Kellan Archer
Captain Kellan Archer
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin as Kellan Archer
Alias: Kel
Age: 32
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Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Captain
Department: Marines
Position: Marine XO

On 23 Oct 2041 AE, Captain Kellan Archer was declared AWOL on Aerilon. He was never found, nor was he among those evacuated from the planet when the Cylons attacked on 14 Nov 2041 AE. His whereabouts and status are unknown, and he is presumed to be deceased.


Born on Scorpia, Kellan Archer was always a big kid. He ate a lot, but never seemed to gain an ounce of weight, all the energy going into growing upwards rather than outwards. He was a bit of a jock as he grew older, playing on his school's Pyramid team, but his real joy came from playing jokes on his teammates. He was a bit of a practical joker — an attribute he has not outgrown despite joining the Colonial Marines. But, it was his athletic ability that got him out of his hometown and off to University via a scholarship to play Pyramid. His career was less than spectacular: he lasted one season, before deciding that the quasi-professional level of work he had to put in to play at a high level drained his joy of the game. Owing to the fact that he was not from a particularly wealthy family, and that he wanted to continue his studies, Archer joined the ROTC program at his school which let the Colonial Military pay for his education.

After graduation — he majored in history, minored in philosophy and was convinced that he would return to the civilian world after a single tour in the Marines at some boring dirtside garrison — he went off to Boot and was transformed from a civilian with a passing interest in the military, into a true blue Marine Officer. His first assignment was aboard the Praetorian as a lowly Ensign, where he acted as a squad leader for the MP contingent on the ship. He had not been trained in military policework, but, the military being like every military that man has ever run, stuck him in that position and left him there for two years. When he achieved the rank of Lt.JG he put in a transfer to the Battlestar Pegasus, where he again took up the position of a squad leader, but this time he was in charge of a squad of marine infantry. Here is where Archer felt most at home. He spent four years aboard the Pegasus — two tours, two promotions and a reupping of his commission — and would have been content to spend the rest of his career aboard the Battlestar, had the Colonial Military not stepped in and transferred his long-term girlfriend to the Cerebreus. He was loathe to leave his men on the Pegasus, but, love drew him off to the new unit being organized aboard the brand new Battlestar. His application for the XO position was accepted, and, he arrived a couple of days before the start of the shakedown cruise.

Immediate Family

CF Praetorian
BSG Pegasus

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Known Associates

Kellan is known to be dating Maia 'Gadget' Westfield, a continuation of their romance that started aboard the Pegasus.


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