every time, we got a chance to drop a door between us and them. Didn't buy a lot of time, but some is better than nothing when it comes to finding cover and thinking up a plan." And yeah, she knows first hand that the AP rounds seem to be key. No sense in shooting at the Cylons if solid hits are just ricocheted off by their armor.

"Oh man, not these things again," Cil says of the training gear. "They're nice and all, but a pain to get on, and a pain to fix when they break…"

Malone is unable to hold back a half-grin as he listens, pausing for a few moments to consider something. Not saying anything, though. That's until he hears Cilusia's words about the training gear. "Then don't break it?" he offers, with a broad grin.

Angelica says, "Hmmm, an interesting idea..shoot them. I suppose that is the best option if you know how to use a gun. Though you know, if you think they're gonna come back…you could lay some traps for them. Maybe some electromagnets under the floor…stop them in their tracks…""

Tisiphone turns to look back at Angelica, pale brows lifting up paler forehead. She stares at the woman bemusedly for a few seconds before looking back to Lunair. "Little point in checking our sidearms with standard ammo at this point, too. It's all well and good to know where to get the AP rounds, but better if we've already got them, /if/ we're caught with only our sidearm."

"Their necks seem to be somewhat vulnerable, but don't waste time if you don't have it to sit there and aim," Lunair notes. Or if you're not big on shooting all the time. "Yeah. You can probably keep a clip or two of AP ammo with you, although- our supplies are finite," She adds quietly. And the odds of human boarders are slim to nil really. She is quiet for a bit, helping unload gear with a grunt. She smiles, a bit bemused by all of it. "Well. I would be careful laying traps about. Repair bays and such aren't my domain," And she's not really sure, "But I'll mention the idea in the future." A few nods at Cil. Wisdom there. "We'll help you suit up as well. There's a few Marines hiding and pretending to be toasters. Once this is all done, I set aside some things for after, like candy." So there is some positive reinforcement. At Tis' question, she shakes her head, "Yes and no. We don't want to disrupt folks, so we're really only using a room or two."

Ahhh, the dredded combat simulations gear! It looks like an official version of laser tag equipment. Each set of gear has a vest with the hit computers and things on it, sensors all over. When a strike is recorded, the vests are capable of exerting pressure via inflatable cuffs to restrict movement and make it more difficult to function in simulation of wounds. A display of colored lights represents the severity of the injuries, and will go from green to amber to angry red when you're 'dead.' The rifles and pistols too simulate the look and feel of real Colonial weaponry, with adjustable simulations setting for ammunition type. These are all configured for AP rounds. The vests and things are configured to offer no protection against Cylon bullets, since the point of these exercises is to give practice to the crew members least likely to have combat gear!

Cilusia, having done this once before, helps in getting the gear out of the storage totes, getting herself in one first (with the help of an MP or two), then sets about helping others into theirs. "The name of the game is survival, of course. For us, it was just staying alive long enough for the pros to get there." Meaning, the MPs. Deck and pilots, having less training, less experience, less skill, and less gear, need to worry about living, not going Rambo and taking out toasters.

Malone keeps quiet as he gets the gear, and puts it on as he looks around for a few moments. Glancing around for a few moments, he waits for any possible final instructions.

Angelica gets the nifty toys, looking them over. "Interesting…I've seen things like this used before, when I filmed at that boot camp…should be…unusual to say the least." She looks around, "Now wheres that barn?"

Tisiphone is studying the laser tag / MOUT gear with some interest, having missed the earlier exercises due to her broken arm. Nodding along to Cilusia's words, she says, "If you're- if there are Marines nearby, for the love of each and every god, listen to what they're barking at you. They're trained to do this. We're not." She gives her right shoulder a cautious, testing roll and twist before stepping forward to get suited up with the others.

Lunair listens, and nods. She'll help anyone who likes with their gear. "There you go," She'll help a deckie with his kit as needed. Lunair smiles. "I'll mostly be watching this one I think, unless one side is very lopsided," She explains. And to make sure no one's gear gets stuck. Spontaneous combustion really shouldn't be a factor after all. She looks to Cilusia and nods. "Let me know when you're all ready, I'll look over you and we'll get going." And there IS candy afterwards. Hooray.

