PHD #316: Any Excuse for Deckshine
Any Excuse for Deckshine
Summary: Wade gets cleared for Deck work and banters about with Damon and Mark.
Date: 08 Jan 2042 AE
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Damon Mark Wade 
Hangar Deck - Port - Midship - Battlestar Cerberus
Post-Holocaust Day: #316
The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear

It's a quiet day on the Deck. Rare… but welcome. Following Engineering's lead at the behest of Lieutenant Makinen, Damon has called a stand-down on the Deck. There's a minimum manning present, as required, but only about two-thirds of those numbers are Engineering crew who volunteered to help out the Deck so they can get some rest. As a result Damon's out on the floor working instead of being shut up in his office. He's currently got his hands dirty with a Raptor that he's gutting; occasionally, he looks over to the Viper that he set up for Wade to work on. As long as the man can perform regular maintenance on the bird and repair the three fairly obvious issues with its major systems, he's good to go for work on the Deck.

Mark has been down here since the shift started this morning at 0600. Forgoing the brassy Lieutenant's pins, he's traded them in for a set of Specialist pins and has been following orders like the rest of them. This isn't his territory and he knows it. Been years since he'd worked on a Viper but he's been bangin away on a Mark Two for about twenty minutes trying to change a heating coil on a gun mount. He's already dirty, too. How he manages to get that way so quickly defies logic. "Now I remember why I only did one tour," he asides over at Damon.

Wade is wearing his off duty greens at the moment, because he was told not to wear his flight suit while handling Repairs. This was advised by Captain Khloe Vakos after he mentioned that he could help while on Alert Viper mode. The Pilot is working on the Viper, dealing with those three major systems problems that Damon has setup for him. It is not something that he does as quick as a skilled Deckie would, he is not great at this; but, soon enough, he is done. He takes a piece of rag and cleans his hands as best as he can, looking at the Viper with a satisfied look. He looks over his shoulder at Damon and he says "Fire test then….see if it works?" Which would imply for him to start up the Viper and do pre-flight check. His attention moves to Mark and the Pilot offers a nod to him.

Damon gives Wade a thumbs-up. "Go for it, El-Tee." Of course, he gave Wade the usual 'this is not a test' spiel at the beginning of the repair, but he's still curious to know how well the pilot did with the repairs. Putting down his drill on the wing of the Raptor, he wipes the back of his hand across his forehead to wipe off some sweat. Of course, that just results in him creating a long dirty streak on his face, but who cares about such things on the Deck? "You know you love it," he says to Mark with a grin. "I don't think there's a single other job on this Battlestar that I'd rather do."

"Heh. Love is not the word I would use. Its because I knew I could design a better mount," Mark grumbles back. "I could think of a better job: booze tester for the Admiral. Or maybe bedding quality control. Wrenchin," Mark sighs. "Yeaaaaaah I guess its up there." He finally cracks a chuckle. When he notices Wade moving by, he just lifts his chin towards the man. "What's crackin, El-tee? Didn't think officers liked to get their pretty hands dirty." As Damon said: Its a Trap! The grin he wears is a bit of the Cheshire variety. Sometimes the man just can't help messing with other people. He's got his legs leveraged against the right landing gear as he tries to yank the piece out that's been frozen in place.

Wade smiles with amusement at the conversation Damon and Mark are having, he arches both eyebrows to Mark as he addresses him and he shakes his head "Me? Nah, I have no problem with that, I enjoy it actually. Back when I was 16 I got my Pilot License and worked for a Shuttle Company, and did repair work at the Hangars as well, it was pretty cool actually." He looks at the Viper and smiles, patting the wing "Way I see it, it's good to know these guys inside out, and be able to work on them." Now he offers a smile to Damon and nods "Of course, I'm not as good as the Deck Crew, they do awesome work. I'm sloooow, but still, if I can help, I will" He offers a firm nod and claps his hands together "Alright! Let's try this…" He doesn't get in the Viper, he takes the test computer hooked to the Main systems and starts fiddling with it. "Sequence start, pre-flight check…" says the man and starts said sequence. The Viper's engines come online, position thrusters release pressure, system checks go on green….yeah, it seems it's working now. Wade smiles to this and continues the study. "DRADIS online, weapon system OK, Controls on green…" He shows a proud boyish smile. YAY!

"Slow and steady's better than quick and dirty, yeah?" Damon replies to Wade. "Well, quick and dirty still has its place, but… I mean in repairs, get your minds out of the gutter!" With a single barked laugh, he saunters over to Wade and does a quick visual inspection of the systems he knows needed repairs. "Looks good to me, El-Tee. Same deal as the other pilots who are cleared to run maintenance down on the Deck - you're good to go on this style of Vipers. We'll get you measured up for a set of coveralls and protective gear and you've got full run of the tools and stuff when you're here. I'll send an official-like memo to Captain Vakos and Major Hahn letting them know." He waves over to one of the deckies to let them know the Viper's good to go. "Speaking of booze testing," he says to Mark, "I believe I promised you a sample from the Deck's distillery."

