PHD #278: Are We Cylons?
Are we Cylons?
Summary: Sawyer and Wade discuss the shared vision. Andrea joins them and brings disturbing ideas to the table.
Date: 01 Dec 2041 AE
Related Logs: Anything related to the latest vision shared by some in Cerberus.
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Pilot Berths
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #278

The pilot Berths are pretty much empty at this point of the day, everyone is out working or enjoying some free time doing whatever it is they enjoy doing. Wade, is actually the only one there at the moment. The man is wearing his off-duty greens and is sitting at the table, leaning back on his chair, staring into the distance. In front of him, there are a couple sheets of paper, completely covered with his own handwriting. After a moment, he blinks and looks down at his own writing, leaning forward, resting one arm right next to the pieces of paper as he leans forward to read them again.

Sawyer's not really seen in these parts much anymore, but the fact of the matter is, she still retains a bunk above the now deceased Captain Sitka. And for some reason, Cidra lets her. Along with the bunk comes the added storage space of a locker, and once in a while the reporter surfaces to cycle out her wardrobe. That's where she's headed now, as she steps through the hatch, fingers steepled to her forehead while she massages away a budding headache.

Since the place is really quiet right now, it's pretty easy to define that someone just walked inside. Unless they are Ninjas. Wade looks up and focuses his gaze on Sawyer, immediately recognizing the woman from his dream. "Ms. Averies" speaks the man with a calm, tone of voice. He knows who she is of course. His attention drifts back to the papers in front of him and presses his lips together before looking at her again, adding "Headache?"

Sawyer doesn't at first look where the voice is originating from, but continues on her course. "I'm told it'll pass, as soon as I can be arsed to get some corrective lenses." She stops in front of her assigned locker, quickly unlocking it and popping it open to rummage. Something about that voice must strike her though, because she stops dead in her rummaging tracks and spins to find Wade with her eyes. "You. I know you. I've been looking for you, I just couldn't remember your name."

Wade nods at the comment on the lenses and says "If that's what is required, then that's what you need to get. I'm not sure if there are some aboard Cerberus but, perhaps down in Tauron" When she turns to look at him, he offers a soft, brief smile and says "I'm a man of mystery and very hard to find." His smile grows a little bit and he stands up, taking those papers with him. He extends his hand to her and says "Wade Duncan" The man has an easy smile at that "I know you as well"

Sawyer is a little dumbstruck, like shaking hands with a ghost. The normally unflappable reporter has been thrown for quite a loop lately, so it's little wonder she stammers over her first words. "Uh, Averies. Sawyer, but you already knew that. You can just call me Sawyer though." When her hand falls away from the handshake, instead of going back to her side, it once more returns to the worry lines of her forehead. "Look, this is going to sound ridiculous…" She starts off, but is unsure of where to go with her sentence, the words jumbling up inside of her dry mouth like a tumbleweed in the desert.

"Sawyer" repeats the man after her. He nods to that and takes a deep breath, just following her movements with his gaze. Now; when she mentions that what she is going to say was going to sound ridiculous, it already points out to him what it's going to be about. And it's far from ridiculous. "I had it too" simply says the man, taking a deep breath after that and crossing his arms over his chest. "Care to sit?" offers Wade now, pulling a chair for her right in front of his own. He is really pretty shaken about this entire event, even more shaken after finding that Andrea had the same dream as well.

Sawyer opens her mouth, but at first no sound is emitted from her throat. Her eyes dart to the chair, and she heads in that direction to pull it out and sit down weightily. "I think I best." There's a quick laugh given by the woman, but it doesn't seem particularly mirthful. "Cora said you might. That the others might have had the same…vision. So I guess that's what it truly is, hmm? Not just some fanciful dream built from a collection of my thoughts. Have you talked to any others? There was Sofia Wolfe there, and another woman I recognize but like you, I couldn't remember her name." She's looking to Wade to fill in the blanks here, fixing him with her rapt attention.