Once everyone is equipped, they're instructed to take cover. No other instructions are provided, while the scenario is read out by the MPs. "Alright folks, here's the situation. Try your best to get your minds wrapped around it, since we ain't exactly in a hangar deck or berthings or CIC," he barks. "Wherever you were onboard, the intruder alarm has been sounded. You've managed to survive this long, and along the way, you've grouped up with some MPs. Pilots, you were given sidearms, if you didn't already have. I know not all y'all carry them around. Civvies…deck…you were lucky enough to get a gun tossed your way, or pull it off a corpse. Gruesome, but you do what needs to be done! You've scampered through the decks to this point, and now your back is mostly to the way. It's hold out or get killed. This room is to your advantage, thanks to LTJG Lunair. She's brought you here because…" he stops, pointing at the various stacks of cargo, and the single door. "Figure it out." Then he steps aside, and lets the exercise begin.

The deckie hides herself away behind a cargo container and waits, peeking over the top at the hatch, as something out there stomps down the hall as best it can.

Angelica hmmms, as she gives the room a quick once over.."The camera needs to be over there…yeah, so it can see the whole thing.." as she starts to move towards some crates, "Right, right…clear view, lots of action…" She moves up behind the crates, and ducks down a little….but not much…can't see alot if you duck down too far.

Stacks of cargo, and a single door. Righty-o. Tisiphone takes cover behind one of the cargo crates and lines up a shot with her trusty lazor-facsimile pistol at the door. Her right arm still isn't entirely up to snuff; her expression looks a little pained.

Lunair is herself, largely quiet. She's playing the role of a token MP here and there. She smiles politely to deck crew and pilots in passing. Although Tis gets a briefly concerned look. But she soon hides it.

Malone mutters something under his breath as he looks around, moving to duck down hehind one of those crates. Not taking any aim in the direction of the enemies' approach yet.

From the outside of this storage room, the 'Cylons' begin to breach the hatch. This is no security door, unfortunately, nor is it a heavy hatch. It's just a normal hatch from hall to storage room. Not much of a challenge for thinking, super strong, armored robots to open, right? And open it does. Backlit by the brighter hall (unfortunately, you can't interrupt the operations of a whole deck by dimming the lights, so, you make due), the first two Cylons enter and open fire. They're indiscriminate about where and what they shoot, quickly identifying the stacks as locations that the fleeing humans might have taken for cover. The door, thankfully, is only wide enough for two to come through at a time - a natural pinch point.

From behind her cargo container, Cilusia looks at the others around her, and peeks out, trying as best as she can to line up a shot and nail a toaster, without their wild firing striking her.

Angelica hmmms, as she looks at the gun and yes it's pointing the right way. "Now lets see, how do they do this in the vids…right right…" as she turns it sideways. "Say Hello to my little friend…" and she pulls the trigger.

Alas! Lunair is not very police-y looking is she? She will take a potshot at a pretend toaster, although she doesn't pull into cover herself preferring to take heat over less armored sorts. Right? Right. "Find cover if you can," she notes. "If this were really happening, someone would be getting on the coms to let others know," Ack lazers!

Tisiphone has vivid memories of how utterly useless her sidearm was against the Centurions. Of course, she was shooting offhanded and with a cast, so even ricocheting a shot off the armour was a small victory. She hesitates a little as she tries to line up a head shot on one of the faux-Cylons, mouth primmed in a tight line.

Malone takes a few moments to aim as he sees the other sides entering. Using the top of the crate to steady his pistol before he pulls the trigger.

The fog of war isn't just an expression. It's a genuine phenomenon. As the faux toasters pop out and scramble at folks, fire is exchanged. The Cenarions prefer full auto, spraying at their human targets and apparently inflicting as much damage as possible to freaking everything. It's an offensive-leaning style meant to catch those being boarded off guard. Fortunately, a few respond. Lunair hefts her rifle in turn. Lasers fly, and one of the faux-Cylons' gear gives off the sound a cow and Tara Reid make when dying. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK. There's one down! Horray! His buddy has taken a few hits too, his gear fweeping and squawking. Although to mimic the Cylons' durability, he's not quite down just yet. It's generally very confusing. But there's some results it seems. "Well done," A soft voice offers amidst the lazers. It seems like more might be coming. Possibly.