"Good place to start, el-tee." Mark finally gets the mount loose and tubles backwards onto the floor with the piece in hand. "Success is mine!" he triumphs. He walks over to a yellow cart and takes up the refurbished piece. "Hey Chief, true test of whether or not a pilot knows his ply on the fly? Make him drive it for a CAP." The acting Chief Engineer grins again and tosses the heating coil between two hands, moving back to the Viper he's been working on. He slides under the wing and looks over at Damon and Wade as the Chief discusses such things. "You did, Andreas. You tease, you. Lemme slap this bitch back in and we'll see about sampling the hydraulic fluid." He's done this swap enough times that he doesn't really need to look to plug the coil in. "Congrats, Lieutenant."

Wade listens to Damon and his smile doesn't fade "Awesome, thank you Chief" Now he looks at himself and nods, adding "Coveralls, yeah…Captain Vakos is not letting me work on the Deck while on Alert Viper mode, because of the hazzards and damage to the flight suit" He shrugs at this "She's right tho so getting a set of those would be awesome." Now, he lifts both hands and laughs a little "Hey, I was born with my mind in the gutter, can't help it" Now, he nods to both and says "Thank you, thank you" He looks at the bird again, content smile on his face. "And! Sure thing, I can fly it…definitely" Yeah, he is up for that one.

"Not after having a couple rounds of Deckshine, you won't," Damon says to Wade with a mischievous smile. Turning to Mark, he says, "Once you get that all back in place - " He chintilts to Wade. " - and you get all your measurements done, and I get this Raptor sorted out, how's about I grab a jar of the good stuff and we all celebrate… oh, I don't know. Being back in Condition 3, Cerberus getting back on her feet, the El-Tee here becoming part-knuckledragger, or any other excuse we can muster to clink glasses?"

Mark plugs the coil in easily enough and routes the wiring. That takes eyes-on. "Hey, I only make jokes around here. You want to fly it, have fun, El-tee." The man grins, laying on his back and looking up into a Viper wing. He finally swings the panel shut and lifts a screwdriver to seal the hatch. Squeek-squeek-squeek. "Aye, Chief. Juuuust about done here." He rotates arond, running his fingers over the hatch in a practiced manner and gives it a solid tap with his fist to make sure its sealed. Then he slides back out. His wipes the dirtier parts of his gloves on his orange coveralls and strips off the thick pieces. "Alright, Andreas," he sighs. Mark takes up a clipboard and signs it before carrying it over to the Chief. "Check me off would ya, please? I -believe- that's my last Viper of the morning. You want my people to grab a swing shift this evening? Save your people some manpower? Maintaining alert is pretty cake." He'll be following Damon anywhere the man goes - be it to booze or to inspect any work.

"True enough" says Wade, nodding at Damon's first words. Now, the man looks around and nods "Yes, yes…" with that, he starts getting all the tools back into the designed place and pretty much, starts cleaning the entire area. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty, no sir. While cleaning things, he asks "Where do I take those measurements?" asks Wade now. He looks over his shoulder at both Damon and Mark "I could join in, I have some rest scheduled after this…got back from Planetary CAP right before coming here and now, I get to relax a little. Gods bless Condition Three." Yes, that is indeed, very, very good. "I'm not much of a drinker but granted, it's a special moment"

"Sure thing," Damon says to Mark, coming over to take a look. "And if we could get even just two or three people in to augment, that'd be perfect. We really appreciate you guys doing that, by the way. Means a lot to us." He runs through a quick inspection checklist. "Looks like green light to me, Mark," he says with a nod. "And you managed to do it without setting your boot on fire." That part's said with a crooked grin. "You'll have to go bug Clamps over there for that stuff, El-Tee," he answers Wade, jerking a thumb to the corner. 'Clamps' looks like she's working on fixing a helmet seal at the moment. "She's only on shift for another twenty minutes or so, so don't let her sweet-talk you into going back to her bunk to take some… additional measurements. Unless you wanna find out where her nickname comes from." He chuckles quietly as he takes off his gloves and tucks them into his belt.

"Good Gods. You hear this guy, Chief?" he asks, chucking a thumb at Wade with a laugh. "A pilot doin' enlisted work that says he ain't much of a drinker. Aircrew that don't drink unsettle me. Makes me wonder about how they deal with the stress." He shivers and looks back to Damon. "No sweat, man. I'll grab a few people. And hardee har har," the man roughs out to the Chief. "Cheeky dick," he asides. "Just glad I can still tool a ship this size. Next time I'm bringing you back to the FTL hall and making you play in my sandbox." Uh huh. "With blowtorches."

Wade laughs at Mark's comment and he says "Not much of a drinker, I never said I never did tho…" he chuckles and shakes his head. "Oh you wouldn't imagine, we have weird ways of dealing with strees" He smiles at this with amusement but makes no other comments. Now, he looks over his shoulder at 'Clamps' and then back to Damon "It…sounds painful." Now, he is done so he stands up again and starts cleaning his hands, rubbing some sweat from his forehead with said hand, which leaves some engine grease there.

"Better make sure I got a couple drinks in me if you wanna do that," Damon snorts to Mark. "I'll single-handedly take the ship down within five minutes, I guarantee you that." He cleans off his hands at a huge sink with some strong-smelling orange liquid soap and wipes at his face as well. "Gimme about… fifteen minutes or so to get showered up and changed, and I'll be at the Rec Room with the good stuff," he announces to the two Lieutenants. As he heads toward his office, he looks back over his shoulder to Wade. "And if Clamps claims that she needs you to take off your shirt to get proper measurements, protect your nipples, El-Tee. You've been warned!"

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