Arkat Galyian
Sergeant Arkat Galyian
Mark Meer
Mark Meer as Arkat Galyian
Alias: 'Pipes'
Age: 29
Features: Black hair, Brown/White eyes
Colony: Picon
Rank: Sergeant
Department: CMC
Position: Rifleman

SGT Arkat Galyian was killed on 08 May 2041 AE when dowsed with flash freezing coolant in the MolGen Laboratory located outside the city of Kythera, Leonis.


Immediate Family

TBA - Two brothers in the CMC.

Service Jacket

Fort Landros - Fort Landros, Picon - Boot & first 6 months of service.
Escort Carrier Marsyas (CEC-198) - First Actual deployment onto a Colonial vessel. 1 year.
Support Frigate Charon (CSF-1644) - Transferred, served aboard for 9 years until transfer to Battlestar Cerberus

Physical Features

Narrow, odd eyes join with a nose that curves a little more to the right than a nose really should on a man's face. The oddness of his eyes being that while the right is a perfectly normal brown, his left contains not a hint of color. Just a blown-out white iris. Other than that, the thin features on a narrow face are genuinely unremarkable. Even a few pock-marked scars the size of pinheads on the left jaw do nothing to make him stand out. Shaven black spikes of hair cling to his scalp like they might fall out of he moves too much, giving a little contrast against light skin.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • He was half-raised by a theatre-performing mother. The guy can sing. And dance!
  • Has a couple of tattoos hidden about his person.
  • Blew out an iris in a decompression incident.
  • Hasn't set foot on a planet in over 6 years. Bonafide spacer.

Recent Logs


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