Quite uncharacteristically, Cilusia's little burst strikes the Cylon attacker. The gear responds, tightening and making it difficult for him (it) to move; the Marine pretending to be a Cylon limps along, still quite able to lift the arm-mounted machine gun and fire away. Keeping a bead on this target, and shrinking back behind cover when they open up, Cilusia attempts to put the 'thing' out of its misery!

Angelica frowns a bit, "Well, it looks so much easier when the military does this…" as she flips the gun up now. "Maybe I shoulda took those lessons they offered…" and she fires again. Sure the crates near her are being chewed up, but thats not gonna get her down.

Malone frowns a bit at his shot, then leaves the cover he has, to make it as fast as he can for another of the crates. Firing off a shot as he moves, though.

As one Cylon falls, two more storm in. They're like some 'shiny steel' hydra, though in this case, played by Marines. Behind the first, one of which has already fallen, two more enter. With their crippled comrade in the middle of the room, these two apply divide and conquer techniques.

Those near Tisiphone seem to be spreading out. There's a quick side-to-side glance on the Ensign's part, a frown coming to her face. With a deep breath, she resquares her shoulders for another shot at her previous target. Focus fire, the Marine shouted at her; she does the best she can.

Lunair is quiet, although she's helping out a bit, watching who does what..

The second 'Cylon' through the door finds his simulations vest squawking angrily, all lights red, as he falls to the floor 'dead.' The other two pouring in behind, fire indiscriminately. Unfortunately, they seem to fail at their job of suppressing, as they allow the crew to return fire and mow down their partner. Instructed to simulate Cylon behavior, they keep the pressure on, continuing to pour 'bullets' at the humans without regard to their own survival. No cover for them!

Malone doesn't quite duck behind the crate he's moving for now, but kneels not far from it, taking aim for the chest of one of those 'Cylons'. Taking a deep breath as he pulls the trigger.

Angelica blinks as she actually hits something. "Well look at that…we gotta try that again. Oh poo, he fell down." She picks out another pop-tart, and takes aim at him. "Ok, your turn then," she says as she opens fire.

This time, the Cylons' apparently lack of ability to hit them causes Cilusia to gain a little confidence. She lays the rifle on top of the crate, and attempts lining up a shot at the head of one of the remaining Cylons.

So far, so good — or at least, so not-yet-dead. Tisiphone's spot isn't at risk of being overrun yet, and so she continues to hold her ground, switching her target to the next faux-Cylon, aiming high for its vulnerable head. Her eyes are a little creased at the edges with a held-back wince.

Lunair is largely watching although she takes a potshot as best as she can, avoiding having more shots taken at her. Ack hey! Beep!

For now, the confusion continues. The "Cylons" have settled into their positions and are merrily lazering away. Well, not really merrily. Regardless, poor Angelica's equipment will let loose with that horrid squawk. "That's alright, you did pretty well," Lunair offers quietly. She lasted longer than most! Right? Right. Lunair is surveying things and watching the action.

Tisiphone's a little jumpy, it seems — when Angelica's gear squawks that she's been disabled, she startles like a spider just ran up her back. It takes her a second to get her concentration back on the lazor combat before her.

Malone fires off a shot, waiting for the next incoming attack, as he stays on the same target now…

Cilusia shifts her target to the other Cylon in the room, and lets loose a burst at it!

Angelica cries out, "I'm hit!" as she tries to twist away, the shots striking her arm, shoulder and chest. She begins to waffle back and forth a bit. "It's getting dark…so cold…I feel the icy hand of death upon my brow…" Placing her arm over her forehead, "I go to join the ones that left before be…bereft of life, I join the choir invisible…" and she falls to the floor.

Speaking of icy hands of death upon brows. Tisiphone's attention is split between distractions, and she doesn't even notice Reed's lazor pointed her way until her own gear squawks loudly. GAME OVER. PLEASE INSERT NEW SKULL TO CONTINUE. Her faux-death throes are far less interesting than Angelica's — she just says, "Ouch. That's it for me," and plunks her backside down on the ground where she'd been standing.

"That's… pretty good acting," Lunair blinks at Angelica. Alas. The sounds of more 'fallen'. It's a veritable noisebox in here. BWAAAAAAAANK BWAAAAAAAANK! "It's alright, it's just practice. Sometimes a fight comes to luck," Lunair notes. She takes another potshot.