Wade waits until she takes a seat and then does the same. The man looks at the sheets of paper in his hand and then back to Sawyer, smiling just a little when she laughs. "Cora?" asks Wade now, not remembering right away who Cora is. He met her only once after all. "Um.." adds Wade, stopping for a moment to consider the fact that indeed, this might have been, a vision "I guess so, I can't say I'm familiar with those." He smiles a little once again and continues "I spoke with Hosedown, well, Andrea Demarcos. She is the other pilot in the dream." Now, he takes a deep breath and nods "She had the same vision." Now, he offers the papers to Sawyer "I wrote everything down as soon as I woke up" There's a full, detailed description of the dream, including what everyone said and descriptions of the 'strange' characters.

"Cora is the TACCO." Sawyer says off-handedly, leaning forward to peer at his papers, "If you would have said the word 'vision' a year ago, I would have laughed in your face. Now ghosts…visions…nothing seems too strange anymore, and damn near everything is possible. Man still can't conceive that robots built themselves to look and act as we do. Lemmee see." She makes a demanding hand gesture, fingers curling in a 'gimme' motion for his pages. "You had your wits about you, which is more than I can say for myself. And I thought /I/ was the journalist."

"Ooooh, the TACCO, ok. Yeah, I met her at a memorial done right after I was rescued from Leonis" offers Wade to her. Now, he arches both eyebrows and asks "Ghosts? It seems that there are a lot more things going on that I am not aware off" He laughs a little at that and shakes his head "You know, I guess it's the same scenario for me. I'm not a religious person and this has..shaken my foundations, you know?" After handing the papers to her, he just shrugs casually and comments "I needed to write everything down before forgetting about it. As proof to myself maybe, and to share with the others. Now I am certain, this was a vision and, a disturbing one at that." He clears his throat and adds "Not that I know what everything meant there, to be honest. But I do know this, they mentioned those falls in Gemenon and everything tells me that we need to find something there, and the Cylons /are/ interested in that something as well"

Sawyer and Wade are seated at the table, the former is pouring over some loose leaf papers with handwritten notes on them. "As I've said, I'm beginning to think anything is possible." She falls silent for a moment, reading what he's provided her which happens to be his account of their shared 'vision'. Sawyer starts nodding half way through, as if agreeing with what's written there, or being reminded herself of some tiny forgotten detail. "You're very thorough. Do you mind if I make a photocopy of these? I'm attempting to convince Command to organize an operation to both the Falls and back to that museum we saw on Tauron. The more we have that seems concrete, the better. Right now, it's just mad ravings."

Wade waits in silence as she reads, watching her nod from time to time. When she asks to photocopy the papers, he just nods and offers "Yeah, no problem." to this, he smiles a little and presses his lips together for a bit before saying "The visit to Tauron might be possible. As for the one to Gemenon, I'm not sure if they'll go with it." He takes a deep breath at this and lets his fingers run through his hair as he looks at his own written words "Or maybe they will, who knows at this point. But hey, if these work in a positive way, the better"

The hatch opens, and in walks Andrea, looking as if she hasn't slept in awhile. In her hand is a crumpled piece of paper… crumpled, but recently flattened. As she passes the table, she looks and identifies the two who are present, and then freezes. "H-hey, there…" she says, softly. "Fancy seeing you two here."

"My impression is both sites are equally important, but maybe if we find something at the safer of the two - Knossos on Tauron - then they'll be convinced to move forward with the other…" Sawyer looks up, locking eyes on Andrea and she drifts off, only managing to finish her sentence in a sort of far away voice, "…missions." The journalist lets the papers fall back to the table along with her heavy hands. "You remember too, I hear."

Wade listens to Sawyer as she speaks, taking a deep breath and nodding in acceptance "Yeah, you are right, if we find something in Knossos, that'll create bigger interest in this whole deal, and maybe scouting will be approved." Wade narrows his eyes at that last part she said before letting the papers go back to the table. Now, he looks over his shoulder, spotting Andrea there "Ah, Hosedown." He shows a faint smile and says "Sawyer, this is Andrea. Andrea, Sawyer" introductions made.

