PHD #441: Anticipatory
Summary: Corrath prepares for a private, friendly war. Ciro prepares for a not-so-friendly one.
Date: 13 May 2042 AE
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Corrath Ximena Ciro 
Athletics Area
A large pair of mats dominates the center of this room, their centers taped-out for a small area to practice boxing or other martial arts. Around the outside are treadmills, bikes, weights, and an impressive variety of gym equipment to help tone and shape the bodies of the crew. To one side of the room is the locker room while at the rear is a hatch that leads back to the oversized swimming pool. Off to the side is a rack that holds boxing gloves, pugil sticks, and the associated pads for the sticks.!
Post-Holocaust Day: #441

Ciro's on a roll lately. When not on duty he's been seen the last week daring from place to place in the middle of some sort of punishing workout regiment. After spending the better part of the afternoon jogging from nose to stern of the Cerberus in full gear, he sped through the galley and then for a quick nap. Seconds later, it seems, he's been sighted jogging on this very deck in the direction of the athletics room. Now he can be found the room's sole occupant. His back is to the door and his dark tank tops are soaked with sweat. Powerful muscles grip a bar that's firmly attached to the wall, pulling himself up over and over again to the sounds of his heavy breathing.

Even though Corrath's billet has changed from a dedicated Marine to a Lawyer, he still wears the uniform and he's still required to maintain a certain level of fitness. So, like times before, he's donned his sweats and the rest of his gear and began his own run through the Cerberus, weaving through the corridors and around people until he finds himself approaching the Athletics Area. There, he simply jogs over to the hatch and then through it before even beginning to come to a stop off to one side. It's there that gear begins to be shed, lowering it down to the floor even as he begins to take his first look around. It's not hard to find the room's previous occupant and after a moment of watching, there's a slight quirk of his lips to a smirk.

The rustle of the door from the rear of the area announces another arrival. Not as loud as a marine getting ready to train, or as timid as an air winger coming down to partake in the hand to hand training the marines have been offering. Perhaps somewhere in the middle of both, but perhaps not intentionally so. Ximena's path takes her away from the mats and workout machines and around the way towards the pool area.

Lowering himself to hang by his outstretched arms, Ciro turns his head to gaze in the direction of the door with one eye. Catching his breath, as beads of sweat fall down his face, he watches the two of them enter, carefully judging where they're going. Grunting, his arms shift on the bar, bringing him to swing around and face the rest of the room. "Alteris. O'Hare." He addresses them both in between his panting. With a grunt, he pulls at the bar once more, starting another cycle of reps, pushing his body as far as it will go.

As the last of the gear is shed from his body and deposited into a nice little pile, Corrath's lifting an arm to wipe the sweat from his brow before a hand lifts in a wave to Ciro, "Sondray." Ximena's entry and Ciro's greeting draw his eyes in that direction and he's giving a quick nod of his head towards her. Then, it's back towards Ciro and he's moving over to one of the other chin-up bars, seemingly about to complete the same routine that the other Marine happens to be working through. "Nice to see another Marine making use of this area and not just lounging about."

A pause in her movement, at the sound of her name. The ensign's head turns, looking back towards the sound of the familiar voice, and following in its wake, the not so familiar one, "Sunny." A thoughtful expression, as she looks the man over, starting at his head and stopping somewhere mid-abdomen, before she shifts her gaze, "Captain." Off towards the pull-up bar the marines seem bound, but the woman has other plans, and turns, moving easily in towards the pool.

Three times Ciro's back touches the bar, his muscles flexing with the strained effort. There's no telling how long he's been at this. His brows lower with each pull, but his head turns to watch Ximena step through the open doorway towards the pool. A thoughful look crosses his face before he turns his gaze back to the center of the room. Growling under his breath, he pulls himself up once again, only speaking after he lowers himself. "Best place in the house. It's quiet. Women are trouble and the Navy plays too much beer pong." His face contorts, teeth gnashing as he pulls himself up again.

