PHD #207: Another Talk
Another Talk
Summary: Allie invites the Sergeant to the library where they discuss Captain Sitka's death and the rampant paranoia.
Date: 21 Sep 2041 AE
Related Logs: If there's death and people acting insanely recently, it probably is related to that.
Constin Alessandra 
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Post-Holocaust Day: #207

Things have been too insane in the last week. Too many incidents of random acts of violence amongst the crew added to by the death of the Knights' Squadron Leader, leaving a noticeable, near-tangible ice in the air that has settled firmly in the very pit of Alessandra's soul. Needing someone close, she sent a note to one of the few friends she has left, it requesting Constin's presence at the library where she is now, simply sitting waiting for his arrival.

Constin doesn't begin his shift for another five hours, and so his attendance is not long delayed. Constin's face is a real mess, having darkened into the truly ugly stage of bruising, but otherwise he is moving better. Alessandra can read Elf's bearing more clearly than some, the big marine is tensed, and scowling as he enters the library, looking shortly about upon entry. He relaxes visibly upon spotting Allie.

The tension is a two-way street kind of thing as, when Elf arrives, Allie too tenses until she sees it's him and not someone looking to cause trouble. Uncaring as to who might be around, she hurries to move closer and, if he allows, hug him. "Gods, Con," she breathes out while shaking her head, the tears she's holding back physically manifesting in her voice. "Did you hear? Shiv…he's dead. We lost another one, Elf. Another!"

Constin grunts in discomfort at the hug, but returns it lightly. "Yeah. Was there when it went down," the big man mutters. "Another frakking Saggie who we pulled off that rock knifed him to death. Couldn't get a clear shot off in time," the sergeant admits ruefully.

Alessandra looks up as she hears the grunt rumble through the Marine's chest, it making her wrinkle her nose apologetically. "Come and sit down," she hurries to offer while hooking a leg of a nearby chair, dragging it closer so he can rest. "What happened? How did it happen?" Normally she'd be happy not to know how someone died but for some reason she needs to know. Morbid? Perhaps but that's something to lament over later.

"Yeah," Constin mutters as he settles into the offered chair. "Clothes and such were getting passed out to the new civvies in the Hangar. Captain came in with some more, and some Saggie fella recognized him. Got real agitated in a hurry, saying some shit about how the Captain had betrayed his people, and.. locked up this crazy bastard's daughter or some such." Constin scowls with the report. "Pulled a knife and stabbed him, then and there. Couldn't get a safe shot off in the crowd. Took the bastard down and pinned him, and- get this shit," he spits, disgusted. "The frakking Saggies are making a bunch of pissy noise and starting to push in on us. Can you beat that shit?"

"So someone got pissed off because their daughter was detained?" That really doesn't make sense to Allie at all while she too sits, grabbing another chair for herself which she settles into almost fluidly. "I guess I can see why they'd be upset but crap. That…it's just too much." When Constin speaks about how the other civilians are reacting she leans her head to the side, rubbing it as if she is trying to make it all make sense by rubbing it into her brain. "Frak. This is all going to turn into some huge massacre." Sighing, she looks at her friend, taking in the bruises. "You look like crap," she teases, trying to lighten the mood.

"Was some old Sagittaron bullshit," Constin opines bluntly. "Old grudge, or some such. Apostolos could probably say more, but she was pretty broke up at the time. Ain't asked her since," he mutters. Talk of a looming massacre gets the optimistic return of, "Yeah." An amused scoff answers her last attempted jest. "Hey, I ain;t wasting time with makeup. Lauren was the gay one, remember?"

Alessandra snorts. "Makes me glad I'm not a frakking Saggie," she semi-growls, Allie behaving uncharacteristically. At the mention of Tisiphone she mearly rolls her eyes, there being nothing like compassion for the younger pilot. "Wouldn't bother. You'll probably get nothing but attitude from her for your efforts. Not worth it." Leaning in close after that, she can't help but to chuckle, the joke still funny. "Yeah…she was gay for you. And dude. If she was gay…no offense but damn, Con. You make one ugly woman."