Andrea nods, both in response to the introduction and to Sawyers question. "I do, though I wish to frak that I didn't. You're planning something, based on what we saw, aren't you?" She looks at them both. "I was thinking the same way. And then I saw this." She tosses the paper onto the table, a copy of the AAR on the outburst in Cylon #5's cell the night of the dream. "It was asking about God, talking about the sparrow and the bull. Either it was there, or it was… dictating." She looks at them both. "It's a trap."

Sawyer gives a snort as the AAR is dropped on the table. "It's crossed my mind. But the other thought is that we need to find whatever it is that's there before /they/ do. It is a calculated risk, but a risk nonetheless. We're late, but there's still time. Sound familiar?" There's no 'nice to meet you, Andrea', likely because there is already an assumed familiarity because of the 'vision'. "The man who filed this, Daniel Kincaid, is in concurrance. We're in a race."

Wade takes the AAR after Andrea throws it there. The man remains in silence for a moment while they talk, because he is the first time he is reading this. "I can see where the idea of a trap is a valid one." He nods to that and then looks at Sawyer after she speaks "I agree. I think this relates to something that we both need, wether we know it or not" He leans back on his chair, pulling one for Andrea, placing it close to theirs "Now, I'm pretty sure that Ms. Wolfe also had the same vision, but…we should talk to her as well, just to make sure" The man takes the papers he wrote on and reads them once again "I made different copies of these, kept rewriting them, to commit them to memory"

Andrea rubs her eyes for a second. "How can you… it was the CYLON talking to us, for all we know. And if it is a race, they're gonna win. You've heard all the same reports I have, Drips." Andrea turns to him. "The Cylons are crawling on Gemenon like maggots. What the hell are we gonna do? And how? Two sticks, an enlisted, and a reporter? How are WE gonna find this thing that as far as we know doesn't even exist? Hells, how are we gonna even get there? We can't take the Cerberus."

Sawyer leans back in her chair, far enough that she can pull a wrinkled packet of cigarettes out of the pocket of her suit pants. "We won't be going alone, I've been petitioning the TACCO to bring this to Command, as well as Lance Corporal Kincaid who is walking it up a different ladder." She shakes a cigarette out of the pack partway, gripping it with her lips to pull it the rest of the way free. "Worse come to worse, I'm going to steal a Raptor." She mumbles around the stick, putting a smile on the end for effect. "Kidding." Maybe.

Wade looks at Andrea for a moment, nodding "True enough, Gemenon is packed with Cylons…kinda makes you wonder why" Now, he smiles a little at the way Andrea reacts and leans back on his seat "You also need to calm down Hosedown, or you'll head will explode" He rubs his fingers over his eyes now and takes a deep breath "Honest? I think that, if something is to happen about this matter, it should start down in Tauron." He looks at Sawyer and nods "Like you mentioned." He clears his throat, adding "It's a matter of keeping our eyes open, see what we can find"

"Down on Tauron?" Andrea looks back and forth between them. "You mean, like, try to find that temple, museum or whatever that was again?" She taps her lips. "I suppose we could give that a try, see if there is even anything down there to find. It's gonna be hard to convince anyone of anything at this point. I mean, -I- don't believe it yet, and I shared the dream." She closes her eyes for a second. "We were both found, Drips. There is another possibility that Toast isn't thinking about."

Sawyer looks back to Wade, as Andrea missed the beginning of the conversation the journalist sheds some light, "We're thinking that if we can find something concrete down on Tauron, that might convince Command that going forward with Gemenon is worth the risk. Right now, the thing we having going for us about Knossos - where that museum was - is that there is a possibility of survivors there as well, as with anywhere. Makes the sell a little easier." She pauses to take a drag of her cigarette, eyes tick tocking between the pair of jocks. "What possibility is that?"

Wade presses his lips together as he listens to Andrea, her last words make him narrow his eyes and takes a deep breath. "No.." says Wade, perhaps knowing what she is talking about. His attention drifts to Sawyer and then says "Well, I might be wrong, but I think Andrea refers to the possibility that, since we were picked up…we are Cylons." He looks at Andrea now and asks "Is that it?" Now, he shakes his head at her and says "Look, I think you are being a little paranoid on this one Andrea. I rather think that the Gods decided to give us a vision of things to come, or whatever you want to call it." He sighs heavily and leans back on his seat again "So what if we were picked up Andrea, as far as I know, both Sawyer and Ms. Wolfe, weren't…are you saying they are possible Cylons too?"