Reaching that bar, Corrath's hopping up so as to grab the bar and then pull himself up into the first chin-up, then as he begins to lower, there's the slightest of nods. "I hear ya, Sarge." Back up he goes and then it's back down. He doesn't seem to have much of an issue lifting his weight up and above, but then again, he doesn't weight half of what some of the other marines do. Ximena's disappearance into the pool goes unnoticed and as he lowers himself back down again, there's a cluck of his tongue against the roof of his mouth. "I'm looking at organizing a little hand to hand combat style event, Sarge. Let people blow off some steam. Interested in lending a hand?"

Ciro's arms strain at the next few, coming to the end of a long line of pull-ups. Slowly, his back twitches as he touches one last time. Lowering himself slowly, he uncurls his feet to rest beneath him. Only once he's managed to secure his landing, he lets go of the bar and rises from the floor. Canteen in hand, he snatches his towel and downs some of the cold water. Sipping only, he swallows and looks to the JAG. "Wouldn't miss it for the world. If you get Gunny Constin in on the roster, do me a favor and rig it so that him and I go toe-to-toe. I'm sure he'd appreciate it, too." Ciro smirks, taking another sip. "You gonna be getting in the ring?"

Another two reps are done before Corrath's lowering himself down and then releasing bar, but it doesn't appear to be from strain. Rather, he's turning so that he can focus on Ciro, a faint chuckle escaping his lips as he lofts his right brow upwards, "Eager to prove yourself against the Gunny, Sarge?" There's another quirk of his lips to a smirk as his head begins to nod once, "Ya, I'll be getting in the ring. I'm not about to organize something like this and then stand on the sidelines. Plus, people love the opportunity to take a poke at an Officer."

"Not a lot of people in the fleet I wouldn't mind punching, and there's a few people I wouldn't mind seeing just how hard they hit. Captain Vandenberg's another one." Ciro replies, nodding his head a few times. "Gunny's bigger than me, he's taller than me, and he's not going to flail. Either way I'm sure it'd draw a crowd and get more people to throw their name in the bucket." He brings the towel to his forehead, mopping away some of the sweat. "Unless you get that twerp with the manifesto to sign up." He laughs.

A low laugh begins to sound past Corrath's lips as he gives a slight shake of his head, "Both the Gunny, Captain Vandenberg and myself will be fair game. At least, I hope Vandenberg will be, but I can't see her turning this down." The mention of Bannik has the Captain grunting and giving a slight shake of his head, "Frak, I'd love to get him in the ring, Sarge. Let one of the boys teach him a lesson on speaking outta turn."

"Double on that. He's got an entourage, from what I saw. Frakkin' nerds." He gruffs, shaking his head from side to side. "Specialist Wolfe in engineering's friendly with him, so I don't think he can be all that bad, but he's got a pretty big head, shouldn't be a hard target." Slowly, Ciro paces to keep in motion, not wanting his muscles to ache from inaction just yet after his punishing workout. "From what I'm hearing there's bad blood in the Navy, too, you shouldn't have a hard time finding people that want to fight eachother. I'd just bring some MPs to keep it legal."

There's a singular nod of Corrath's head, followed by another quick smirk before he's offering, "Ya, I'm well aware of his entourage and who is friendly with him and who isn't. One of the perks of the old job." Now, there's a roll of his head from left to right and then back again, letting the bones settle pop into place. "Bad blood everywhere. Navy, Marines, Civilians. You name it. I intend to have MP's there to keep it legal. Plus, if the Gunny is there, and myself, I doubt too many people are going to think about breaking a law."

"Count me in. I'll keep it safe with the rest of em." Ciro replies, having little more need to be convinced. In fact, the tall, powerful marine was itching for something of the sort to help keep him offensively inclined while between duties. Saluting the JAG with his canteen, Ciro turns for the door and jogs out into the hall, pushing himself even further back to the showers.

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