Anthony Argento
Specialist Anthony Argento
Daniel Wu
Daniel Wu as Anthony Argento
Alias: Tony
Age: 27
Features: Black hair, dark eyes, 6'1
Colony: Libran
Rank: Specialist
Department: Weapons
Position: Gunner


Specialist Anthony Argento is a gunner serving aboard the Battlestar Cerberus.

Immediate Family

Alexander Argento (father) — deceased, heart failure, 2134.
Nicole Argento (mother) — was living on Libran before Warday. No contact since.
Marc Argento (brother) — was living on Libran before Warday. No contact since.
Katryn Argento (sister) — was studying on Caprica before Warday. No contact since.

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
2038 Recruit Boot Camp/A-School Enlisted on Libran at the age of 24. Trained as nuclear missile operator in A-school.
2039-2041 Crewman Gunstar Sarpedon Served as gunner on board the Sarpedon.
2041-present Specialist Battlestar Cerberus Served as gunner on board the Cerberus.

Physical Features

Argento is just over six feet tall and has a lean build. His straight black hair is buzz-cut on the sides, and neatly combed on the top. He has thick, arching eyebrows, and narrow dark brown eyes. His face has a long shape with high cheekbones, and his nose is tall and narrow.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Profile Name Argento's Thoughts
Devlin_icon.jpg Alex Devlin I've known Alex longer than anyone whom I know to be alive. A decade ago, our paths diverged, and now they've converged again on the Cerberus. It's good to have a fellow Libran around.
Lysander_icon.jpg Garret Lysander I like Garret because he seems to deal with life much the same way I do. I don't think he believes in the gods. He knows we're alone out here. He stays sane because he knows there's nothing left to do but fight, so that's what he does. He's a soldier, and a good man. I like knowing that guys like that are watching my back.
Sofia_icon.jpg Sofia Wolfe I think Sofia is a lot darker than I originally would have guessed. She tells me that there is a lot I don't know about her. It's true I don't know her well. But I care about her a lot. I don't know exactly why.


Triad is Argento's vice. He used to play too much, but he's working at being more sensible about his gambling.

He respects the religious beliefs of others, but personally doesn't believe that the gods exist.

Recent Logs


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