The Twelve Colonies: Aquaria
The flag of Aquaria.
Important Notice about Canon Material
Material from the television program Caprica is NOT automatically considered canon, although players may adopt individual bits and pieces from what's depicted on Caprica into the regional cultural background of their character(s). When in doubt, please ask.

To avoid contradictions in established RP, a policy of "localization" has been adopted. Apart from the Staff-written Overview and items firmly established in the main BSG series, there should be no all-encompassing tidbits for any of the Twelve Colonies. Players are wholeheartedly encouraged to create regional write-ups. Those seeking to deviate from the general "flavor" of the Overview should first consult with Staff.


One of three planets sharing a single orbit (the others being Caprica and Virgon), the world of Aquaria is aptly named: eighty-seven percent of the planet's surface is covered by oceans, making it a popular destination for tourists from Colonies with less-than-pleasant climates. Unsurprisingly, its two most abundant resources are fish and algae, which sustained its population until advanced hydroponic farming techniques were pioneered by scientists tired of eating sardines-and-seaweed six out of seven days of the week. Although its population is relatively small, its proximity to Caprica and Virgon has allowed it to prosper, and these days it is considered a center of culture, innovation, and trade. The colony is known for producing uncommonly gifted thinkers, and the "Moody Aquarian" archetype has become a staple of modern films and literature despite repeated attempts by Aquarian actors and authors to reclaim their national image.


Players are encouraged to add their own write-ups. If you'd like to add to something already listed, please speak with the player who created the region.


Settsu Province (Santiago)

The wealthiest of the provinces on Aquaria, the Settsu province is home to a booming trade in ships, fish, algae, and cultural hot spots. The capital city is Tama.

  • Tama — The capital city of the Settsu Province of Aquaria. It is located on the Western coast, on the Sea of Kyodai, which is known both for its beauty and tourist locations (including beaches!), as well as some of the richest fishing spots known to the area. Tama boasts major ports (sea and space), Tama Hills, access to several lovely beaches, a large bay where many recreational and professional sailors dock their boats, nearby Nankan Reef, and it is the home base of the Blue Sun Shipping company. (see: Santiago.)
    • Nankan Reef - The surfing conditions near the reef are some of the best on Aquaria, though dangerous for the beginner. Extreme sports enthusiasts often visit the location during choppier times, for big swells and thrills.
    • Tama Hills - A recreational facility for Military. This is one of the main attractions of the capital city of Tama. Most mil. who go through Aquaria hit Tama at some point or another. It's a good place to have a good time.
  • Tottori — One of the largest fisheries on Aquaria is located on Tottori. It's widely known as the spot to hit for the best deep sea fishing tours around. The town isn't that large, but it boasts some beaches just as nice as those around Tama, and offers a little more privacy for those not wishing to deal with the overflow of rowdy military on leave.
  • Nippon — A port city that borders the same bay as Tama, Nippon is the darker twin. The city is older, the buildings in lesser repair, and the alleys are just a little more dangerous. This is one of the crime centrals of the Settsu Province. The police force isn't as great, tourism is down, and the only people who really willingly go there are there for business, or just can't afford to get out. There is a major up side to the city: anything you want, you can probably get there, very few questions asked.

Skerry Province (Astra and Rose)

One of the northernmost provinces of Aquaria, Skerry is mostly an island province, consisting of the Hebridean Peninsula on the mainland, the Auskerry Archipelago, the Pembrey Archipelago, and the Sable Banks. Skerry province is known for its sport fishing, cuisine, cultural festivals, and art. Skerry is sparsely populated, and much of the population lives in the province capital, Hebrides. The remainder of the population is spread out over the province’s two hundred-odd islands, which are connected with bridges and/or ferries. Skerry is known for its stormy weather and wild landscapes, pristine beauty that entices artists and authors from across Aquaria and the rest of the colonies.

  • Hebrides – Hebrides is the capital city of Skerry province, located on the north coast of the Hebridean Peninsula, and home to two-thirds of its population. Its main attractions are its fine restaurants, the province’s only mall, and its boating industry, offering fishing excursions and cruises to many of the islands in the province.
    • Hebrides Mall – Known also as simply “The Heb”, this mall is a popular hangout for the province’s teens. It is home to the quarterly Artist Fair, which showcases local artists and allows them a place to sell their works.
    • Tulley’s Sand Shack – A humble-looking little place, this restaurant is nevertheless renowned for its fine cuisine, its specialties in shellfish and reinventions of traditional crustacean dishes.
  • Auskerry Archipelago – This is the western archipelago of Skerry Province. Its islands are mostly small and far-flung, home to an abundance of sea-birds, marine mammals, and other small animals. Much of the archipelago has been set aside as a nature preserve.
    • Aulin Island – This tiny island is home to the rare Aulin Seal, and also breeding grounds for the Striped Storm-Petrel. Its only village is Hadley, which is home to the administrative offices of Auskerry Colonial Nature Preserve.
    • Insley Island – Home to the Sandhills Cove Cultural Center and School
  • Pembrey Archipelago – This is the eastern archipelago of Skerry Province. Its islands are, in general, larger than the islands in the west, and the climate is a bit more moderate. Pembrey is best known for its honey, rye, Pembrey mead and ale, and the hardy Pembrey Goat, kept mainly for milk, cheese, and the wool of its thick coat.
  • Sable Banks – Sable Banks is uninhabited, a motley collection of small islands, islets, shoals, and reefs. It is known for its storms and for its excellent fishing.
Sable Banks — Teague Channel Lighthouse

Aquarian PCs

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