Arriving IC: New Characters

The most common question that comes up when a new player is apping is: How could I have gotten aboard the ship?

There are several ways a character could have joined and integrated into our little world from the time the game began - and the good ship Cerberus launched - up to the present IC day. The following are applicable to both military and civilian characters, except for the final entry, which would apply solely to military characters.

  • I've Been Here The Whole Time, Really: Your character was with the ship when it launched from drydock at Leonis on February 16, 2041, less than a month prior to Warday. In addition to the rank-and-file military who were assigned to the battlestar, this included a civilian delegation called the QUODEL Cerberus - two hundred thirty-seven (237) men and women charged with evaluating the performance of the Fleet's newest battlestar for the Quorum of Twelve. See the QUODEL Cerberus tab on the Dramatis Personae page for more information about this organization.
  • Rescued from parts of southern Sagittaron between Aug. 19, 2041 and Sep. 12, 2041: In addition to civilians from the general area (see the Sagittaron info page and various logs from that campaign), a number of Marines stationed on-planet for pre-attack anti-insurgency operations were rescued.
  • Rescued from Aerilon between Sep. 16, 2041 and Nov. 14, 2041: See the Aerilon page and logs in general. Survivors have been found in small pockets all across the planet.
  • Rescued from Tauron, from Nov. 21, 2041 to Jan. 08, 2042: See our Tauron page and various logs from the Tauron arc section.
  • Possibly transferring from the Praetorian or Corsair. We are NOT accepting transfer PCs from the Areion at this time, though we may ask or allow players to NPC Areion personnel as specific plot needs arise.

OOC Note on dates: All IC dates given correspond to RL dates, with the exception of the year. 2041 AE=2010 IRL, and so on.

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