"Damn right," Constin snorts back at his state of female ugliness. His face- one big mess of old pale scars and fresh dark bruises, cracks in a tight grin. It doesnt last. "Between the Saggies, and these jackoffs?" a thumb indicates his face. "Starting to think the Cylons backed off to let us finish each other off, instead of trying to do it theirselves."

"We are doing a better job of killing ourselves off, huh?" Looking around, Allie notices that the library's fairly empty and she takes advantage of that in the form of putting her head against his shoulder, the hand she been using to rub at her temple now set upon her lap. "This is what they were wanting. Undoubtedly. Best way to defeat an enemy is by causing discontent and hate among their ranks. Been a tactic used for eons." Inhaling, she coses her eyes and whispers, "How long do you think it'll take before we finish each other off," the words left mufled as she speaks them while pressing her face against his upper torso.

"Tough to tell," Constin drawls back, allowing the lean without movement of his own. "Pretty damned sure soon as the Cylons come at us again, it'll simmer down. So. The good news? We won't finish ourselves off until we win the war," he states, deadpan. "In other words, we've got some time, yet."

"Well, maybe you and I will survive," Allie breathes out just before chuckling. "Wouldn't that be something? The last two frakking humans known…ugh. Sounds like a bad sci-fi story. Sorry about that." Clearing her throat, she leans back and turns so she can face forward a bit more, her gaze going a bit distant. "I still got your back, Elf. You're stuck with me."

Constin scoffs derisively at the suggestion. "You should be," he drawls to Allie's 'sorry about that'. A slow breath drawn through the mouth (his nose still being sore as hell) causes his chest and shoulders to slowly rise. "'Preciate it, Allie. Ain't got better words than that, but there you go."
Alessandra darts a quick look to her companion and twitches, her lips almost forming a smile which manages to look more like a spasm instead of the warm gesture she's trying to give him. "Now if we can just get people to pull their heads out of their asses, we'll be good as gold." Shaking her head, she winces again and yet again starts to rub at her temple her face growing a bit pale. "Say Con. You wouldn't happen to have any pain meds on you, would you?"

"Not since I got discharged," Constin mutters. "Prolly has a lot to do with my sunny frakking disposition these days, yeah?" he adds with a grunted, "Huh," and shake of his head. "why, your head cracking?"

"Just a bit of a headache," Allie gives with a bit of a dismissive shake of her head. It's done slowly as if she is afraid to move it too quickly. "I'll drop by the dispensary and see if they can hook me up with some." Grinning now, she looks at Constin and chuckles. "Better a pain in my head than a pain in my ass which is what just about everyone's been, lately."

"Uh huh," the sergeant drawls, dryly. "Hey. You ain't had anymore of that shit in the bunk stuff, have you?" he prompts, a moment later. "And for the record? Talking about paint, not your boyfriend," he needles with a smirk.

Alessandra shakes her head again, still being careful of how she moves. "Not a frakking word. But it has to be the same person who put the bag of piss under my pillow. Or someone who helped." She looks down and exhales hard out her nose, the mention of the hazing bringing on some 'total recall' in the form of her somehow catching the scent of urine in the air as if it was happening right then and there in the library. "Got to love how rampant paranoia turns people who are supposedly full adults into frakking immature kids."

Constin gives Allie a bone-dry sidelon look through the less swollen of his two narrow eyes. "Yeah." A slow breath drawn and let out, before the marine mutters, "You heard anything worth telling about that fancy new ship the Battlegroup came across over Sagittaron?"

"Been too busy getting my ass into trouble to ask about that ship but once I free up my schedule I'll poke around, see if I can't get with the CAG for some information." Allie happens to glance up and notices the time after glancing at the clock that's hung close by. "I should git, kiddo. I still need to hit the dispensary and got a CAP in about six hours so should try to get a nap."

"Sure thing, kid," Constin drawls back with a wry twist to her use of 'kiddo'. "Get along, then," he advises sitting his weight forward, and preparing to rise to his booted feet.

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