The Cylon advantage starts to become more apparent now; their full auto weapons and large ammo reserves start to take their toll on the hiding humans. The cargo crates that were offering some protection are starting to be too shot up for effectiveness. The deckie that had popped up to try and fire a burst off gets mowed down with shots to the upper chest, the devices beeping angrily and flashing red, as Cilusia too sinks to the floor to sit this out. The rest of the way. The rifle is there for someone to snatch up now, Malone being the only living human without a rifle already.

Malone moves to scoop up the rifle as he sees Cilusia getting downed. Discarding his pistol, he readies said rifle, preparing to fire.

Oops. "Ow," Lunair blinks as her own gear squawks. She sits too, and looks to the others. "Well, just a shot to the head. Nothing important," She notes wryly. She watches poor Malone, the hope of humanity.

Malone blinks at the enemies still miss him, shaking his head a little. "Looks like hope is low on the list, now." A brief comment as he prepares to fire another shot.

When the fourth person goes down with their equipment beeping and flashing, the Marines playing Cylons let up. The one MP that had started the exercise and steps back into the middle of the room, holding up his arms while whistling, loudly - a sign that the exercise is over. Five on four, with only one trained Marine on the team, two Centurions gunned down, two more damaged, but highly functional, four humans mowed down, and a pilot left, it was clear to him that the exercise was over. At his instruction, the devices are disabled from a control panel.

"Alright! I think this exercise is just about done! You did as well as you could, and got two of those 'bastards,'" he says with a smirk to the two gunned down marines. "The second two got a bead on you though, and superior firepower overcame. That's the advantage and disadvantage of backing yourselves up like this. You have the cover, you have the pinch point, but nowhere to run if they overwhelm you like this. "All in all, that was fairly good, given that we had some pilots, a deckie, and even a civilian. You all got a few nice shots in!"

"That was really well done," Lunair agrees, unfastening her gear. No one bugged out hey? "There's some candy to be had out the doorway," She explains. "But at least this time, we did a bit better," Than the MOUT exercises. "I appreciate your coming out. Normally, the full ship would drop what they are doing if bad things start trying to board." That and the coms would go off, rooms would decompress, and so on.

"Did better than I thought we would," says Tisiphone, picking herself up from her temporary deathplace and dusting herself off. To Malone: "Nice shooting, Splash." She heads over toward the gear-crates to start dismantling the lazor gear and help get it packed away again.

Angelica gets up off the ground, "Well, I think were gonna have trouble. That happens for real….yeah, tell me about it. We're gonna need to try something else….I think I might have an idea…right, yeah, ok, we check into that later." She smiles a bit, as she looks at the others. "Interesting, I'll give you that," she say, as she starts to take off the gear.

Ciusia peels herself up from the deck as well, popping the straps and Velcro fasteners on the gear. "Might even be that we'd get some MP help from behind. That would've been a huge help, clearly. Pop those things in the back, right?" Smirking a bit, she pats Malone on the shoulder on her way to dump the gear back in the crates. "Sorry about that…I'm sure you would've joined us in the afterlife if it weren't just an exercise!" Morbid? Yes. True? Probably! Joking? Youbetcha!

"You guys got lucky there," Malone remarks a bit lightly in the direction of the two remaining pseudo-Cylons. He then starts removing that gear, offering a half-smile in return to Tisiphone. "Thanks. Liked the sudden skill for not getting hit a bit better, though. If I only could be that good at not getting hit while flying as well, the future would improved a bit." He then nods a little to Cilusia, offering a half-grin, "If they'd only been able to shoot properly, I probably would, yes." Said a bit lightly.

"Thanks for letting me join in, Sir," says Tisiphone to Lunair, as she shrugs out of the last of the lazor-gear. "Appreciate it." She bobs a nod to the woman, and then she's off. Exit: Stage Candy.

That, and the Cerberus has her own defenses. Luanir is quiet on them, and will help people out of her gear after her own is taken off. "I'm not quite the host Cadmus is sadly," She grins a little. "But I shold thank him for his idea." SHe smiles at Tis. "See you, and it was a pleasure. Thank you for coming out." A wave. "You all did well." Candy will be doled out accordingly.

Malone heads off, after having gotten the gear off and where it's supposed to be. Where he goes? Nobody knows. Or something like that. He's probably heading back to his bunk to get some rest.

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