"We have to consider it." Andrea says. "There have been Cylons amongst those who were all along, as well. Gods, I was Miss Congeniality, I was the hot date, I REMEMBER being that teenage girl, but…" She looks around. "We shared a dream with a Cylon, you two. Even if we assume that the Gods send people visions, would they send Cylons a vision? But it had one." She sighs. "I don't like it anymore than you do, and Toast has assured me that she trusts us both. We HAVE to consider it, if only for her sake."

Sawyer gives another snort, a huff of smoke wisping out of her nostrils. "And I thought I was off my rocker." Sawyer stands up, scooting the chair backwards with the back of her knees. "If you two want to sit around hypothesising about being enemy agents in a public berthing where any number of people can hear you from behind their curtain? By all means, but I'm certainly not going to be a party to it. One jumpy nutcase points, says 'Cylon' and people /die/. The difference between those agents that were planted here, was they damn well knew they were Cylons all along. So zip your lip with that kind of talk, or I'll personally hand you over to the zealots."

Wade shakes his head "No Andrea, I don't have to consider anything like that" He sighs heavily, clearly not pleased with Andrea's words and then he turns his head to look at Sawyer as she speaks "Agreed" says the man with a curt nod. "And no, I am not looking to sit and even consider that thought…no thanks" Heck, he's not a Cylon! He starts rubbing his eyes again and then his temples. Finally, he opens his eyes again and says "I maintain that we have to speak with Sofia, see what she has to say about this. He looks around "The place is now empty, so that's good…but to discuss this, we discuss it in Private. I have no intentions of going around telling everyone I meet about this vision, for the same reason Sawyer here pointed out"

"It could be a trap. WE could be a trap." Andrea sighs. "I prefer the former. I'd rather neither at all. I'd love to believe that we've been given an insight that could help end the war. But all we know for certain is that SOMETHING gave us that vision, and we know the Cylons can do some crazy stuff. Recently, the Gods have been pretty damned quiet." She looks at them both. "Fine. I had the dream, and I'll help, and won't talk about… that possibility… anymore. But frakking watch yourselves. If it is a trap, us going off and dragging the fleet along could get a LOT more people killed."

Sawyer holds out her hands, palm down in a calming gesture. "All we're going to do is head to Tauron and take a look at that building we all saw in the vision. If anything comes of that, then we'll consider the possibility of going further." Sawyer says 'we' as if she were a card carrying member of the fleet. Popping the cigarette back in her lips, she gathers up Wade's papers to make a photocopy as promised. "I'm pretty freaked out, but there's no sense in getting down right paranoid." Pot calling kettle black, of course.

Wade listens to Andrea, really trying to understand why she reached this level of paranoia. He shakes his head and says "Just…yeah, private" With that said, he stands up and walks to his locker. He opens it and takes a towel and shower stuff, like soap. "Alright, I'm going to take a shower and then I'll probably go to the Sims, I need to suit up and prepare for CAP anyway" His attention moves to Sawyer and he offers a smile to her "Hope that helps. I often read through them, see if I can make sense of things" To this, he shrugs casually and then walks towards the exit "I'll see you ladies later. And, Andrea…" he looks over his shoulder "Relax, don't over work it."

Andrea sits down and sighs. "It's not paranoia. Well, maybe it is, but if I'm paranoid, then I'm also in denial. I'm just playing the odds. And between Cylon trap and a vision the Gods gave to both sides…" she shakes her head. "I'll calm down. I just hate the idea that I shared a dream with a Cylon. Still sorting that one out. Either way, it doesn't do much for my opinion of the universe as a hole." Another head shake, and she smiles. "Don't worry. I'll be my usual bubbly self by tomorrow."

Sawyer grins around her cigarette, "Better to have never been bubbly in the first place. Heads low, my friends." Sawyer says by way of parting, before she too splits ways with them, heading towards the hatch.

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